🐳 WHALESHARES: Community Challenge [Whaleshare Prizes Inside]

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The focus is on community this week. Networking and supporting one another is an important part of the steemit experience. As a community we can do great things. I challenge you to write a post detailing how the Whaleshares community has helped you and/or the community you represent. You can also include ways that you have helped the Whaleshares community, and ways that you are involved in the community. How has the Whaleshares community effected your steemit journey? How has it helped other communities you are involved in? I want to hear all about it!

📜 The Rules!

1) Entries MUST be at least 2 paragraphs long to be accepted (around 500 words minimum).

2) Entries MUST use the tags: whaleshares community steemit contests fun.

3) Entries must contain "🐳 WHALESHARES: Community Challenge" somewhere in the title.

4) Entrants MUST Upvote AND ReSteem This Post
(afterall, this is a community-building challenge)

5) Create a post with your entry, then reply below with a link to your your post, you can put your images too, and BTS/OL account name in the comments.

You can use the title image of this post for your title image, but it is not required.

Contests ends at post payout on Friday, January 19, 2018

🏆 Challenge Rewards

Winners will be chosen by @KrazyKrista in one week when this post ends.
You will need a Bitshares/OpenLedger account to receive any rewards.
1st Place: 250 WHALESHAREs
2nd Place: 150 WHALESHAREs
3rd Place: 75 WHALESHAREs
Plus, ALL other genuine entries will recieve a small reward.

What are Beyondbits and Whaleshares?

Beyondbits and Whaleshares started as a conversations in the BeyondBitcoin hangout series shortly after Steem was launched historically in those very hangouts. It began as "community tokens" or "tag coins". These cross-chain tokens give their holders the power to Summon a Whalevote to posts without having to pay for attention. And they are only given to people who Win Contests and do other things of value to the community!
BeyondBit and Whaleshares tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares/OpenLedger account to receive and send them for upvotes on your Steem posts!

Join the Whaleshares Community

Please join in the discussions with us by becoming a member of the Whaleshares community. We have a wealth of knowledge, information, and fun, friendly people waiting to greet you.
Whaleshares Discord
Steemit community discussions, contests and events.


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Nice one boss, you really growing fast on this platform. Keep it up. Good work pays.


Thanks for your kind words Boss 🙏


nice one dear

Hey @officialfuzzy. I just entered and wrote my whaleshares experience. -Cheers https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@chuckyfucky/whaleshares-community-challenge

Chunkyfunky420 (Bitshares account)


So happy you are part of the team and I appreciate your efforts with the Spanish community in Whaleshares. I dropped a comment on your post too :-)

Thanks for the challgenge
Here i have made my post: https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@steemnepal/how-whaleshares-community-challenge-helped-my-steemit-journey
Hope to see the feedback.
thank you again!

Bitshare whallet: msk14

Challeng accepted!

Challenge accepted. I'm writing my posts right away. Thank you for your tremendous support in this platform and thanks for sharing this with us. You've just made my day as I have a whole lot to talk about.

Happy Steeming

Hiii @officialfuzzy,

That's really great initiative for the development and promotion of Community,also a very healthy wealthy opportunity for us to won this contest. I hope that everyone should participate here.
I also appreciate your supporting efforts. Thanks.

Thank you very much for your community sharing us . personally i like something fun , all the best

good .... vote me with good / polite words@officialfuzzy

Resteemed and upvoted for now. I will write my post when I have enough time to think and write(it makes sense to take lots of time to write 500 word when english is not your forst language).
I think you forget to write deadline of the contest @officialfuzzy


I edited the contest post to reflect the deadline, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Really it is great post..

try good or I will vin ;)) @officialfuzzy

Nice post dear keep it up I always wait for your posts thanks for sharing

Get to work people! :)

TY / looks awesome
By the way, is there something up with http://www.whaleshares.net/ ?
I was having trouble generating a memo from a URL


They are aware of the issue, in the meantime you can create your own memo.
should look like this:
U https://steemit.com/community/@officialfuzzy/whaleshares-community-challenge-whaleshare-prizes-inside

a great post @officialfuzzy i want to follow you


follow then you don't need to ask

Well Well .. Yesterday i wrote My first ever Blog An introductory Post in which i discussed a little bit how whales and Dolphins helped to strat my career on steemit.

I would deffinitly write another post regarding this topic and will let you know how they helped me and how actually i contributed to them and to community as well.

It's really going to be a fun for which i am really really looking forward @officialfuzzy

Kindly let me know what should be the topic of the post specifically?

Guys! Get ready Fun is on the way ;-)


The post should be written about the Whaleshares Community, hope this clarifies any confusion you had.

So a writing challenge this time

It looks like a great competition.Good luck everyone.Try good or I will win ! :))) @officialfuzzy @thing-2

nice community challenge on steemit
thanks for cool sharing

i agree with you.thanks for your activity...

I am looking forward to entering after a while of participating and getting to know you guys. Thank you.

OMG! This is SUCH an AMAZING post! Thank you for sharing! I give you a vote !!