Traders Wanted: Win 200 STEEM!

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With the launch of Steem Anchor safely behind us we can now create a truly liquid market for STEEM and SBD on Stellar decentralized exchange - and we want your help!

In order for STEEM and SBD to get noticed and establish them as top 10 coins on StellarX, they need to have a solid trading volume and market depth - and what better way to encourage trading than by giving away STEEM prizes?!

The Prize Fund

Five (5) lucky Stellar accounts will split 200 STEEM prize fund with each of the winning accounts receiving a 40 STEEM prize.

Special thanks to @yabapmatt who provided a generous 100 STEEM donation towards the prize fund!

Competition Rules

Competition begins the very moment this post is up on Steem.

On November 5th, we will randomly pick five (5) winning Stellar accounts out of those who have completed all the following steps:

  • Deposit any amount of STEEM or SBD via Steem Anchor into your Stellar account (we will check for an incoming transaction from our distribution account).
  • Have at least one buy and one sell order for SBD or STEEM open on the Stellar market at the time of the draw (edit: trades which were liquidated 12 hours before deadline will still count, so don't be afraid to leave them open).
  • Have at least 10 completed trades using SBD or STEEM from the start of the competition until the time of the draw.

You can participate with more than one Stellar account to increase your chances of winning.

In case we will not have enough winners to claim the whole prize fund, the remaining prizes will roll over to the next competition.

Note: creating fake trades between your own accounts is discouraged and might be a disqualifying factor.

What is Steem Anchor?

Steem Anchor represents STEEM and SBD on Stellar network.
Please read out introduction and StellarX listing posts for more information.

Useful Links

A note about Automation

Placing and managing hundreds of trades by hand can be a tedious process. Luckily you can use Kelp trading bot to automate your trade offers for STEEM and SBD on Stellar.

We have prepared configuration files and documentation which should make it easy to get started with Kelp - please refer to this gist for more information.


Don't forget to share this competition with your friends and your community - let's get STEEM and SBD to the top traded assets on Stellar network!


This seems interesting, I’ll set it up this weekend! 😀

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I will happily add 50 steem to this competition if you use steem-bounty to distribute the price

I've got this set up with kelp now :D. Pretty interesting stuff! I'll probably have to do 10 trades manually though as orders haven't been taking lately. Cheers! Stellar is a lot more mature than I thought too, this is really cool to see.

Interesting contest.
let's get STEEM and SBD to the top traded assets on Stellar network!

Great job. I gave @upheaver y last witness vote.
Wish You The Best!

Thank you, appreciated!

Just discovered this post. I have been looking into StellarX and SteemAnchor and maybe write a post or do a video on them? Decentralized exchanges are the future, its just that not everyone can see that yet because everyone is so used to trading on centralized exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and Bittrex.

As Poloniex seems to be kicking out German customers, this might be an alternative

And a very good one at that

they actually aren't. But still, it's a good idea to and time well spent researching Stellar.

Downloaded Stellar docker to play with a node, read some guides, some code, signed up for StellarX.
Now please sell me some SBD and STEEM cheap, please :D

very interesant !!! the proposition is the best

The competition rules seem a bit excessive. I’d love to participate but highly doubt I’d have any reason to make 10 trades.

On most Stellar DEX platforms coins are ranked by trading volume. The goal of this competition is to encourage trading STEEM and SBD on Stellar so we can climb up the ranks - hence the trading requirement.

It's just my opinion so take it for what it is, but the prize doesn't really reflect the effort required here.

Ok so first i need to send 30USD of ETH from my wallet to activate trades because changelly wont take any less. Pay some fees there. Then i need to send Steem or SBD through the anchor, do 10 trades, hope not to lose the money, juggle having an open trade at time of draw (do a crazy over price), hope to get picked to be one of those 5 people, send ETH back to my wallet, send STEEM back to my wallet...
Sheesh that seems a bit excessive dont it guys?

You don't need to fund through changelly, you can fund you account through any other exchange you prefer. As for open trades - we will consider trades that were liquidated close to the deadline as well, so if you miss it because someone took your position it will still count.

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