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This is a post about steem distribution, about the data that I sow recently from, and what does it tells us actually.


So obviously we have the 1% problem again, in this new environment of ours.

I’m quite new to Steemit, a couple of months now, and I was searching for Steemit info and the graph above came to me. What a disappointment it was to me.

Just look at it, the first 1% owns about 80%, and the second 2% owns about 14%. Next comes the dolphins, who are about 5% and the plebs 97% of the accounts owns less than 1%!

I mean I don’t want this to be understood as complaining, I don’t want people complaining and I tell them to be proactive. Also, congrats to the ones who are in the 1%. They were there when this happened, and they worked and were innovating.

Is this the new hope that the crypto economy brings? Surely there are a lot of benefits from crypto, no doubt, and it is a trust system that humanity needs.

In the current system the top 1% owns approximately 50%, so this is worse, no doubt, that what the numbers are telling.
There are big accounts owned from the crypto exchanges, that recently were attacked by Vitalik Buterin, who said quote

“I hope they burn in hell”.

Also, there is a lot of bot accounts and if exclude them then the overall picture will be better, but still not that better. Probably there are other factors that this graph don’t take in to account.

So are this 1% that much valuable as human beings that the overall majority. No! I don’t think so. Are they working that much harder, so the inequality represents their effort? Again NO! It is physically impossible. Are they that much smarter that the majority? NO!

What is important here is the direction where we are going. I find out some older posts about this topic and in those, the first 1% owns 88%. So maybe things are getting better. I don’t know.


I don’t the exact solution, but the concept should be simple. People that put effort should be rewarded payed a lot more that it is now! Probably some form of basic income as well. Wales should stop accumulating more wealth. And a system is needed with rules in order this to happen.

There are projects out there who are doing this, and bravo to them, like @curie who are supporting good content, and others that I may not now ... but this is not enough! This need to be done on much larger scale. Also like everthing in life, education is needed. There should be some form of educational system.

Bravo to those projects, bravo to whales who give away, @acidyo is an example, but overall there should be a systematic solution, not just tiny tiny random examples.


You are speaking from my heart as well! But, I have no clue what might be the solution...

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There are probably many solutions. All that is needed is will from the big fishes. And they need to be encouraged by us :)

If we want steemit to survive post steemit 2.0 then the top 1% are going to need to begin curating content. Even if they do it with bots that use some kind of logical system it would go a long way.

But why would they do this? It doesn't benefit them!

That's untrue because ultimately if the steem currency goes up in value they stand to earn a hell of a lot more than if they continue getting more coins that are not worth very much.

Think about how rich you would be if you have a few million steem coins and the shit goes to 100 bucks each.

Yes totally agree ... they are the ones who are actually most interested in steemit success ... so they should do something about it.

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