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RE: Results and new 50-word short story contest

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No pic this time, my entry is down below:

- Childish mistake -

"Bris! Bris, my child, are you alright?"

"Yeah Grandma?"

"I'll just come in Bris."


"Bris, I just- ouch."

"I told you-"

"No! It's perfectly natural. The same happened to me in your age."

"Whatcha mean, Grandma?"

"Let's get that wound patched; I see another were-squirrel in my line. Woohoo~"


Might have to take out the weresquirrel before it takes out whole families.

haha. Oh, that nut. She got away with another nut leaving the rest of us with two less nuts than her.

hiding under the desk, waiting for help to come ...

This cootie-patootie killing machine shows up, what you do?

Offer @theironfelix as a sacrifice!

It decides to throw @tristancarax to space instead.

Watch out Tristan. ;^) You never know when one will turn. :^P

Aww, her Grandma understands and she's not alone!!! 😍😍 Like Teen-Wolf but even better because of were-squirrels!! Thank you Felix, for naming her Bris! 🤗 You make me wish that we could re-steem comments.

Beware the were-squirrel!

Okay, this story clearly hit a nerve... or something! You guys crack me up.

UwU ~ Thanks for reading and thanks for the compliments!

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