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It's results time! Thank you to all who participated in last week's 50-word short story contest:

@theironfelix, @joeylim, @jasminearch, @blueeyes8960, @felixgarciap, @bimjer, @botefarm, @owasco, @bex-dk, @tristancarax, @intothewild, @marlyncabrera

Great job, everyone! I loved the variety of storylines that came out of the "bells" prompt.

Contest updates

In case you're not caught up, the 50-word short story challenge is now a contest. (See the announcement in last week's post.) There is one winner each week, and for the moment, the reward is 1 SBD. If you would like to support this contest and sweeten the pot, contributions are welcome!

The idea is to trim down the length of this post (which traditionally ran really long), move the weekly mini writing workshop to its own post, and get some more skin in the game with rewards. (I also wanted to regain some time for my own fiction writing by making this weekly post more succinct.)

How to find the Mini Writing Workshop

Here's the link: Mini Writing Workshop. The topic for this week is "Who said that?" I hope you will enjoy the tips on writing dialog.

Last week's contest winner

After careful determination, I've chosen @bex-dk's remarkable story, Paternal Peace, as the winning entry of the week. I will share it here:

Paternal Peace

Frozen grass crunched beneath Matt's soles. His coat pulled tight, he waited opposite the open grave.

The bells tolled. His brother, head bowed, supported Mother.

Father in his gilded box sank into the ground.

No trick then. His reign was over.

Matt joined his family. Mother's frail arms encircled him.

This story succeeds on so many levels. We are immediately placed into the story setting - a graveside. There is sorrow, but also the complexity of the family relationships becomes clear as it unfolds. The father's "reign" which clearly divided the family, is now over, and the distanced son feels he can rejoin the others.

It is beautifully told, and very poignant. Well done, @bex-dk! Your SBD is coming your way!

Thank you again to all participants. I look forward to your continued participation.

New 50-word short story prompt

The new prompt for this coming week is "child." The deadline is Saturday, December 15th, with a grace period until the new prompt post is up.

Contest rules

  1. Write a story in exactly 50 words.
  2. Use the #fiftywords tag, and post the link in the comments of this post.
  3. Use only artwork that you have the right to use, and attribute it properly. See "Use of images" below.

Preferably, post your 50-word story in its own post. You can use any posting tool, e.g. Busy, Partiko, or Steampeak. Just please publish it on its own, not combined with any other contest. And be sure to provide the link as a comment to this post.

Note that you are not required to upvote or resteem this post, nor are you required to support other participants. Entries will be judged on merit only. But active community participation and support of your fellow writers is, of course, strongly encouraged.

Use of images

You are welcome to illustrate your story with an image, as long as you have the right to use it. One of the following must be true:

  1. The image is public domain, or under creative commons licensing. See the resource links below.
  2. It is your own image.
  3. If it is not one of the above, you must have actual permission.

Be sure to properly attribute the image’s source or mention that the image is yours. And if it's not public domain, under creative commons license, or your own image, be sure to state that you have permission.

Here are some creative commons and public domain image resources:

Increase your chances of winning

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Include a conflict and a resolution in your story.
    (It's like this: A beautiful day is just a beautiful day. A beautiful day becomes interesting if the mail carrier brings a letter saying the main character's husband has been released from prison. Maybe she hates him, or fears he won't get work. That's conflict. Resolution is when we learn what she decides to do about it.)
  2. Check your story for grammar and punctuation.
  3. Have someone else read it and provide suggestions. You have multiple writing communities available to help you:

Good luck Fifty Worders!

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Oooh! Thank you, Jayna!

My thanks also to my family over at @ink-ubator for their support and encouragement. I ran my story through our live textedit channel before posting and got a lot of great feedback that helped make it stronger.

I have such a vivid image of this event! Well done, and congratulations. As a neophyte on steemit, I'm in awe of nearly everything, but your story rocks!

Thank you. I work really hard on them but I enjoy the challenge of making them complete in so few words.

Those things can make all the difference -- taking the time to edit and improve is key. When you have a community of like-minded writers who provide editorial support, so much the better!

My entry to this week's challenge. Just trying to get back into the swing of it.

Yes, that's what it's all about! Busy schedules can derail us from writing, but we have passion and drive, we must keep finding our way back.

Here is my entry, my comment hadn't saved so I hope it isn't too late

Thank you for participating in the 50-word short story contest, @letalis-laetitia. It's wonderful to see a new face!

No pic this time, my entry is down below:

- Childish mistake -

"Bris! Bris, my child, are you alright?"

"Yeah Grandma?"

"I'll just come in Bris."


"Bris, I just- ouch."

"I told you-"

"No! It's perfectly natural. The same happened to me in your age."

"Whatcha mean, Grandma?"

"Let's get that wound patched; I see another were-squirrel in my line. Woohoo~"

Might have to take out the weresquirrel before it takes out whole families.

haha. Oh, that nut. She got away with another nut leaving the rest of us with two less nuts than her.

hiding under the desk, waiting for help to come ...

This cootie-patootie killing machine shows up, what you do?

Watch out Tristan. ;^) You never know when one will turn. :^P

Aww, her Grandma understands and she's not alone!!! 😍😍 Like Teen-Wolf but even better because of were-squirrels!! Thank you Felix, for naming her Bris! 🤗 You make me wish that we could re-steem comments.

Beware the were-squirrel!

Okay, this story clearly hit a nerve... or something! You guys crack me up.

UwU ~ Thanks for reading and thanks for the compliments!

Congrats to all the winners and entryists! So uh, let's get, as the kids nowadays would say, this lump of rye made by bread workers... I think it was "let's get this bread," but that sounds dumb. Anyways, actual post in a few minutes.
Swing dance.gif
{Mind not the red-rum, just paintings stuff! I mean, look at the fluffy boy and tell me things are bad 'ere!}

I'm glad you're having fun, @theironfelix! What tools are you using?

The tools? Me (myself), Steemit’s integrated HTML code and then staring outside my room’s window. The things I see makes me wonder if I stumble across the middle of the Universe or I’m viewing through a portal that so conveniently fits my window space.


You must be using more than HTML to make an animated human caterpillar!

Oh, the GIFs! Okay, I use a screen-recorder called Action! But literally any screen-recorder could work. (Note Action! is more than a screen-recorder.) Anyways, then I port the videos to and just use that site to make the GIFs. If I ever make a video and want to edit it (like a DTube/YT video), I use Cyberlink PowerDirector (heard Adobe Premier does the same but better, but haven't used it so I can't comment on that). For Mischief (from the Series called Interface by a YT user named U m a m i), he literally already a GIF up and made it public use. Anyways, Mischief, he's a very Surrealistic being that can take on many forms, from the weird to the absolute adorable because SURREALISM! But that was my TedTalk and I thank you for coming.

Hooray! I must have applied the right mix of guilt and coercion! So glad to see you here, @negativer.

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Congratulations, @bex-dk!

Thank you, @jayna, for keeping this space open :D

Thank you for participating and helping to continue the tradition!

So great to see you, @cizzo! Welcome back! I'm so glad you're here to participate in the 50-word short story contest!

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