How to create a bounty: In several languages

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We have been delighted at the positive responses we have received for our bounty program. Many steemians have been using the bounty for their posts and even more have been paid out.

We were even more surprised that some people even translated the "How-TO post" into different languages for their community.

So here is a link to all the introductory post about bounties.

English post:

English Video:





We thank everyone that helped us communicate what @steem-bounty is all about to their community in a way that we could not: in their native language!

Thank you very much!!


Thank you so much to opportunity creat bounty In several languages.It is so great work @knircky and @steem-bounty.I am so happy for your great work.For this reason many person creat bounty.

This is very good for all steem-bounty creators.Thanks for shareing.

we need arabic language

what if i use aceh language? i see in aceh a lot of user of steemit and tag of aceh hovered trending tag in steemit. hehe

Steemians have been working hard to make steemit a better place to be at.
Love their effort ,the dedication and always trying become more reputable steemian here.thanks for giving us the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Thanks for the information. I am gona write about Steem Bounty in my native language "Bangla".

i think it is so are helpful @steem-bounty and @knircky.Thank youso much.

Thank you for having my translation in this post. I have also brought the explanation of @knircky to the steemit community in Spanish.

Thank you so much for bounty to in several languase.It is helpful to others languase person.Itr is great idea @steem-bounty and @knircky

Can I translate in my language the in #aceh tag?

Upvote back master me

Thanks for the information, it will be very useful, may I translate it into Indonesian @steem-bounty

Yes! Please let us know when u do!

I have translated it into Indonesian, thanks @knircky and posting here

Thank you for giving me permission, I will do it @knircky

What is the use of bounty?

New Incentive layer that does not require SP. Will allow anyone to monetize steem post ontop of existing incentive layer

Very good explaining of the " How - To - do - It " :-) I will use it in some of the next post. Good idea to support the people with such a good idea

Do let us know what you think about it. And thanks for the support!

Thanks for sharing my post ;-) !

The Vote For Your Awesome Post Has Just Arrived!

This post has been voted with the use of SteemiTag. Feel free to upvote this comment if you’d like to express your support for our cause. Conversely, if you don’t want to receive any more votes from SteemiTag, please respond to this comment by writing NOVOTES.

SteemiTag is an innovative program that helps users increase their gains in the curation rewards by voting on posts that are likely to get high payouts. It maximizes the chance of a user to be rewarded through an accurate selection algorithm that works 24/7 and eliminates "no rewards" problem for users with low Steem Power. You can participate in our program by clicking on this link and confirming your delegation. Your rewards will be sent to you in the form of dividends. Thank you and keep up with your great work!

If you want to have a Dutch translation, let me know!

Such awesome work, @GK told me about your project as I was about tp start something very similar, I would love to talk about one or two ideas that might help this project, how can we make contact?

I really love the idea of paid views its the real curation reward, good work.

STEEM BOUNTY, puede llegar a ser una fuente infinita de comunicació, intercambio y apoyo. ¡Es genial que estés en varios idiomas!

Definitely this is interesting to engage Steemians with a better content when replying. I love the idea. I am currently working, amongst others, on a study that I will be posting shortly. The @steem-bounty would facilitate good feedback.

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