NEW! Curie Logo Design Contest - Calling All Designers!

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Hello Steem Community,

The Curie community is glad to announce a second logo design contest, for its newly-developed, soon-to-be-implemented curation frontend, and general usage.

Who/What is Curie and What Do They Do?

A little backstory, the name “Curie” was suggested by one of our curators, inspired by the works of both Marie Curie and Pierre Curie.

“The most surprising (or maybe not) discovery in researching about great minds is that behind every great success is mostly luck. There’s obviously a lot of effort involved, but there are many who are just as smart and work just as hard, never quite had the luck.”
- One of our Curators, on the inspiration behind the choice of “Curie.”

@Curie “is a community witness and a meritocratic community curation project… with an absolute commitment to meritocracy and transparency with an aspiration towards zero corruption.” Read Whitepaper.

We would not want to limit the creativity of the designers, but imperatively designers should go through the whitepaper (linked above) to get in-depth knowledge on what Curie is about. Let it dictate the concept.

However, it is very important to note that logo has to be in DIGITAL ART format, CIRCULAR and FULL forms – ideal for use as display picture and on posts, respectively.

Submission, Judging and Contest Prize

  • All entry designs must be submitted as a comment to this post before 3.00 PM UTC on 13 February 2018.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed.
  • The Top 10 designs (by a number of votes cast, NOT payouts) will be selected.
  • Curie top curators, reviewers, and operations contributors, will deliberate and decide on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place logos from selected designs.
  • 1st place designer will be rewarded with 50% SBD from this post.
  • 2nd and 3rd place designers will each receive 25% of SBD of this post.

Disclaimers and Further Clarifications

  • Curie reserves the right to use the design entries as it deems fit and appropriate. Participation in this contest is an agreement to this term and the ones below.
  • Designs MUST be original.
  • Curie reserves the right to forfeit submissions that are misleading.
  • Curie may decide to rotate among the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place logos in anything Curie-related.
  • Ties in number of votes are counted as one position in the top 10 designs.
  • Winning designs will be announced in Curie Discord server by 3:00 PM UTC on 14 February 2018.
  • Logos which are only available in low-res raster or non-editable format will be disqualified.

Our present logo is the birthchild of a similar contest and the winning design was submitted by @konti.

And a little tip:

Designers, feel free to make a post detailing your design process. A good one makes for a great content. Use the tag #curielogo only for such posts. Remember you MUST submit your entry designs as a comment on this post. 😊

Remember to have fun. We look forward to your amazing submissions.

Contest Update

A bounty of 200 Steem has been added to the prize pool by the curie team.
We hope this update inspires you guys more :)


Here is my entry:

Simple C + upvote

I made a few variations, here are the most important:

Created by smaller particles, curie team

There are more variations in my post: My entry for CURIE logo contest.

If you think this deserves to be considered, please upvote :)

I like this one

thank you!:D

The best

thanks a lot!

Totally pro!

without any doubt this is the best option !!!!

thank you :D

Love how the hexagon forms around to create a circle hexagon.. :)

Great work! But now I feel bad because I used a similar circle consisting of smaller circles. I didn't use hexagons though :)

I really like you design. Do you do this for a living? If so would you be willing to make one for me?

Hello to @curie and all the people working in this awesome project. I want to thank you for this opportunity to show our skills and work here, for us freelance graphic designers this is a great initiative and a great way to promote our work and share it to the world. This is my entry to this #curielogo contest hope you guys like it, and feel free to criticize in order to improve it.

I made a logo that could be use only the isotope as a round image to use for thumbnail, nd a full logo with the "CURIE" word. Also I made some variations, positive and negative in colors and positive and negative in black and white for different applications.


This is my first entry and I will keep working on it, maybe try some different colors, even that the steemit palette fits great on this one, also I'll be trying some different typographies to see how it works.


thanks a lot my friend :)

Marvalous mate! :)

i love it!

I think this is an awesome opportunity to show what you got inside

thanks a lot my friend :)


thanks a lot :)

Great! I think @femcy200 plagiarized it, did you see his post?

OMG..! Good job, I like it! I will see a great future like a designer! Thanks for sharing!

Hello everyone,
This is my submission to the contest:
I've also made a post, explaining everything, and you can find it here.
Much love,

I really like this one - fresh, current and encompasses the idea of Curie

Hi @alenthin. Your logo curie is awesome, I like it. I’ve follow you, because I like graphic design, my be you can teach me someday.

Elegant with other sample colors, fits everywhere, great design skill, it matches perfectly for the marketing aspects.

Wow, this one's a winner for sure. Simple, elegant and to the point. Great work man!

I like it, a lot. Looks fresh and great.

Thank you! :)

My explorations were based on the "C" shape and an arrow pointing forward, symbolizing progression. The colors I chose were a mixture of the Steemit platform logos and a gradient that signifies the blend of both of them together. Thanks for the opportunity!

Great! I like the second one the most.

What a fantastic contest! And so many amazing designs already. :)

I designed a beluga whale curling around into a "C." I chose the beluga whale because they're playful, friendly, and willing to connect with others. Read more on my post.

I love these animals, and I feel the same way about @curie, so...

curie logo

curie design

And INTRODUCING: "Cutie the Rainbow Curie Whale."
(credit @enginewitty for naming her Cutie) I did a second post with this colourful version.



If you're reading the comments and like my design, please upvote to support this entry.
Thank you so much! 💖@katrina-ariel

This one is too cute, such a lovely design it's like a baby whale soon to grow strong. Good luck!

Yay! Thank you. Yes, such a sweet whale. I haven't done a design from scratch like this in years, doing the whale click by click. I'm really happy with it. 💖

OMG! lol! I love this. YES! "Cutie the Curie whale." Growing bigger every day. 💖

Very nice work! Love it!

Thanks so much, Denise! 💖

Panda and baby whale would have much fun gaming together, I like this.

I think so, too. Baby whale is a playful soul. Loves making friends. 😊

Love this design, nice work! Good luck my friend. :-D

Thank you very much for your support! 💖

I love that you described why you chose the beluga. It is totally super cute

I try to have a reason for everything. ;) Big gratitude for your encouragement! :)

This is just like my second design, the only difference is that you made a real picture like fish and I used abstract like fish. I like it. Good luck mate.

Hi! I hadn't seen your second design. It is a little similar, though the font is also different and the circle with the up arrow, but yes, a good way to group the design. I do need to give you and @edxserverus credit for bringing this contest to my attention. Good luck to you as well! I voted you up. :)

I like your design my friend. It is much better than mine. :)

I don't know about better or worse. It's all art. Good to create. But thank you, so glad you like the design. :)

I love this design!! Its so cute! Good luck, I love it! :) (I didnt know you design logos as well! ) )

Thanks so much! Yes, I went to design school. Art is fun. :)

You're such a special talent, Katrina. LOVE this!

Aw, thank you! ...blushing... ((hugs))

Aww.. This one is really amazing I love this 😊
Great job my friend and I wish you all the luck.
Such cute whale 😉

Thank you @saffisara! I wanted to make it friendly, personable. It is a cute whale, isn't it? ;-)

So perfect. This is my favorite by far.

Aw, thank you so much! 💖💖💖

I looove this design and the colours you choose for it.

Muchas gracias, mi amiga! 💖

I'm so glad. 💖 Thank you!!!

I've looked at ALL the entries - so many of them. This one has such great personality. It's engaging, friendly, supportive, and happy! That's a good image for Curie.

Yay! Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. Your support is greatly appreciated! 💖

Tu diseño esta genial. éxito.

Muchas gracias, Karlin. 💖

cutie indeed 😊 and you have good chances to win 😊
Good luck !

Thank you, Hazem! 💖

Hope you get it Katrina. Belugas are awsome!

Belugas are awesome, I agree. :) Thanks so much for your support!

I really like your entry @katrina-ariel, it's cute & friendly, great job! You have my vote <3 Good luck <3

Thank you so much! 💖💖💖

Hello Fellow Steemians,
Here is my submission (two colour variants) to the contest:

My Post: Curie Logo Design Contest - Curie Heart
Here you can find a detailed description of how I came up with the shape, colour and font. Hope you guys enjoy it, I sure did! 💚

heh... it just struck me that the red one might be seen as a downvote kinda arrow?!

but that's unmistakeably not the case on the green version... totally love the green version!!

💚 curie heart 💚

That's true, although hopefully the fact that it makes a little heart keeps it positive. :P That being said, I also like the green since it represents Radium and the radiation green, which fits in well with (Marie and Pierre) curie. :D

I agree with @fraenk

But the effect looks good, maybe just flip it? ;-)

up-up positive!

I actually thought about swapping it, but then it lost the heart which was important to the representation of curie I feel, "sharing the love" and all that. Also, if you read the post about the design, I described it as a 3D upvote arrow that "fell over" or in essence it is pointing out of the screen towards the user.

That being said, and apart from losing the heart shape, it does look pretty cool flipped. I might add a flipped version of the icon if there is a need, I would however miss the heart shape a bit. 😋 So thank you for the input @fraenk and @overdye, I really appreciate it!

ooooooh and make it green

but now it doesn't really look like a heart anymore though... but damn that's cool, too

Love that Logo! Great work @skippyza! :)

Thank you @w0olf :D Appreciate it.

Sweet logos! Each one has a great feel to it :)

Thanks @niko3d, I couldn't decide myself, hence the two colour options. :P

my googly eyes are loving THIS one!

Thank you, maybe all this logo needs to really shine is some googlyeyes. ;P

heh... well, a wise man once said: "everything is better with #GooglyEyes"

Really awesome logo!

Thank you @warrkin, much appreciated. :D

Great work!

Hello everyone,

Bellow is our logo contest entry. We described the full process in one of our first post on Steemit and we will really appreciate every comment from the community. Here is the link:

And here is a preview of our entry:


We also fully described the development in our post, but here are some possible applications of sign in different context:


We are happy for every feedback. Good luck everyone!

This one is awesome!

Hello All Steemians,
This is my curie logo entry:


You can look at my process in making the logo thru the link below;

Thank you very much for your attention.

Warmest regards from Aceh Province, Indonesia.
A Graphic Designer

Kereen nie.. seperti mau tes kesehatan.. kalau buta warna enggak bisa lulus.. mantaaapp..!!!👍👍👍

👍🏻👍🏻 thanks u abang

Semoga beu meuhase kiban hajat.


The best logo from Indonesia.

Ini yang di sebut steemians kreatif bang,
Keren abis deh bang 👍👍👍


good looking, its a great post. I hope you will be a winner. goodluck!! @mulkanjs

Awesome...... Its a great job. I hope you will be winner in this contest....

i hope..thanks

Mantap. Sekadar saran, lambang vote tidak sama banyaknya dan tidak sama besarnya di setiap huruf. Mungkin perlu dipertimbangkan. Trims

terima kasih sarannya @hermanrn..siap sya pertimbangkan

Nice post broo,,
Singgh juga ke blog saya

Fantastis @mulkanjs selamt berjuang, semoga menjadi pemenang nya.

Kau telah mencurie hatiku... Hatiku....., hahahaha....

nakaaaal kamu..

Nice logo, i hope you win

I love the colour of the logo and I hope @curie will choose this logo. Amazing!

Desainnya terlihat simple bg tp keren, creative deh

anak bireuen harus kreative semua...amin

Logo yang simple dan fantastis @mulkanjs saya suka, selamat berjuang

terima kasih adun


I like this design. Sangat simpel namun berkualitas... semoga menang kawan

thanks bro.....

Keren bg, desainya simpel tapi sangat menarik

simple dan keren
saya berharap logo ini yang akan menang

Mameh that hasil desain droe Bg @mulkanjs. Bertuss. :D
Neu kalon sit ata lon nyompat. Bek tuwoe neu "nyan" bg beuh. Ngat sama2 teuh selamat u siploh besar. :D

Sebenarnya saya awam sekali masalah design, maka saya tak tahu mau komentar apa @mulkanjs... Good luck...

Pasti sukses
Mereka, kami dan dia..
Mendukungmu kawan.
Good job sob


Semoga menang ya aduen....


Keren. Beretus.

Good job dipegah le gob.. 🐔🐔🐔


Bereh, kreatif dan inovatif....heeeheeee
Pokok jieh mantaplah👍

😂😂 ok...teima kasih @rahmads

I like logo. Best

terima kasih bang @rismanrachmad

mantap bang grafisnya
semoga menang dan di berikan yg terbaik bang


Hope you will winning this contest

thanks...for support

Logo For Curie Simple, Sederhadana dengan Desain Yang Elegan, Selamat Berjuang @mulkanjs semoga Berhasil...

terima kasih banyak

Sama-sama demi kemajuan bsc
Tetaplah berjuang dengan Teguhh...

Mantap Djiwa,maju terus, terus maju.