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RE: The Deadpost Initiative - Week 36 - Share your most undervalued work ($17 SBD rewards last week)

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What a great initiative, I congratulate you for such an original idea and that makes us review those posts that we liked.

My Deadpost for this week is not really mine, it's my beautiful girlfriend's @gatoconbotas, although we are doctors, her passion for cooking is indisputable. She is currently taking a cooking course and I must say that the food she makes is simply delicious, I think my palate is crazy with her flavors. I have convinced her to continue publishing her recipes in steemit and a month ago she published her first article in English where she develops the previous steps of the kitchen:Mise en Place (I've learned a lot from her.), I loved that post very much although sincerely underestimated. I hope to continue to convince her to publish her delicacies. Greetings to all friends.


I love the fact that you are sharing your Girlfriend's post, its so cute! Plus, I love food!

I like the fact that she didn't just share a recipe, but also those little steps that we might likely miss out or skip when in the kitchen. Well, all the little steps contribute to making our dishes delicious. The Miss en Place cooking!

Thank you @audreybits, if you were in front of me saying these words I'd be blushing for sure. She is a great cook and I am her most faithful taster heheh

That's amazing! And you should keep tasting. lol.

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