www.steem-bounty.com is live

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It has been a while in the making and we are finally at a stage where we are ready to launch the first beta version of the steem-bounty website. Go ahead and check it out by visiting this URL:


This link will take you to the overview of the current active bounties.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 4.52.05 PM.png

The main purpose of this interface is to allow bounty hunters to quickly find posts with bounties, and for bounty creators to get exposure.

We have currently three categories that are used to structure the bounties you see on the main page:

  • Biggest bounties. Those will be the biggest active bounties.
  • Expiring soon: For those that do not want to miss out on bounties that are about to be paid out
  • Latest bounties: Here you will see the newest bounties that have just been created

Focus on basic but Key Functionalities

We are trying to allow you to stay on the site and do everything to read, post and vote for comments. Pretty much everything you need to do to earn bounty rewards, find them and also create and manage your bounties.

We are using steem-connect so you can use your existing steem accounts at steem-bounty.com.

We have many ideas for more advanced features, but wanted to release with minimal functionality as fast as we could.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 6.38.23 PM.png

You can reply to posts, comments and vote (also downvote). This way you should be able to navigate to different bounty posts without having to jump back to steemit or busy and find to look for your content.

We are still working on adding some additional functions such as editing and providing more advanced uses in the editor itself (i.e. picture uploads) as well as adding some tweaks in the current version. However we feel it has come along enough for people to use it.

Two ways to create bounties

The old way of creating a bounty by sending the amount to the @steem-bounty account, with the URL of your post in the memo still works as everyone is used to. This will remain an easy way to add bounties to existing posts or add to the bounties of others.

Additionally you can create a bounty directly from our site:

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 5.48.18 PM.png

The editor is very basic and does not yet allow previews or uploading of pictures. Look for these features in future versions.

Works on your Phone

If you are like me, you may use steem a lot on the go and on your phone. This is why we made sure the site works just as well on the phone and tablets just as well as on bigger screens.

Below is an example how the overview and single post looks on your phone.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.44.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-06-07 at 11.44.00 PM.png

Let us know what you think

We created steem-bounty to make the experience of using the steem ecosystem more valuable for investors and useful for users.

We hope the new site allows you to find new bounties more simply and conveniently. Hopefully you can earn some extra rewards by answering to bounties. Or generate more interaction and answers to your questions when you decide to be a bounty creator.

We also are open for feedback as we are planning for the future versions.

Thanks for using our service and for supporting our project.

Support our witness

Thank you very much for your attention and we hope you will vote for us as witness!

In order to do so you can go to:


And enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Or use steem-connect to vote directly for us as Steem witness!


This is really cool and next week I will try using the site for adding the bounty. When this project first started I wasn't 100% sure about it, but wanted to test it on my contest to see if it was a viable way to reward those who enter the contest.

It works great and I just make it clear in the post that those who show up to just try and grab part of the bounty by posting something and upvoting themselves will be flagged. Only have had a few try this, but overall most bounty-hunters have been very respectful of the rules of how we use the bounty. Thank You All for that!

Just this week with the contest going on I used another bounty to reward engagement while reserving my voting power to focus on the contest entries. This was great as I know about how many people comment on most of my posts and this allowed me to give them what I normally would have without investing the voting power. Allowed me to manage my VP better this week.

Overall I think @steem-bounty is doing a good job and they have earned my witness vote. Look forward to increased function, including a blacklist for those couple who don't respect the rules...hint...hint!

We do have a blacklist. Let me know if u have offenders that should be on it.

Thank you for the kind words!

yourinfo has more then annoyed me and even tried with a repeated comment last week including a very last minute attempt to gain part of the bounty. They have a perfect 100% track record of self voting.

Unlike many here I call things like I see them and you have earned my kind words and respect. I do a lot of watching from the sidelines figuring out who is doing what before someone gets my witness vote. More important there are very few that I recommend others to vote for like I have with steem-bounty.

There are very few efforts on steemit to make the platform function better for those of us that don't have large accounts and that is a shame as there are 10,000k of us for each of you that have a large account. Steem-bounty is one of the tools that helps those of us that are growing our accounts manage things like VP which is very important.

he is on the blacklist now

Did you see my comment that I tagged you in here

This clown actually has 25 accounts that he is using now.

Yep they are all on the blacklist

Thank you sir! I will probably still flag the asshat if he comments more, but at least now I don't need to worry about the last minute crap sneaking in and taking from the curators for the PIF Curation Contest.

@knirchy was wondering if you would be interested in doing a little interview with me. I started up a PIF Spotlight post series that I want to feature some of the witnesses and larger members of steemit that are doing good things for the smaller members. Think you would be ideal for this and we can talk about steem-bounty naturally and now the website you launched for it.

If you are interested I'm on discord same name #6765 or if you aren't on discord we can work it out.

Can you contact me on telegram so we can coordinate?

Oops, I see this is the same offender that I just commented about. Thank you for staying on top of things!

Thank you for mentioning the blacklist. I came to this post specifically looking for a recourse. Someone appears to have sniped a good portion of my small bounty by leaving a mediocre comment at the last minute, then upvoting it with 25 accounts, none of whom even voted on my post or the other comments. https://steemit.com/finance/@wholeself-in/the-problem-with-bitcoin-is-you#@birapada/re-wholeself-in-the-problem-with-bitcoin-is-you-20180611t001332503z

What is your preferred method for nominating people to the blacklist?

You tell me, ill verify and then put on the list

Very cool! I have been relying on Steemify to let me know when the bounties come out, but his will make “bounty hunting” even easier. Good show guys! I’m going to check it out right now! Thanks @steem-bounty!

Awesome and thx! I am going to have to check out stemify!

You definitely should! It allows you to get push notifications for your favorite steemians, when you are mentioned, followed, liked etc. It is very handy on the go to keep track of whats happening in real time while your not staring at your screen. I absolutely love it! @exyle wrote it and it awesome!

Just used it. Great app!!

thanks for the recommendation!!

Wow, this isn't a step up... it's a LEAP!

(Much better than going through your posts to find interesting bounties.)

Re-steemed, viewing and discussing steem-bounty.com on my dlive stream now.

Great stuff!!! Awesome tool. It looks simple and useful. I need to pay more attention on your next posts, because the content is very valuable. Keep doing that !

This is awesome. Thank you.
Just cast my vote for you as witness.

This was a much needed app. I was planning to build an app on these lines but have been postponing :) Thanks for taking out the time and effort to get this going.

I used this in one of my gigs https://steemit.com/javascript/@gokulnk/nestify-a-flat-json-object and was able to get couple of solutions for the problem.

I have a couple of questions.

  1. What percentage of the bounty is taken by @steem-bounty as fees.
  2. While connecting with Steem I came across this permission screen. Can you clarify why you would like to have permission for "Claim Reward Balance". I think this is a very risky permission for an app to have and apps shouldn't request for this permission unless they are handling the Rewards for the user. Even if the app requires this permission it should be sufficiently highlighted.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 4.25.18 PM.png

3 . Though I have connected the accounts now, I am still not comfortable. Open-sourcing the code will instil more confidence. Do you have plans of open-sourcing your code?

@knircky it would be great if you can throw some light on this. With some modifications I think this portal can be a great tool for solving the content discovery issue that steem has.

the link is broken gotta remove the https ( http://www.steem-bounty.com/ )

Steem bounty is a great project. i am looking foward to get more from it

Really that's a good news. Steem-bouny's launch will have a significant role on Steemit. Wishing great future for steem-bounty.

nice new friend @steem-bounty
vote and comment my posts at @cutnidar

Thank U...

Lovely.. A great idea from the app developers. Keep the good works on @steem-bounty

Wow this is an eye opener for me i never knew about this am going to check this out right away.

Thanks for the information

Resteemed. I gotta mark the visit to the website later...

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Good job very interesting post friend

I just placed a bounty on my post via the website, and it was a great experience. Flawless.

wow this is super helpful !
thanks for this service

you are most welcome

Excellent proposal It calls me a lot of attention

That is amazing!!............its cool!!

Awesome! Good job @steem-bounty! I guess I should start hunting for those bounties now. See you later guys! =)

Great idea, thanks!

Let me know if you want the handle @steemitbounties ;-)

Good website!

Good job, good idea, very original, motivate me to seek more rewards, THANKS for sharing!

This is amazing, we've been needing something like this

Thank you I am glad you like it!

Super, I think it's excellent and we're talking about a version, and not complete, but to be super well structured. I really like that you have taken into account the use of the telephone and its visualization. Excellent, promises a lot that good that we already have all these options in one place, congratulations

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We cant wait to see that working, good job @ steem-bounty. Great work....cant wait for the bounties to work

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Very good your information... @steem-bounty

very good your information friend greetings @steem-bounty.

Muy genial! He estado confiando en Steemify para que me avise cuando salgan las recompensas, pero su voluntad hará que la "caza de recompensas" muy bueno amigo @steem-bounty saludos

I think I will use this often, and again as I have requested with esteem desktop I would also request a toggle night mode...thanks @steem-bounty.

This post has received a 11.26 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @steem-bounty.

Great! @knircky and @famunger. I'm trying to support you as much as I can. Thank you for your kindness to me always. Lovely!

@asgarth we can keep an eye on this for https://steempeak.com/

Wooo amigo steem-bounty casar recompesa me parece muy interensate conocer este metodo gracias por aporta nuevas cosas a steemit :)

This looks great , let's give it a try 👍

Verry intereathing thank you for share it i will go check it right now

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Friend @steem-bounty from #Venezuela I want to tell you that your work will reach a high level in the #steemit community. Remember that the most important thing is to feel confident about what you do and the only way to do it by loving what you do, regardless of the money ... If you have not looked for it yet, keep looking ... Without further ado, there is nothing to say that evolves and improves in what you do friend ... From here of #Venezuela I will always support it;)

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Excited to use the site. This is a great program. I hope it continues to grow.

Very useful for those who wants to join bounty. It's easy to find bounty programs with the help of this site.

the stuff is cool but I liked the simple line listing of the old steem bounty-

What a wonderful news, it favors us all, demonstrating the good plans that are brought not only for greater comfort but also so that they continue to generate benefits. I really congratulate you.

thank you. great project indeed

That is a great news for us as bounty lover.

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