A brief introduction of the great authors from Hong Kong(Part 3)

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Welcome to my post. Do you still remember the authors I introduced last time? More and more Hong Kong people have been signing up and joining this incredible platform and today I am going to introduce some of the great authors from Hong Kong, please feel free to follow them.

So, let’s get started!

1) @mellissaying


@mellissaying is a YouTuber, singer and cosmetician in Hong Kong. She produces original YouTube videos of her singing and cosmetics skills. She has such a sweet voice and her post under the #steemsongs tag was even resteemed by our great founder @ned. Meanwhile, she is also a foodie who shares delicious food with all of you. Her post series include:

Know more about her by reading her self-introduction here


2) @wilkinshui


@wilkinshui 's cute son

@wilkinshui is one of the older member within the Hong Kong community and he also invested some of his money in Steem. He has relocated to Taiwan since two years ago due to family reason and therefore he would share about the living life in Taiwan as well as his son’s growing moment. He is also attracted to the cryptocurrency world as he believe it would give the best risk and return trade off against any investible assets in the world and he is eager to share his learning note with all of you. You can visit some of his posts here:


3) @shirlam


@shirlam is a university student who loves travel and meeting new friends. She shares her travel journeys and stories in bilingual posts. She is also a foodie and she writes food blogs which give you a real taste of the yummy food.
From time to time, she shares interesting facts and knowledge to stimulate your thinking! Her post series include:

Know more about her by reading her self-introduction here


4) @mcw

@mcw is currently doing his postgraduate study in organic chemistry. He has been writing layman scientific articles in different aspects to promote popular-science. He recently joined the 1st Science Fair on Steemit and had a lot of fun with radioactivity.
His posts had covered a wide range of topics including:

Know more about him by reading his self introduction here

I think I am going to stop here and I will introduce more great authors from Hong Kong to you next time, so stay tuned. Also, the SBD rewards from the last post have already been distributed to the authors' wallets.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.34.54 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.52.01 pm.png

Note: ALL SBD rewards of this post will also be evenly distributed to the authors introduced in this post and thus support the growth of the Steemit community in Hong Kong.

You can also visit my previous posts about the other great authors from Hong Kong:

又來到這個介紹香港優秀作者的系列了,這次介紹的作者都有各自的長處呢,像 @mellissaying本身不僅是YouTuber,還是一個化妝師呢,愛美麗的女士們記得多留意她的化妝教學短片了。除此之外,她還是一個出過唱片和有自己MV的歌手呢。 @wilkinshui除了有一個可愛的兒子外,還是一個熱衷於投資的好手呢,他現在對加密貨幣很有興趣,如果你也對加密貨幣有興趣的話,你可以留意一下他的學習筆記。 @shirlam除了會寫精彩的食物和旅遊的帖子外,因為她就讀法律系,還會寫一些關於法律的文章呢,現在在中文區應該是只此一家哦。如果你喜歡科學的話,別忘了follow @mcw看他的化學帖子了,寫得都十分仔細和精彩呢,相信你看完後會增長不少科學的知識的。





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I ve followed all of theme thank's nice to meet them ^_^ I ve also followed you ..

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I just read some author's names from your post. Actually, I dont knownthem before. Now I got them. Thanks forbyour sharing @htliao. Hope the Hongkong Steemit Community will get some progress in the future.
Regard from Indonesia.