Introducing: Steem Anchor

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Today we are very excited to present to you Steem Anchor; a new service combining technologies from two leading blockchain projects - Steem and Stellar.

Steem Anchor represents Steem and Steem Dollar (SBD) on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange. Our STEEM and SBD tokens on the Stellar Network are backed by real STEEM and SBD, which is stored safely and securely in our Steem Vault.

How does it work?

When you deposit STEEM or SBD (and soon SMTs) through, an equivalent amount of tethered assets are minted on the Stellar Network and delivered to the Stellar account address included in the transaction memo.

Tethered STEEM and SBD can then be traded and atomically exchanged for any other asset or currency tether available on Stellar Decentralized Exchange via Stellar Lumens (XLM) - Stellar's native currency (currently #6 by market cap globally).


You can trade and use tethered STEEM and SBD across a number of great apps, exchanges and services which are built on top of Stellar, including storing tethers in your Ledger hardware wallet - how cool is that?

To withdraw STEEM or SBD tethers from Stellar simply send them to username*, a federated address on the Stellar network, where username is your account name on steem.

Assets will be delivered to your steem account minus any transaction fees and the equivalent of tethered assets will be burned and removed from circulation.

Deposit and Withdrawal transactions usually take less than a minute, and any invalid transactions are refunded automatically.

Why use Steem Anchor?

Steem Anchor provides Steem users with access to cheap, fast and scalable decentralized trading available through a wide range of exchanges built on top of Stellar.

StellarX for example, offers completely free trading even going as far as refunding the network costs and supports a wide range of native assets, crypto tethers and fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, HKD, GBP, CNY, NGN and PHP.

Steem Anchor also provides Stellar's existing users with the ability to discover and invest into Steem.

We believe that Steem Anchor will play a key role in scaling Steem's community and economy over the upcoming years and we invite you all to join us in making it a reality.

Who is behind Steem Anchor?

Steem Anchor is brought to you by the @sweatshop team - a dedicated blockchain project incubator led by two Steem witnesses - @upheaver and @therealwolf.

Limits and Transaction Fees

Steem Anchor takes transaction fees to support its operation.

These were the fees at press time:

  • Deposit fee: 0% (free)
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.25 + 0.75% of the amount
  • Maximum fee capped at 1000 STEEM or SBD 🐋

Transaction limits:

  • 0.1 minimum deposit
  • 1.0 minimum withdrawal

Fees are subject to change at any time, so please be sure to check our website often to find out the most up-to-date fee and limit schedule.

Get Started!

If you don't have a Stellar account, we recommend opening one through StellarX.

If you already have a Stellar account, simply head over to and follow the instructions to Deposit or Withdraw your STEEM or SBD assets.



Our technology is really growing very fast than you can imagine

backed by real STEEM and SBD, which is stored safely and securely in our Steem Vault

Is the "Steem Vault" the @steemanchor account? If there are other accounts where the STEEM and SBD are stored can you let us know what those are so it can be verified that the tethered coins are actually backed by the appropriate amount of the actual tokens on the Steem blockchain?

EDIT: I should have looked at this more before posting! I see on it clearly shows the amount in the "vault" and has a verify link which opens the @steemanchor account info on Anyway, awesome service and great work!

Update: Keychain support is now live!

So can I use this decentralized exchange privately without any sign ups or KYC/AML tomfoolery?

Yes, for the most part. It depends on assets you want to trade - in case an asset requires KYC the asset issuer will request it from you. Usually this will apply to securities or fiat.

Now this is the sort of thing I want to see a lot more of. Ways to interact steem with other chains. In the end this could provide a lot of added stability to STEEM. SteemAnchor indeed.

Wow great news. I chose those two cryptos as my preferred ones and seems this is getting better. I long time ago saw the similarities and scalability of both assets and hope the future will be brilliant for both.

Thank you Steem Anchor! Great work for this awesome development. Hoping this would open up the Steem blockchain to more people looking for scalable, decentralized trading.

That's awesome. Glad to see someone building a Stellar anchor for Steem. It'd be cool to be able to trade with Steem on Stellar.

This is a great addition! More and more exchanges are coming for us. Exciting times for Steem :)

this is great, can't wait to play with this.

So can you link your bank account and buy Steem and SBD directly with USD?

Yes! You can deposit USD through into Stellar, exchange it to STEEM issued by us on Stellar DEX, and withdraw that to your Steem account.

Does this work also the other way around? Can someone, who has no steem account, buy STEEM and SBD using this... technology? I agree with @creatingutopia, it's hard to keep up with all the innovations ;)

In fact - yes. As long as STEEM and SBD do not leave Stellar network you don't need to have a Steem account. It's required only if you want to convert the tethered STEEM and SBD you own on Stellar into native STEEM or SBD and withdraw them.

This is damn cool!

You're very welcome. @therealwolf already had my witness vote you just got it too. I look forward to utilizing this tool.


Will It work on StellarX?

Edit: Just Saw the parte about StellarX.

Anyway, i was thinking why there wasnt something like this already.

Good job.

Definetly going to use this service. @steemanchor

Apriciate your effort. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

What is the advantage of this over, say, sending Steem to an existing exchange, trading it for Stellar and then sending it on to a Stellar recipient for use on Stellar platforms? I haven't used Stellar apps at all yet.

  1. Low or zero trading fees - StellarX for example has no trading fees whatsoever, they even refund the network costs, compared to traditional exchanges taking 0.25% or more on each trade.
  2. Instant atomic trade execution between different currencies using Path Payment
  3. Decentralized exchange - order book is on-chain and completely transparent, meaning less market manipulation.

Ok, thanks for explaining. There are a couple of no fee exchanges I am aware of that are potentially introducing Steem soon, but we can never have too many!

So to be clear, i set up my stellar x acount and can buy steem from THERE with USD or my desired currency & then transfer it to anchor then to my steemit account?
Am i right??

Yes, that's correct! Of course we need the Steem community to be active in creating the liquid market on Stellar exchange - opening buy / sell orders on the marketplace will bring new investors to Steem ecosystem.

Liquidity is going to be super low in the start, even Steem's own Steem/SBD market has low liquidity.

Cool thanks for the clarification!

It's nearing impossible to keep up with the innovation in this space. I certainly applaud the hard work that went into creating this new project, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!

so now steemit can be redeemed for many of the leading fiat currencies! great work @steemanchor team. The community appreciates he effort it must have taken to build such an application. Connecting us with the stellar blockchain is a genius idea. now all we need to do is attract liquidity.

Steem Anchor is awesome, especially the fact that it provides the Steem users with access to cheap, fast and scalable decentralized trading.. very nice

Great work guys. This is an awesome development, and definitely opens up the Steem blockchain to be used by more people who haven't yet at a chance to encounter it. Hopefully it also draws more people to Steemit as well. :)

Er no. It gives us a chance to get off the Steem blockchain and gives Stellar a pegged coin. You still need an account for using Steem and XLM users are not going to need to migrate to the Steem blockchain in order to speculate on the price of Steem or Steem dollars.

My mistake. Less exciting then I suppose.

This is what I call breakneck speed of development in the Steem ecosystem! Great projects are starting to be released on a weekly basis. This seems like a perfect moment to invest. Does this project take delegations?

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Thanks, we are excited as well! Steem Anchor does not take delegations, but there are few ways you can help out:

  • by depositing STEEM or SBD and trading it actively on Stellar markets, opening buy / sell orders, etc - this helps to increase visibility of Steem across Stellar DEXes.
  • by voting for @therealwolf and @upheaver as your witness

This is good development.

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This seems a great project and I want to invest some more time to explore it in detail. Thanks for sharing.

very nice

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I can't seem to find NGN on StellarX

StellarX for example, offers completely free trading even going as far as refunding the network costs and supports a wide range of native assets, crypto tethers and fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, HKD, GBP, CNY, NGN and PHP.

Nigerian Naira on Stellar is anchored by - symbol: NGNT (StellarX market)

Very well needed project looking forward to that partnership. Is there any KYC required by the stellar networks?

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KYC requirements depend on each Anchor - there are no KYC requirements for Steem Anchor, but there are some if you deposit USD with Stronghold.

Good, we need more competition with steem exchanges, otherwise people like @blocktrades can still be in business charging 4-7% for each transaction.

Good day! It's great imitative. Maybe you will add link to name of your site in post for easier access?

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Thank you Steem Anchor for this great news! Hoping this would realized in the upcoming years.

Great to see steem on more exchanges, with cheap, fast and scalable decentralized trading.

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Good idea. Thanks for this post.

Such a great project with its provision. Thanks for sharing!

Happy to see steem on more exchanges, especially on decentralized ones :)

Great initiative! Thanks for the contribution!

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Great ! We need this ! For a long time, we have been self-enclosed, it's a good thing to see these projects for a change ! I resteemed this post and others should do it also. But I have a question, if the vault is @steemanchor account can it hold all the deposits and perform all the transactions without a problem?

Yes. We will provide segregated vaults in the future for additional safety to match the deposit growth.

oki great ! nice job

Nice project for steem and stellar.

It would be nice if some other blockchain currencies wouldn’t be added like Neo’s coins and others

looks like a good idea for trading Steem and SBD. but i have no idea about stellar.

WOW..... finally a development I´m waiting for so long now... Thx a bunch !!!

Seems like in this bear-market there is high focus on stablecoins/pegging/loans.

Another interesting project which has come to light is the Peg.Network - an innovative protocol for creating customized asset-pegged tokens. Through PEG Network anyone can create an ERC-20 token pegged to a currency, commodity or underlying asset of their choice.

great news! Interested for smt's though!

This is awesome! I'll have to read more about this! Thanks for the info.

Great! 2 in 1 now! Very excited on this platform! Let's Go Steeming!

This is cool, gonna vote for you as my witness, thanks for amazing work!

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