Stellar Contest Update - Win 200 STEEM

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It's Halftime!

We're now halfway through our 200 STEEM trading competition, which is ending November 5th and was announced a few days ago.

Five (5) lucky Stellar accounts will each win a 40 STEEM prize.

Steem Anchor in Numbers

  • There are 47 active account holders for STEEM and SBD on Stellar
  • 184 STEEM and SBD trades made to date on Stellar DEX

Competition Goal

In order for STEEM and SBD to get noticed and establish them as top 10 coins on StellarX, they need to have a solid trading volume and market depth - and what better way to encourage trading than by giving away STEEM prizes?!

Competition Rules

Competition began on October 26th, 9PM.

On November 5th, we will randomly pick five (5) winning Stellar accounts out of those who have completed all the following steps:

  • Deposit any amount of STEEM or SBD via Steem Anchor into your Stellar account (we will check for an incoming transaction from our distribution account).
  • Have at least one buy and one sell order for SBD or STEEM open on the Stellar market at the time of the draw (NOTE: trades which were liquidated 12 hours before deadline will still count, so don't be afraid to leave them open).
  • Have at least 10 completed trades using SBD or STEEM from the start of the competition until the time of the draw.

You can participate with more than one Stellar account to increase your chances of winning.

In case we will not have enough winners to claim the whole prize fund, the remaining prizes will roll over to the next competition.

Note: creating fake trades between your own accounts is discouraged and might be a disqualifying factor.

I am not a trader - can I still help?

YES! You can help by resteeming this post. We all share a mutual goal of making Steem the number one cryptocurrency, and every bit of help is greatly appreciated.

And if you are eager to do even more - please consider voting for @upheaver and @therealwolf as your Steem witnesses.

What is Steem Anchor?

Steem Anchor represents STEEM and SBD on Stellar network.
Please read out introduction and StellarX listing posts for more information.

Useful Links

A note about Automation

Placing and managing hundreds of trades by hand can be a tedious process. Luckily you can use Kelp trading bot to automate your trade offers for STEEM and SBD on Stellar.

We have prepared configuration files and documentation which should make it easy to get started with Kelp - please refer to this gist for more information.


Don't forget to share this competition with your friends and your community - let's get STEEM and SBD to the top traded assets on Stellar network!


I just voted for @therealwolf and @upheaver as Steemit witnesses. I wish you the best in your steemit career!

Thank you for your support!

I should thank you for dedicating your time as a witness for the #steem blockchain. I do not take your roles for granted. I only have one problem which is how to channel suggestions for the growth of the blockchain to the tables of witnesses as well as for @ned to see towards the development of the system especially as SMT draws close. Apart from creating blogs, are witnesses not supposed to serve as parliamentarians to represent their constituencies (those who vote them) to take their ideas and projects to limelight?? Thanks in advance for your anticipated response.

Witnesses have a responsibility to listen to their voters and act on, or at least consider the feedback they receive. Many witnesses also support communities or individual projects, and they receive feedback through those communities.

I read every comment people leave me or send me as a message, and I do take all feedback into account.

I've voted to you for witness! Success!
Please support my posts.
Thanks in advance!

Thank you. May be I'll have to channel my suggestions via comments in your post. Am glad you have this understanding.

Thanks to the resteem of @therealwolf, I am seeing this information for the first time @steemanchor.

Very interested to hear about this opportunity to exchange for STEEM and SBD on the Stellar network. I am a big fan of decentralized exchanges. As well as Stellar ..

At work (FT job) on lunch break currently, I'll definitely look into this in more detail, once home this evening.

Thanks for making us aware of this opportunity. Now I have also resteemed it. 👍

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This is great way to grow steem, this way I think on almost on all popular exchanges we will see Steem soon @steemanchor. After reading this post I thought I can help too and immediately made account on Steller X but then I find out that I had to deposit some XLM to do anything on the exchange and then again I had to deposit some using too. But unfortunately I don't have much fund left as I invested all in here steemit. But as you mentioned we can still help - so upvoted and resteem this post, also will send memo/messages to some of my friends who can take part in this competition.

And if you are eager to do even more - please consider voting for @upheaver and @therealwolf as your Steem witnesses.

I am already following and voted @therealwolf. After reading this post voted for @upheaver too.

You guys doing great job for steem.
Wish you good luck.

Thank you, your support is very much appreciated!

That is the really nice article.

This contest looks very interesting one friend. Nice way to promote so that u can earn good returns. Good luck for the winners on Nov 2nd week.

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dang wish i woulda known about this when it started!

You can enter even now and have equal chance of winning

thank you

This post is resteem and I just voted for @therealwolf and @upheaver as Steemit witnesses.

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