Thank you for your support!

I should thank you for dedicating your time as a witness for the #steem blockchain. I do not take your roles for granted. I only have one problem which is how to channel suggestions for the growth of the blockchain to the tables of witnesses as well as for @ned to see towards the development of the system especially as SMT draws close. Apart from creating blogs, are witnesses not supposed to serve as parliamentarians to represent their constituencies (those who vote them) to take their ideas and projects to limelight?? Thanks in advance for your anticipated response.

Witnesses have a responsibility to listen to their voters and act on, or at least consider the feedback they receive. Many witnesses also support communities or individual projects, and they receive feedback through those communities.

I read every comment people leave me or send me as a message, and I do take all feedback into account.

I've voted to you for witness! Success!
Please support my posts.
Thanks in advance!

Thank you. May be I'll have to channel my suggestions via comments in your post. Am glad you have this understanding.

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