POLIS: The Trial of Socrates - is live on FUNDITION and KICKSTARTER

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Here's an update on POLIS: The Trial of Socrates.

So far the campaign on Kickstarter has raised $2100 in the last five days, so we've got a very healthy start. A successful conclusion is definitely still a likely scenario.

Per the suggestion of @bryan-imhoff, I also looked into the up-and-coming steem-based crowdfunding site FUNDITION, and I've launched a campaign there in tandem to the Kickstarter campaign. I'm not sure if the platform has enough of an audience yet to raise the amount I need to produce the book; but it could be a great additional tool, and perfect for anyone who wants to support the book by using steem and upvotes. (Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how it works.)

You can check out the Fundition project HERE.

Below are some sketches of page 2 of POLIS: The Trial of Socrates!

Version 1


Version 2


While I really liked Danie's original first panel, I figure most of the information about the marketplace/agora was conveyed best in the second panel, and so we should just start on a close, inset shot for the first.

Thanks for your support and any feedback! Your upvote is definitely appreciated. I hope you'll stick around and watch it all come together.

Back the project on Kickstarter!

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Good work man! I'll be supporting you on kickstarter too!

I supported the Kickstarter by ordering a book there, but I am really interested to hear how your experience is with Steemfunding on Fundition. I would like to raise money for the first album of Phill solely on crypto.

Thanks so much! I'll definitely keep the updates going on fundition. I'm still unclear on what people do in order to back projects there. There appears to be a kind of upvote option - but is there also a direct steem transfer option?

Just backed it! Glad to see it finally up!

Much appreciated!

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