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RE: NEW! Curie Logo Design Contest - Calling All Designers!

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What a fantastic contest! And so many amazing designs already. :)

I designed a beluga whale curling around into a "C." I chose the beluga whale because they're playful, friendly, and willing to connect with others. Read more on my post.

I love these animals, and I feel the same way about @curie, so...

curie logo

curie design

And INTRODUCING: "Cutie the Rainbow Curie Whale."
(credit @enginewitty for naming her Cutie) I did a second post with this colourful version.



If you're reading the comments and like my design, please upvote to support this entry.
Thank you so much! 💖@katrina-ariel


This one is too cute, such a lovely design it's like a baby whale soon to grow strong. Good luck!

Yay! Thank you. Yes, such a sweet whale. I haven't done a design from scratch like this in years, doing the whale click by click. I'm really happy with it. 💖

OMG! lol! I love this. YES! "Cutie the Curie whale." Growing bigger every day. 💖

Very nice work! Love it!

Thanks so much, Denise! 💖

Panda and baby whale would have much fun gaming together, I like this.

I think so, too. Baby whale is a playful soul. Loves making friends. 😊

Love this design, nice work! Good luck my friend. :-D

Thank you very much for your support! 💖

I love that you described why you chose the beluga. It is totally super cute

I try to have a reason for everything. ;) Big gratitude for your encouragement! :)

This is just like my second design, the only difference is that you made a real picture like fish and I used abstract like fish. I like it. Good luck mate.

Hi! I hadn't seen your second design. It is a little similar, though the font is also different and the circle with the up arrow, but yes, a good way to group the design. I do need to give you and @edxserverus credit for bringing this contest to my attention. Good luck to you as well! I voted you up. :)

I like your design my friend. It is much better than mine. :)

I don't know about better or worse. It's all art. Good to create. But thank you, so glad you like the design. :)

I love this design!! Its so cute! Good luck, I love it! :) (I didnt know you design logos as well! ) )

Thanks so much! Yes, I went to design school. Art is fun. :)

You're such a special talent, Katrina. LOVE this!

Aw, thank you! ...blushing... ((hugs))

Aww.. This one is really amazing I love this 😊
Great job my friend and I wish you all the luck.
Such cute whale 😉

Thank you @saffisara! I wanted to make it friendly, personable. It is a cute whale, isn't it? ;-)

So perfect. This is my favorite by far.

Aw, thank you so much! 💖💖💖

I looove this design and the colours you choose for it.

Muchas gracias, mi amiga! 💖

I'm so glad. 💖 Thank you!!!

I've looked at ALL the entries - so many of them. This one has such great personality. It's engaging, friendly, supportive, and happy! That's a good image for Curie.

Yay! Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. Your support is greatly appreciated! 💖

Tu diseño esta genial. éxito.

Muchas gracias, Karlin. 💖

cutie indeed 😊 and you have good chances to win 😊
Good luck !

Thank you, Hazem! 💖

Hope you get it Katrina. Belugas are awsome!

Belugas are awesome, I agree. :) Thanks so much for your support!

I really like your entry @katrina-ariel, it's cute & friendly, great job! You have my vote <3 Good luck <3

Thank you so much! 💖💖💖

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