Coffee of the world - Nicaraguan Santa Maria Estate Natural Washed Honey Process with me @c0ff33a

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Now that's a sack full of green coffee bean goodness, 60kg of green coffee beans to be exact. And they all look exactly like this.


As previously discussed the Honey Process has nothing to do with honey, when the cherries that hold the green coffee beans are pulped they are only partially washed - and left to dry with a large portion of the mucilage still on the bean. This breaks off once dry, but will remain around the bean and it gives subtle flavour changes.


Here we have some more detailed information on the region this coffee is grown in.

Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 19.31.54.png

But of course what we want to really know is how it tastes, and to do that we need to throw it in my coffee roaster.

Roasting coffee is a delicate balance of roast time and colour - ideally when you roast the same coffee origin over and over it should finish roasting in exactly the same time - and it should be at exactly the same colour. Consistency is essential so that if you have a customer purchasing the same coffee from you, it should always taste the same every time you roast it - and that will not happen if you do a light roast one time - and then a jet black dark roast another - the level of roast changes the flavours you get from the coffee - once you find the roast level that brings out the best of it's flavours - you need to stick with that and repeat it over and over.

The sampling spoon pictured above is therefore an essential tool on the coffee roaster, it allows you to pull a sample of the roasting coffee to check on the colour of the beans - roasters like my own will have a lamp fitted so you always look at these beans with the same light source - to improve the colour accuracy. A sample of previously roasted coffee is logged and stored to be used as a comparison guide - this is how consistency is achieved.

When they are at the perfect colour the coffee beans are released into the cooling tray, a powerful fan inside the roaster sucks cool air over the beans and that out through the exhaust ducting - if the coffee beans remain hot they will continue to roast and get darker - so cooling quickly is very important to keep the colour and roast level you desire.


Here they are, cooled and ready to drink. All we need to do is grind a few and pop them in the Aeropress with hot water


Looking good, now plunge to extract the coffee.


And it's now ready to taste.


Another great cup, really does have hints of maple syrup and nuts in this Nicaraguan coffee.

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So the Honey thing is really throwing me off. Didn't see anything about honey in their description or yours so - what does that mean?

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

It's nothing to do with actual Honey, how coffee is processed relates to what happens after the cherries that hold the coffee beans are removed from the coffee plant - and then the beans are removed from the cherries.

Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 23.06.55.png

Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 23.06.44.png


So leaving the shells on em is part of the Honey process? Does it retain more of the oils that way?

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I have never taken to coffee, no matter how much I have tried! I don't mind the smell of coffee, as long as it is not first thing in the morning, for some reason that makes me nervous.... but... I do like things flavoured with coffee! 😋

Another epic cup of coffeee