100 STEEM in prizes with Steem-Bounty #Let’s ask some question!

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Let’s ask some question!

We want to create better content on steem by having great questions and answers. To that end we are launching a promotion where you can earn part of 100 STEEM reward simply by asking a question. It’s that simple.

“The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” Confucius

Put a bounty on it

In order to win the reward you must put a bounty on your question. You can do this either by using steem-bounty.com or by sending STEEM or SBD to @steem-bounty account (more how this works here).

Earn Bounties: Answer question

You can earn the bounties by going to steem-bounty.com and find questions and challenges you can answers.

Simple add your reply as a top level comment to the original post. Make sure to give your answer its own top level reply as reply to comments are not taken into account for the bounty rewward.

If your answers are good enough to earn you upvotes from the bounty creators you will earn the bounties.

How to participate:

  • Participating is simple, just create a publication by asking a serious question or riddle. It can be any type of publication in which you would like to know an answer.
  • Then, offer a reward with at least 2 SBD or 2 STEEM to the @ steem-bounty account.
  • Finally, copy the link of the post and put it in the comments in this publication.

Note: The final date to send your comment is the sixth day of this publication.

100 STEEM reward

  • I will offer a reward in this publication for a total of 100 STEEM.
  • Those who meet the provisions each week will get a positive vote of 1-10% of the reward that will result in rewards of 1-10 $.
  • If it is shared through social networks (steem-bounty.com urls only) 2% additional votes.
  • We will announce the winners after each week.
  • We are only upvoting 20-50 question per week


STEEM-BOUNTY, is a project aimed at rewarding Steemit users, created by @knircky and @famunger. This application works by sending an amount of SBD / STEEM referenced to a publication considered as a reward that will be distributed to users through the vote of the author to those who correctly answer the question, doubt, contest, etc. This tool works independently of the blockchain and also of SteemPower.   

Good luck to all participants.

Collaborator of the Steem-Bounty project.

For your guidance and reference about STEEM-BOUNTY please find the below:

Project by @knircky and @famunger


Its a great initiative... I am regularly added at least one bounty every weak. For this special contest I added a bounty of 5 STEEM . Here is link :


I Tweet it on my twitter account .


Tried to join but it seems that users who don't use steem-bounty.com can't participate in this bounty. Too bad

Its not mandatory to write a post bye using steem-bounty.com. But if anyone use it he will get a special opportunity for this bounty ..

But I don’t see an way to interact with this post using steemit.com
Or am I wrong somewhere?

Of course you can! Its a regular steem post!

Somehow I don’t see how I can reply there. Maybe I need some head ups here

I assume you are looking at this on steem-bounty.com.

If you log in you can reply.

You can also open the post in steemit.com or busy and respond there.

Was that the question?

@prince121 I congratulate you for your participation, you are a role model, you use the @steem-bounty reward application, you share the publication on social networks, and you also use the post link from steem.bounty.com. We are waiting for you in the next promo bounty post.

Thanks .. Its my pleasure..
@steem-bounty is a great rewarding system. Sure i am awaiting for your next promo bounty post


Well my question each week is:

Would you like to join the leagues?


I've been adding a bounty for months now, and find them an excellent way to encourage engagement.


Actually I was planning to write this post in German, but after seeing yours I decided to do it in English and set up a Bounty to learn about other Steemian's voting behavior.

Great initiative my friend, good luck for the future and a great week to come.

Oh yeah, my contribution..

Who do you vote?


If you add the tag # asa in your question post, I will upvote it.

Dear my friend @jmhb85, thank you to set your wonderful contest again, you are the example of all whales should follows! This is my post connect with your contest: https://steemit.com/steem-bounty/@intellihandling/wtf-i-will-be-able-to-post-with-such-rc.
I am sorry if i cannot set a bigger bounty to it due to my financial situation, but i promise to set the amount i will got from this wonderful contest in the next bounties i will could make.

This looks really fun. Great intitiative, you two, @knircky and @famunger. I'll check this out and try it.

Here is my entry post:


Thanks to the @knircky and jmhb85 for making this kind of contest.

Great competition! I wish you will earn enough with this post to regain your 100 steem! 100% Upvote from me = 20 Cent lol

Much fun

Greetings from Munich, Germany

It's been a veeeery long while since I hosted a contest.

This should be interesting. I'm getting excited already

I decided to go with a riddle

Here's my link


Think you have an answer? 😁


Edit: here's the steem-bounty link. https://steem-bounty.com/bounty/contest/iamthegray/steem-bounty-or-do-you-wake-up-or-open-your-eyes-first-which-do-you-think-happens-first J

ust in case

here's the twitter link https://mobile.twitter.com/IamTheGray/status/1046658614826602496

Thanks @jmhb85 and @knircky for running this super amazing contest again. I just setup a bounty post over here- https://steemit.com/hf20/@rjoshicool/is-hf20-going-to-make-rich-richer-and-poor-poorer

This looks like a fun experiment,
one that I'd be willing to try out!

Answer for a bounty of 2.000 STEEM!

Is This Demonic Possession,
Disease, or Mind Control?

This is the biggest bounty ever o:

Mana vs Voting Power - What name do you prefer ? ( 2 Steem-Bounty Added )

Tweeted ....

Posted On Redit


Thanks for the contest. I look forward to reading the other entries questions.

@xyzashu I congratulate you for your participation, you are a role model, you use the @steem-bounty reward application, you share the publication on social networks, and you also use the post link from steem.bounty.com. We are waiting for you in the next promo bounty post.

Thank you! Already looking forward to next promo.

Thank you for the motivation and creativity. I just created my first bounty question and starting the fun. Here is the link from the steem buonty site: https://steem-bounty.com/bounty/utopian-io/rosatravels/what-is-the-most-important-quality-a-translator-should-have-reward-2-steem

As a plankton, I was so frustrated about the hf20 as it is blocking me from engaging and commenting other's posts. With a tiny SP, mY rc was decreasing at an evil rate. I researched and found that only making more and more sp on my account is the only legit way to survive hf20. Now steem bounty is a very unique and profitable opportunity for me to gain rewards... And make more sp! Why not... No ones wanna stay as a plankton forever! Right?

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Yes my friend! You are totally right, we are here to set bounty for user who need help and for me too because as i can help with small amount, others like @jmhb85 and @knircky are setting bigger bounty for us. Anyway it is important to answer properly, because stupid answer can be downvoted and do not get anything and this is very good against spammer. I am sure here in this family there are not spammers and we like to grown together and if your reputation is 50 it means you are good steemitians!




@shadown99 I congratulate you for your participation, you are a role model, you use the @steem-bounty reward application, you share the publication on social networks, and you also use the post link from steem.bounty.com. We are waiting for you in the next promo bounty post.


I just read your bounty system by using #steem-bounty.com and create a bounty for my followers and its 3 STEEM. Here its link :


I also share it on my twitter

This is a very good initiative to encourage engagement through questions and answers. Great job!

Here's my entry: https://steemit.com/contest/@macoolette/puzzle-me-this-puzzle-me-that-can-you-catch-up-or-not

Here's my entry:

I've put bounty really easy but interesting question. Hope so everyone would like to participate in my post. Cheers!!!

@jmhb85 has set 100.000 STEEM bounty on this post!

Bounties are a new way you can earn rewards irrespective of you Steem Power. Go here to learn how bounties work.

Earn the bounty by commenting what you think the bounty creator wants to know from you.

Find more bounties here and become a bounty hunter.

Happy Rewards Hunting!


how to correct start with steemit

Hello @jmhb85, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Omg!!1 Thank you so much!!! I love Steem-Bounty!!

Good contest I search for heavily!!
I try to participate next time. I have to collect my STEEMs for next time . See you next time. 👍
Have a awesome day!! 😋

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I want to ask @jmhb85 what are gaining by this contest?. Cause i noticed like two weeks ago you also gain out 100 sbd for this same stuff.

Or is it a way of promoting awareness for @steem-bounty?

Promote the steem-bounty application and promote its use rewarding those who do, I invite you to try it in your next post.

@jmhb85, I see people sel-voting and using comment upvote bots. That doesn't seem to be fair...

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it does not matter, the community part is only 5%

I like Steembounty. It's the best way to get attention to your posts without using upvote bots that take away a big part of the rewardpool and damage the Community.

The votes coming from bots only compete for 5% of the reward, 95% depends on the criteria of the author of the reward.

I didn't know you had a site where all the bounties are centralized, that's pretty awesome :)

So good to know more about @steem-bounty now. Just read an article by @simplymike about it and tried to get deeper into information on this cool project. Just figured out you have an amazing website. Stumbled upon a link, had no idea there is one. Good to know!

Have a great day everybody!

Dear @jmhb85, this is my last post partecipating in the contest, i think i gave my contribution too :))

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