Goodbye, a 50 Word Story

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"No. You've got to go." I looked into her eyes one last time and handed over the bag containing our meager supplies.

Enough for Anna to make it out of the desert. Hopefully.

My hand covered her rounded stomach as we kissed.

"Goodbye, Anna. Take care of our daughter."








This fifty word story was originally inspired by another prompt, but it fitted Jayna's prompt nicely, so there you go.

As always, dear reader, thank you for joining me on all of my journeys, near and far.



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Yeesh! There's so much intensity and... well, beef in so few words. I had so many questions by the end of it (not bad questions but, like, I want more questions)! Nicely done!

I'll take that as a compliment. 😎

Great little story here @jasminearch. Brings an image of the old west to mind.

Thanks @cizzo. That was the image I got too!

Excellent work, as usual. You will soon make your first pro sale. I have no doubt.

I'll just keep going until I do. Queue position 217 at Strange Horizons. sigh

This is amazing, @jasminearch. It was a total gut-punch. You've captured the intensity and drama of that no-win situation so beautifully. Really well done!

Hugs back!

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Loved the argument and your narrative, @jasminearch. Your story definitely deserved to win.

I could see the scene happening before my eyes. I heard the voices. Great job :)

Thanks! We work hard at polishing them, over at @ink-ubator. Nice to know it pays off.

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