Review Me @c0ff33a ☕️ and be Brutal I can take it 😜

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@ReviewMe! I'm @c0ff33a ☕️



About Me:

I'm a little known British Steemian, blogging on the Steem Blockchain since March 2017 and spreading my own unique form of eccentricity through posts and comments. I do not have any specific skill set, so my posts tend to revolve about my (very) amateur photography and the occasional Coffee themed post because that is my business.

My journey through Steem is no doubt similar to many, I struggled at the start to get my posts noticed or even voted on. I was lucky to be brought here by @old-guy-photos ,and he very kindly helped me learn how to create engaging posts using photography and the #colorchallenge tags. Slowly I recognised the importance of promoting yourself by commenting on other people's posts, and building up a community friendship with people. Unfortunately with the fast pace of posts and people, keeping track of accounts became a struggle and I felt there was something else I was missing to keep track of people. Discord kept being mentioned, and through my initial tentative steps I started to engage a few people and join different servers. I was lucky at this time to build a lasting friendship with @nainaztengra , who helped me to appreciate the value of communities and relationships which ultimately led me to @thealliance

In January 2018 I tentatively applied to join @thealliance group, I was more then surprised when they accepted me because I was aware the group is dedicated to exceptional quality content - and as previously mentioned there is nothing exceptional about my posts.....With the guidance of @tattoodjay and @edthecanadian and the many accounts in our small syndicate of @thealliance I learned more about supporting each other as a group. Soon the syndicates merged into one big family, and while joining into a server with 200+ Steem accounts was a bit daunting at first I soon remembered many accounts I had come across many times before throughout my journey. This included @deadgrlsuppastar who does amazing photography, and @topkpop who at the time ran an amazing Friday night Discord show - All Play Fridays. I was welcomed by @katrina-ariel and @hazem91 amongst many, many others. And of course 🦄💨 @saffisara , who became a guiding light for me with her joy and energy.

I had spent some time in @thealliance before I realised who the leader was, it's quite daunting to engage with someone who can bring so many people together and engage them. @enginewitty as a Steem Witness quickly became an inspiration for me, and has always remained friendly and approachable. His enthusiasm for the Steem Blockchain is only matched by his dedication to supporting people and helping them, everything he does on here is specifically driven to growing the community he has built and helping the people within it.

In March 2018 I reached my Steemiversary - I joined on the same day many others had...who had long since gone. But one account shares that same start date that is still active and posting like myself, @battleaxe another great inspiration who I have always admired - popular thoughout every community her focus on giving to people is exemplified through the @teamgood community she built supporting charity and good causes. Active in @youarehope , the charity account supporting the most needy around the world started by @sircork and supported by his group Witness account @noblewitness - the Steem blockchain has right now so many people trying to help people rather then just trying to look after themselves. It is one of the many reasons I still continue to actively post here, the volume of good, kind and caring people around the world is quite amazing.

In May 2018 I realised that the Steem Blockchain had become more then just a casual hobby, I had built many friendships and invested an incredibly large amount of my time into it primarily through comments and the occasional post. I had always admired Witnesses as supporters of the blockchain, keeping our precious blogs and interaction flowing - they were (and still are) to me the accounts to view from afar with the upmost respect. Through @enginewitty I had learned that a Witness would talk and engage with you, and I had researched enough to learn the importance a Witness had in supporting and keeping the blockchain running. When I was approached by @thekitchenfairy about voting for her Witness (which I did without a second thought) she was kind enough to discuss with me what was involved in becoming a Witness. Combining this together I decided to ensure I could in some way contribute to the continued running of the Steem Blockchain which meant so much to me, by setting up my own Witness Server. In my Witness Application Post which took three whole days to put together - and I was still not entirely happy with it then - I tried to explain in some way my intent. I had actually spent four weeks prior to that post reading up everything I could on how to be a Witness and setting up a running Witness Server. I'm old enough to remember growing up with command line, BBC Basic and the DOS being the first computer interactions I used before GUI took over - so running a server was not particularly difficult - finding the right one however was. It would have been considerably quicker to ask someone, but I really did not want to take up anyone's time. Despite all that time, I missed my first block confirmation because of a tiny configuration error. At this point I realised I needed help, and reached out to the Witness @jatinhota , who took an incredible amount of his own time to help and guide me. Thanks to his diligence he found my configuration issue and helped me to progress, today he is no longer running his own Witness server - but I will be forever thankful for his help and still remain hopeful he will be able one day to start up again.

Being a Witness on the Steem Blockchain has two essential requirements, firstly you have to be able to pay for, configure and run continuously a Server capable of processing all the transactions that occur. To offset the time and monetary costs you receive "Producer Rewards" for every block transaction your Server signs, Steem uses the DPOS system (Delegated Proof of Stake) which makes it an amazing cryptocurrency the community votes for Witnesses and the producer rewards are distributed based on Steem Power Holding of those voters. Every account can vote for upto 30 Witnesses, and we can change those votes based on who we feel is doing the most for us, the Blockchain and ultimately ensuring our own stake will grow. Our top Witnesses, who receive the most producer rewards run the Nodes that are the backbone of the Blockchain and distribute all the transactions that occur to the Witnesses to sign. I would love to run a Node, but the specification has to be incrediblely high, 256gb Ram high speed SSD servers with 1tb plus dedicated bandwidth to cope with the constant demand - the Nodes ensure everything we do at any time occurs smoothly. I still do not yet cover my Witness Server costs, but I would be more then happy to cover the costs of a Node if the Steem Blockchain needed it - we are fortunate enough to have sufficient dedicated individuals as Witnesses to have at present enough Nodes to cope. It is worth mentioning you can not just start a Node and broadcast it - Nodes have to be approved by the Top 20 Witnesses before being added to list of active available Nodes to ensure they are capable of providing an constant uninterrupted service.

I was, and still am truly humbled about the level of support the community has given me as a Steem Witness. So many people very quickly without question gave me a Witness vote without a second thought. As I progressed through the ranks, my friend and incredible photographer @derangedvisions set up his own Witness and quickly gained many votes - a popular Steemian admired for his dedication to the Blockchain, supporting people especially through his regular Photography Competitions which reward all skill levels and provide big prize payouts. I was excited to see him as a new Witness, and happy to provide my Witness vote - he climbed past myself quickly thanks to the incredible amount of community work he does throughout Steem. But being a Witness is demanding, and @derangedvisions was already doing so much that the added admin work of a Witness Server became untenable. We had worked together closely, both focused on our dedication to both Steem and the people that make it a real community spirit - so when he closed his own Witness Server we agreed to join together as a Witness Team - hopefully his voters would support me now and in return we would share equally the Witness Producer Rewards each week to support our own efforts to grow the Steem Blockchain.

Screenshot 2018-10-23 at 23.18.09.png

Today, 23rd October 2018 the joint Witness Team of @c0ff33a and @derangedvisions is a Top 100 Steem Witness, Full Rank 98 and Active Rank 93. That is thanks to all of you, the 458 Voters who believe in what we are working hard at on the Steem Blockchain to support people, communities and the growth of Steem to benefit us all. If I could thank you all in person I would, it's an incredible place to be for me - I never dreamed this could happen. What I can do, along with my Witness Partner @derangedvisions is to support everyone we can in the Steem community, through upvotes, comments, competitions, promoting Steem and the Blockchain wherever we can - every free minute we dedicate to Steem because we believe in it - and you all the friends, from around the world we have made through it.


I live and Work in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. !steemitworldmap 53.766547 lat -1.801500 long Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. d3scr

Contact Info:

The simplest way to contact me is through a comment on any of my posts, I am active in many Discords or you can Direct Message me at c0ff33a / Deranged [Witness]#7845 on Discord.

You can vote for the Witness team c0ff33a and @derangedvisions if you like what we are doing for people and communities throughout the Steem blockchain - click below to vote easily

If you are uncertain about Witnesses and who to vote for you can set c0ff33a as your Witness Proxy and you will vote for the same Witnesses as I do.


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5credstars (2).png
I wish there were endless stars to give you 🤗
You are such an inspiration for so many... ME INCLUDED 🌹
Your comments are epic and your support endless. You do so much for other people without wanting anything in return.

I got to know you while we became partners in the playground along with others and that's when we talked for the first time.
That was the day a great friendship was made 🤗 #teamhug and you know how much I appreciate you my friend and all the laughs and tears.. Lol
Sara what are you like? 😂😂😂 Hahaha
Ya I do like that accent, your weard words that I half the time don't understand... But then you always gives me translations... Lol

Thank you for everything you do and for always being there, and for putting up with me 😜.. Lol
Guiding light? wow that really touched me, I thought you were guiding me 😉lol
Loved reading this rewiew and well put. You have been here a while and look how far you've come.
As a witness, person and photagrapher!

5credstars (2).png
5 more stars for great achievements and for Being YOU!

Thank you for making my life Richer.
Much Love ❤️🤗🤗🤗❤️

Thank you so much @saffisara, as always you are way too kind to me. We have for sure become great friends - your infectious joy filled outlook on life makes you very easy to get on with, and your posts are always a pleasure to read.

I really appreciate your kind words, and that you always have time to spare for me 🤗

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5 cred stars

A really good dude! Trust me. I am a trustworthy, if not a bit of a squirrely guy! Plus he teamed up with @derangedvisions, who is another great dude and brother Veteran. Both are our @teamgood witnesses.

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Thank you very much, I really appreciate the kind words I try my best to do a little something for as many as I can - it’s getting very difficult to be everywhere at once though!

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5 cred stars

I think you are one of the very best commenters out there! I am always so pleased to see a comment from you on one of my posts. You deserve thousands of stars!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate you saying that. I always try my best to leave good comments - although that in itself limits how many I can do!

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5 cred stars

Only the best for you my friend 😎

And you deserve much much more. I have seen your journey on Steemit and I must say that you have worked very hard to earn all of this. You never miss to follow up on any of your followers post. Your humbleness and sincerity has been always at the high. Your engagement on steemit is truly commendable and you deserve a big round of applaud my friend. Thank you for always being there and supporting

Thank you very much, you are way too kind I try my best which is all I can really do. To be honest I find it harder and harder to keep up with the volume of people and posts, if I had all day every day it would still be a struggle - but real life and work commitments make this a daily challenge.

Sorry, this is the first I have come across your account. (I go through months where I am not at all active, so it's not uncommon).

I guess I don't know enough about you to vote. But, I liked the post and gave you an upvote and a follow..

Thank you very much for calling in, I quite like this review me idea because it’s a page people can always refer to and find a little more about you. I always resteem great content - so my blog always has interesting posts if you ever get stuck for a post to enjoy.

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Pretty cool sharing your history of life on Steemit. You are one year ahead of me and have achieved so much. You should be proud.

Thank you very much, I have had more luck then judgement on my journey - and been fortunate to have made some great friends along the way which makes it easy to stick here and keep posting. I have invested a lot into the platform as well because I believe in it and the potential it has.

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yOUR A GOOD DUDE , i like you and you talk funny which is great haha. your always willing to be there for others and help where you can. 5STARS FRom ME Hwheheweeeee
Stay positive and constructive even during tough times and keep working towards something better.

be well

Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Soundcloud / YouTube / Goggle /

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the kind words and I do try my best to be there for as many as I can.

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A sincere personality 💓

Thank you very much, I really appreciate that - especially because I admire everything you do on here especially as a Witness 🤗

5credstars (1).png

friend you deserve those and much more, it seems to me that you are a transparent and sincere person continues like this

Thank you very much, I just try my best to help and support as many people as I can. To be fair it is not difficult - you all make such amazing content my only difficulty is finding the time to appreciate it all!

I really appreciate the support you give to the Steemit community. Your posts are interesting and you are a very active member of #Thealliance. Unfortunately I'm not the same because I'm a bit lazy when it comes to writing posts and comments but everyone is different.
Thank you for your support!
5 cred stars

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. And you do make really amazing posts, comments that takes a great deal of time and not everyone has it to spare - we each can only do as much as we have time free to do. That is what makes groups like thealliance invaluable because it brings people together and gives them the opportunity to have their work seen by many.

Thank you so much for the lovely reply!

You’ve had my vote friend. Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate that.

5 cred stars

Why is there no all-in-one hundred stars? I have seen some very committed Steemians in the community and I can rightly say that you're among first 100 of such ones just like you just got into the first 100 witness rank.

The amazing work and support you give people within the platform us quite amazing. I am happy to be among the beneficiaries of such supports and I equally wish I can thank you in person someday.

Please keep being @coff33a.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your kind words. We all try our best to do what we can, for me time is always the biggest struggle I can't do everything at once even though I try.

I am always happy to support good work, and people trying their hardest to create great quality content.

Time seems to move fast when we have so much to do. I always appreciate your commitment to the platform and your private business.

You are among my role models on the platform.

Keep up your good works.

5 cred stars

Champ you get 5 stars for going above and beyond any expectation of what a steemian is.

5 cred stars

Thank you very much, although you are way too kind I don't really do that much - just try and fit things in wherever I can while life continues to throw challenges at me!

I think you are alright for a Brit! 😜.

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Thank you very much, believe it or not I actually think that is a really great compliment. Oh and thank you for the Witness vote as well - that is an even bigger compliment, I really do appreciate everyone that takes the time to support me and my work on the platform.

I really like your posts and you upvote me all the time when I was ( and still am) a small fry. These little upvotes mean a lot to me too so you would be first on my witness list my friend. Best of luck with it

A long time ago I realised the obvious way for people to grow is for people with the same steem power level to vote each other. That's great if you have an upvote worth something, but for new and growing accounts it's a cycle that will never achieve anything. So I went against that trend and deliberately try and invest my time upvoting the smaller growing accounts - because we all need more people active on here posting and they will not stay if they are forever getting nothing for their hard work.

I don't always get chance to comment on posts because time is against me, but I make good use of auto votes to support as many as I can as widely as I can.

As far as my posts go, I have no talent for writing, photography or anything else that would appeal to people - but I try my best to put as much into post.

I think there are quite a few of us in that talent bracket but I think we find like minded people and get on just like making friends on the outside world. There is something for everyone in here and SMT's will even broaden that horizon in March. Yeah I try to go on the introduce yourself tag every day and upvote a few posts . I might get a follow but I stuck around because someone upvoted me 1 cent. Interesting I thought. I can exchange goods and services by telling my stories. What is this alien site! 5 months later I'm playing steem monsters and answering questions on musing!

Hey, my mom is a Brit! 😂

She's really nice for a brit! 😘

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5 cred stars

I am happy to give you 5 starts and even more if it was possible. You deserve it.
Your support means a lot to me. And this is the little I can do for you.

Thank you very much, I try my best to support as many as I can - accounts of all sizes what matters the most for me is quality posts and engagement - two things you do very well.

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