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RE: The Deadpost Initiative - Week 36 - Share your most undervalued work ($17 SBD rewards last week)

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Its a great initiative, I must say. And congratulations to the winners

I wonder why I am just finding this out though. But well, better late than never, yeah?

Here is mine;


Yes the ability to listen is something we need this days. And it is probably one of the most important thing in a conversation. But now we are so impation with the phones around, cheking them all the time.

Yeah, the gadgets can be a great source of distraction. But putting an effort to listen by keeping them aside for a little while will be a great start. Thank You for reading through it!

Knowing how to listen is a skill that not everyone has, it is an art that develops to interpret in the best way the words of others, not only for the fact of understanding them but for being placed in a context similar to that of the one who says them and acting under rational criteria... It's not easy, big post. :)

Yeah, it's not easy at all, but with constant practice and a conscious effort, we will get better at it!

Being able to interpret it in the best way is a great point as well but can be quite tricky...

lots of good advice here :)

Yeah? Thank you for taking out time to read through it!

I'm glad you do.

Very good article. One of the most important things I've learned about the art of listening - and communication in general - is to try to set aside the ego. This is not the same as getting walked over by the other person, because as you develop the skill of managing your reactions you present less of a target for anyone who is in an upset frame of mind.

That's true. Ego stands in a way in several ways when it comes to our relationship with people in general. And how much we listen can go a long way in strengthening our relationships with people.

And yes, its not the same as getting walked over by others. Thank You!

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