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RE: Results and new 50-word short story contest

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Congrats to all the winners and entryists! So uh, let's get, as the kids nowadays would say, this lump of rye made by bread workers... I think it was "let's get this bread," but that sounds dumb. Anyways, actual post in a few minutes.
Swing dance.gif
{Mind not the red-rum, just paintings stuff! I mean, look at the fluffy boy and tell me things are bad 'ere!}


I'm glad you're having fun, @theironfelix! What tools are you using?

The tools? Me (myself), Steemit’s integrated HTML code and then staring outside my room’s window. The things I see makes me wonder if I stumble across the middle of the Universe or I’m viewing through a portal that so conveniently fits my window space.


You must be using more than HTML to make an animated human caterpillar!

Oh, the GIFs! Okay, I use a screen-recorder called Action! But literally any screen-recorder could work. (Note Action! is more than a screen-recorder.) Anyways, then I port the videos to and just use that site to make the GIFs. If I ever make a video and want to edit it (like a DTube/YT video), I use Cyberlink PowerDirector (heard Adobe Premier does the same but better, but haven't used it so I can't comment on that). For Mischief (from the Series called Interface by a YT user named U m a m i), he literally already a GIF up and made it public use. Anyways, Mischief, he's a very Surrealistic being that can take on many forms, from the weird to the absolute adorable because SURREALISM! But that was my TedTalk and I thank you for coming.