Drop in the Ocean : [007#] CREATIVITY

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We all have our creative flow

Create and grow!


Back once again for the Drop in the Ocean superstars! We've got some brilliant posts to share with a range of perspectives to visit from our budding writers. Creativity is an interesting topic because it's something we are all actively partaking in while we're here on Steemit (I say all very loosely).

No matter what you're creating, flexing the creativity muscle is something we all need to do for a more fulfilling life. We've got our two winners for this week coming up and I know for sure that you are all going to love these posts.

Are you intrigued by Drop in the Ocean? We have all the information you need at the end of this post if you're wanting to dive in.


source - photo by julian paul

The votes have been rolling in from the attendees of the show and we have the posts ready to share with you all.

The top two voted writers will 'level up'. When a member has leveled up, they will receive a daily upvote from the BuddyUP account at 50%. The member keeps their level for 2 weeks, unless they level up again on DITO within those 2 weeks. Every time you level up, you will receive an additional 10% on your daily vote, maxing out at level 5.

The writer with the most votes will be resteemed straight after this post. This is so we can all look back at the BuddyUP blog and see the winning posts from each week.

And the winners are...


The votes are in and we have the DITO crowd have picked their favorites this week!

You will gain access to the #drop-in-the-ocean-voting channel if you attend the show on Monday. Once you have access to the channel you can vote every week! Make sure you drop by to the channel next week, if you have access, so you can help out with the votes.

Now, let's find out who gains a level this week...



Sometimes creativity doesn't have to be in the form of art. Sometimes it doesn't have to be a craft. Creativity can be in any action that you choose to do.

@pretty.dorky is our winner this week with a fantastic post about how she perceives creativity. The first burst of wisdom and insight in the post starts early when @pretty.dorky shares with us how creativity can be nurtured in all of us. Much like laying bricks in cement, creativity and expression can be trained and grown, it just takes a mind open to new ideas.

We must expose our minds to new ideas often. Not letting ourselves get into a rut of thinking we KNOW what we know.


The creative flare in the post is none other than Jeff, @pretty.dorky's jet-setting feline mascot. The pictures in the post show Jeff getting involved with the creative process and getting his paws dirty! The photos show exactly how creativity can be used to express meaningfully while adding quality with nothing more than some paint, paper, and a very artsy cat!

Go and check out what @pretty.dorky and Jeff have been up to here and don't forget to vote for Jeff for Steemit president!



Up next is @mandalaflower! She's back from a short time away from the community and her first entry to the show after her break is a brilliant one. As always, she delves deeper into our spirituality and shares powerful words of encouragement and wisdom for us all to ponder on.

If you want to create, you have to get rid of all conditioning. If you are not able to achieve detaching yourself from all conditioning, your creativity will be nothing but copying.


source - photo by mervyn chan

Why are we here if we are not creating and expressing ourselves in ways which can enrich those around us? @mandalaflower introduces the post with words that pack a punch and make you question what you're doing to make the most of your physical and spiritual realities.

How will you make your mark on this planet we share?

Our second burst of insight and wisdom today is right here. Swing by and drop @mandalaflower a comment to let her know what your thoughts are!

Current DITO standings


@monchhichi232 (60%)1 weeks
@pretty.dorky1 (50%)2 weeks
@penderis1 (50%1 weeks
@andysantics481 (50%)1 weeks
@lymepoet1 (50%)1 weeks
@dreemsteem1 (50%1 weeks
@mandalaflower1 (50%)2 weeks

Our runners up for this week


Let's not forget about all the other brilliant writers who took part in DITO this week! We have a great variety of perspectives coming to the table from our members. Week after week we are learning more about these important topics and developing a more broader insight into the word and it's meaning.

I'm enjoying the comments sections of all the posts too! Not only are each of the posts delving further into the topic, the comments expand on it even further.

So where are the rest of the posts?

@lymepoet - Let your inner child ignite your creativity!

@dreemsteem - Creativity - A Drop in the Ocean post

@monchhichi23 - Hmmm.... What Do I Want To Create Today?

@andysantics48 - Creativity: A Drop in the Ocean Topic

@tamala - Keeping Your Brain Fat and Body Lean

@calumam - Mess about with Creativity

@penderis - The Imposter and your Wive

@kennynneken - Branching out and unlocking your creativity

@jan23com - IFC S1 R38 - Motivation/Inspiration Entry by Jan.

How do you get involved?


Have you been reading through and wondering how you can get involved with our community/show? Below I've listed the steps to take, so you can jump into the action and share your perspective and views, with all of us here at BuddyUP.

  • Head over to our BuddyUP server. You can do this by following the SafeLink post here.

  • Think about the topic for next week, which is...


  • Write a post about that topic and come by to the Drop in the Ocean show on Monday (20:00 UTC) to present it and join the conversation.

If you are new and you don't have a membership to BuddyUP, you will receive free access if you present in Drop in the Ocean.

The final and the most important piece of information is... do not publish your post until Monday. This is so we can give you all the best amount of exposure possible on your posts and also so you get paid out on the day of the show; so you can come back with an even bigger smile on your face!


source - photo by paulette wooten

You can come and speak to any of us in #the-pond (general chat channel in our server) or if you have any further questions, you can direct message myself, @dreemsteem, or @penderis, and we will get in touch with you.

We're looking forward to seeing you all next week for the sixth show, clear your schedule, Drop in the Ocean is here to stay!

We all grow together


This has been @calumam, thanks for reading.

All headers are credited in this post here & images are credited individually or are from the authors post.

top image: source - photo by ricardo viara

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😊 thanks to my #buddyup crew! I love the weekly topics to get my mind flowing. Thank you @calumam!

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Congrats @mandalaflower and @pretty.dorky , two insightful posts on the weeks topic of creativity with a lot to take away. Was really nice to get so many posts in this week covering so many aspects of creativity, looking forward to our week of "PRIDE".

Congratulations to all the authors! These are nice reads :)

Excellent article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))


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