Idioms game with SBD prizes (number 17)

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Please if you are Dutch/Belgian please leave the "correct" answers for other people from other languages, so we can all have fun! The prize for the "funny" answer is bigger anyway. Bedankt!


I'm back home in Netherlands, I definitely have to try and squeeze in Infinity War before this month is out! Otherwise, it is just full steam ahead with house stuff and keeping the @classical-radio account humming along!

Last week's idioms were pretty tricky, I didn't get any myself, and it appears no did! However, there were the funny entries that won SBD!

I'm learning Dutch. Everyone is familiar with idioms in their native language, but in an adopted language, they can quickly make you sound like an idiot! So, these are a few idioms in Dutch that I'm trying to learn, before I make an arse of myself!

Photos are my own, but the artwork is from a game called "Het Spreekwoorden Spel" that I was introduced to whilst studying Dutch!

To play this game, no Dutch is needed, I will give the literal translation in English.


  1. Upvote if you want, it helps me out to get the prizes done. Resteem if you want, again exposure means that maybe I can continue to increase the prizes!
  2. Have a go at trying to guess the meaning of each picture/idiom. You can enter BOTH a serious and a funny entry.
  3. Do it for each three!
  4. So to be clear: Each picture, a funny entry and a serious entry!
  5. Winner is at post payout. For the first serious correct entry (of each picture) there is a prize of 0.1 SBD. For the funniest (determined by me!) entry (for each picture) there is a 0.25 SBD prize.
  6. So, 6 prizes! You don't have to make an entry for each, but please make it clear so I know what is going on!
  7. BONUS: if you make an entry (required) and resteem (not required) then you go into a random draw for an extra 0.1 SBD. Just write resteemed in your answers so I don't have to chase everyone down!
  8. Resteem with NO entry doesn't give you anything! You also NEED to write that you resteemed, otherwise I can't find it a week later...



Een schot in de roos
A shot in the rose



Van hogerhand
From higher hand



Lont Ruiken
Smelling the fuse

Answers and winners from last week

Original Post


In het oog springen
Jump into the eye

Meaning: Catches the attention


Funny: @sparkesy43

Why Sauron, what blue eyes you have


Rare bokkensprongen maken
Making rare jumps?

Meaning: To be unpredictable

Serious: NONE

Funny: @franknavarro

vente el baile esta caliente (come the dance is hot)


Door het lint gaam
Go to the ribbon

Meaning: To be very angry

Serious: NONE

Funny: @rentmoney

Who broke the limbo line

Bonus Resteem Prize

Thanks to everyone who resteemed, I have put your names in a random picker and the bonus prize goes to @martymnp.

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Thanks and congrats to the other winners.


  1. Sharp shooter

  2. Your head is above the clouds

  3. To destroy something


  1. Oops, I missed

  2. This way to heaven

  3. Hmm , whats this .... Boom !


Thanks for entry! (1)

Oh wow this looks great, did you develop it oe just stumble across it?


No, this is a card game that my Dutch teacher played with us to try and help us learn! So I guess I stumbled across this, because learning a language's idioms is difficult. I constantly misunderstand them!

1 - To be accurate/correct
2 - Above my paygrade
3 - Overanalyze

1 - William Tell's courting technique needs work
2 - Are we still on about that Maradonna handball?
3 - Hey, that's not an official World Cup ball!


Welcome back! (3)


Thanks, and thanks for the unexpected prize too


Lol, your rep is also 43 hoe!

Muchas Gracias y felicitaciones a los otros ganadores


1 Justo en el blanco

2 espera tu turno para subir

3 huy estoy en aprieto


1 En el blanco del otro corazon

2 Crees que vas a llegar hasta el cielo

3 esto como que va a doler :-(


Thanks for the resteem, and the entry! (8)

  1. Caught my love by the rose
  2. A sign from the heavens
  3. Something bad is going to happen, i can smell it


  1. why shoot the heart when you can shoot the rose
  2. Even the heavens is not helping me
  3. I wonder if it tastes like chicken

Thanks for the entry! (4)

  1. Een schot in de roos
    A shot in the rose

Meaning: To be on the mark / bullseye

Serious: You are completely correct Timmy, schot in de roos.
Funny: Wow that person is hot, worth a shot in the rose.

  1. Van hogerhand
    From higher hand

Meaning: help from above or instructions from above

Serious: Protected from harm by a higher hand.
Funny: You really need some help, maybe get a higher hand 🥁

3.Lont Ruiken
Smelling the fuse

Meaning: Similar to smelling a rat? Just this is going to end bad

Serious: I smell a fuse and when things come to light you will go to jail buddy.
Funny: You are up to something, and when shit blows I hope they use the hose to beat instead of wash you.


Welcome and thanks for the entry! (2)

Yay! thank you for Bonus Resteem Prize! Congrats to the winners!
Here is my entry
1 - Right on the target
2 - Look up
3 - I found a bomb

1 - Cupidon got nothing on me
2 - Shh God is calling you
3 - AC/DC - TNT


No problem, thanks for playing! (5)

1 heart break
2 authority
3 playing with danger



Thank you for the resteem and thanks for the entry! (6)

1s. To unexpectedly woo someone
1f. A term developed following a questionable 60's hair accessory of an arrow through a rose

2s. Help from the gods/higher powers
2f. A wave from the drunk guy who climbed up a tree

3s. Making the wrong decisions/not making the right ones with enough haste
3f. Being addicted to the smell on gunpowder (not a dangerous condition on its own but can cause injury or death when smelling around live fuses or guns in use)


Hey! Welcome back! (7)

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