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This question has been on my mind for a few days. SO I decided to make a contest out of it!

What would I do with 1/2 a million steem power, how would you use it?.

That is a pile of steem and would immediately open up many doors to changing things within the platform. The people you could rally behind you to build something that helps life the value of the site, or an ICO, a separate site built upon the blockchain that could be a massive success itself and bring in a whole pile of new users.

I was told by a person who is highly intelligent and does carry that kind of steem, that SP is not the be all, end all in this game on the steem blockchain. No, the most important thing is INFLUENCE

With that kind of SP you could guide a whole tag and develop it into something that could help everyone succeed as we have seen with our friend @surpassinggoogle, A most amazing human, who has definitely had a major impact upon this site and its retention rate.

Steam Power

Lets think of steem power as acutal steam power and how many uses and applications it had during the industrial revolution.It was HUUGE, they powered everything from transportation, to fabrication, and to entertainment.
When looking back before the invention of the internal combustion engine, the imagination was limit of what people were inventing with steam as it power drive. Even to this day, most of our power in the world comes from steam through nuclear power.

so looking as steem as the same sort of drive as steam was for the industrial era. The doors of our imaginations an begin to open to the possibilities of what can be built using the steem blockchain as the basis.
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So I ask you, what would you do, if you had 500,000 SP and you could not take it out. What kind of amazing or even industrious ideas would you build upon it??

I will put up 10 steem coins in prizes to the best answers to this question.

  • 5 steem to the winner
  • 3 steem to 2nd
  • 2 steem to 3rd


* You must be on my friends list. So if you are not( click on the friend button)

* If you want to take part in this contest you need to tell me in a comment exactly what kind of innovations to steemit? or others initiatives you would come up with.

* you must upvote this post, resteem it to your friends and use at least 50 words to describe what you would do with that kind of steem power.

* we will find the winners by how many votes they get on their comment to this post. The most votes wins(obviously) 2nd most, then 3rd most. After you upvote this post, you must vote on someones comment you like and not your own!! :)(if you vote on your own, you will disqualify yourself) but you must vote on someones.

Prize distribution will be done within the following week after this post is payed out. If this contest is successful and we get a lot of interest maybe I will do it monthly or bi-weekly.

Good luck!!

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I reckon I would set up a service that makes donations directly to towns in third world countries to set up a clean source of water for all the people to access.

I am not really making this comment for the sake of competition but i guess it could be part of it.

i consider myself a hard worker on Steemit in the most literal sense of it and there are different things i wish to do that not having the required SP is not letting me do well.
you see, i am a blogger and i have always been a fan of good content but then i realise that some times even the best of content dont get much on their posts. i tend to talk too much so let me just get to it.
first i will explore the block chain well in search of absolute newbies that from their blogs its obvious they have been working add... i will probably add them to my steem voter for a week and then move in search for another set.
second i will delegate some of it to some communities that i can see that they have wonderful goals and usefulness on the block chain, communities that actually want to help and there is evidence of what they have been doing to promote Steemit.

basically for now those are the most burning ideas in my mind

Not sure what I would do with that much - probably delegate quite a bit!!
This is not an entry to the competition - no time unfortunately - I like the post and so just wanted to write a short comment and leave an upvote


Well sir if I got such great power I willl buy many more horses of high bread and create a race platform and earn a lot of money.

sounds nice, but the question is" How would you improve steemit through applications or other initiatives?" basically if you could not use the money outside of the internet, how would you make it work for you inside through other means.

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Well sir in that case I not take my money out and leave it And do helps other members of steemit community but upvote them with my voting power and it appreciate others work and get motivated. well why does people use steemit because they earn some thing for there post. Will it's a fact thus my voteup appreciate other works . And at same time they also help me.

That would be very kind of you. You are now in the game. :)
Good Luck!

I name is vikash Singh . I am from India and presently a teacher. Well earlier I don't have enough money to full fill my small requirements well I had face all the struggle and also face many problems but will I some how improve my situation.
Well if I really get 500000 SP. What my dream is to open a ophen care centre. That centre is for old age people . Because in India there are many more people who had not serving there parents when they getting old . And have loose there strength even to move from one place to other . You may see them near by railway station and bus stand usually . When u do look into there eyes , you will easily understood and fell there problem. It's made me feel very small that even after I understanding what problem they face , but I can't help them.well I try to help them but it not actually change their lives . I don't want that parents were treated like this,who served there children whole of there life , but at last, what they gain from there children. I don't know what actually happened all over world . But her it's a very big issue . I want to be a change for them .I want to help them all. Well if I were ever get such great power I earn more over steemit and help them to make there life a little better then how they live now and treated by other . Right now they are live life of bagger . They baged not by there will but only to survive. I don't know how much time it may take but I have to create such a place for them, where they not face any problem and live happily.

Really great , you are a nice mam . You have great version man. Appreciate it.

Your intention r good . I wish u will win . You r very positive.

Thank friend for your support.

Well I do support you

Thank you my friend

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Actually, one of my major goals here is to reach that amount of Steem Power - why? Well, mostly I want power, but not only for the sake of it.

I want to influence people. I want to be genuine and help those I think deserve it. Selfish? Maybe. Egoistic? Totally! But I want to make my words matter!

Or, not even my words, my votes are enough for it. I would purge out the beggars and raise the honest. As several many other cryptocurrencies, it's a huge opportunity for the poor around the world to escape their desperate fate.

I could start trading on Bittrex, own all sorts of cryptos: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Decentraland Mana, Augur Rep...I want others to experience the same.

Steem is a way to improve humanity as a whole, through mundane actions, and I want to use my Steem Power to help this system go on.

Even if I make mistakes - everyone does.

Oh and more importantly, I'd help posts with no comment with visibility. I hate that whenever I'd start a discussion with a post, no one reacts.

Ok so here would be my plan I took out all of october no working to re evaluate my life and I have come to the conclusion that I can only work for myself. So the plan I would have is to bring an audience to my new business which is kind of a qvc channel but for social media. I would make a project all about my business design and work closely with people who are making successful businesses online, then I would maybe make a course and use the sp to help other people who want to start something similar with their own entrepreneurship.

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Oh Waoooo .... If I have a steam power of half a million I will help my fellow steemians first so they can be collected to continue a program I want to run to help the needy poor. And my second project program Forming a community to create clean air by planting many trees and creating a clean city environment where a city needs it. Hopefully me by following this contest achieved my ideals. and also can change the world's air pollution that ruins the life of the world.

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how @steveblack is i eligible to enter this contest ..?

OMG!!! :O If I get 500 000 SP, I'll be so much happy and what I'm gonna do is keep 1/2 of it here on steem and convert the rest of the money in to lkr (Sri Lankan Rupees)(That's so much money ) and buy everything I want and my parents and my sis and my bro want with 1/2 of it. Then invest the rest of the money somewhere else.

That's great @chamudiliyanage but lets say you cannot remove any of the Steem power and you had to make steemit better or make yourself a more successful steemian. How would you do that?
It is a lot of power on steemit. :) So how would you use it with steemit. How would you make more money, because lots of people would follow you because of your power.

Well then I'll post many many quality posts here on Steemit and earn a lot of SBD. Then I'll vote other steemians' quality posts giving them more money. I'll follow many steemians who post quality posts and help others grow. And also I'll be helding contests giving others a chance to win some more money.

Wait, you're from Sri Lanka? I totally thought you're from the US or any other English speaking country.

What made you think of such a thing?

Honestly, I don't even know, it was some sort of preassumption.

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Well it's nice concept

Play, what do you have to lose?? 50 words at least as the rules stipulate. ;)

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Well sir I had upvote and rested your blog

excellent, @funatoz, so now wait a few days and see who else has commented and vote on someones comment that you like because as stated in the rules you cannot vote your own comment up. I read your post Great Comment. Good luck!!
Kind Regards.

Well thanks sir I have very big dream and I knowits not easy but I will make it possible some day. Well thanks for your response.

no problem my friend!! I hope you win my contest. Like I said, come back to the post whenever over the next 6-7 days and vote on someone elses comment, no one should be voting for their own comment. The one with most comments wins the first prize.but there is 2nd and 3rd prizes also. :)
God bless you my friend!

Thank sir for your great response


Sir when do you announce the result .

Sir when you are going to announce price