Watercolor # 13---A lovely Sparrow 水彩画 ---一只小麻雀

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Sparrow is a common bird we often see. Lying in my bed, I could hear them singing beside the window every day.

Their feather are brown, short and thick. Their eyes are dark and round, look at their surroundings carefully , once they find suspicious circumstance, they suddenly fly from the climatic conditioning cabinet. It's difficult for you to get close to them.

Last weekend was sunny, I want to shoot a few photos they drunk in the square, but every time I want to approach them, they jump vigilantly, it wasn't allowed to close to them, they were so cute!

Today I'd like to share with you watercolor---a little sparrow. Small as it is, it's really not easy to paint. Especially its feathers. I think it is difficult to draw the animals and humans no matter what kind of technique of painting you use. You need to have a little patience, you can listen to some good music when you are painting, so you will find time seems to slip away much faster.




今天就给大家分享一下小麻雀。 别看它小,画起来还真挺麻烦的,尤其是羽毛一片片的,毛茸茸的。我觉得动物和人物不管你用什么画种,都是比较难画的。


工具 Material:

画笔 2只(一大一小),水彩颜料,水彩纸,水杯,纸巾。

过程 The Process :

1、Make a sketch.



2、Color its head and its back, I used burnt umber, cadmium yellow, permanent rose.



3、THe head is painted with darker color. Its back is painted with lighter color for the base and then paint darker slowly. So dose its tail.




4、Color its stomach, I used cadmium yellow, burnt sienna, cerulean blue and a lot of water. firs you paint with cadmium yellow, next cerulean blue, and at last burnt sienna. you don't use the mix of them, because they looks green when you mix.



5、Color its mouth. I used payne's gray, purple lake, cadmium yellow. first is cadmium yellow and next is the combination of payne's gray and purple lake.



6、Color its legs with pink, and then paint its eyes. I used the combination of payne's gray and purple lake to paint them.
and you need to set aside its high light.



7、Paint shadow using the combination of payne's gray and purple lake.



8、Lastly, wash the edge of its back and head with a small brush,



I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad I have had my flight.

Thank you for watching.

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her eyes are real !


Really nice, totally agree with that! It looks a bid sad though... Hope nothing bad happened to it.

thank you @steemittromney. why you say it looks a bid sad ?

I think its it's beak, its a bit curved down. The ones around my house look more like they are constantly annoyed with tight lips if you now what i mean hehe I love it tho

Wow amazing art !

thank you for stopping by

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be careful!
Maybe a bird will fly!

Like your painting of sparrow.
Really well done.

thank you

good job :) watercolor is amazing technique.... Im into it for a few last weeks... hope my followers are not bored after so many posts just about it :D you inspired me to paint some bird like this :) untill now I painted just this one...


your partot are very beautiful!

Awesome parrot Marty. I think I will do a bird of some kind in my next airbrush video. Thanks for sharing.

Indeed, amazing work!

There used to be so many sparrows around where I lived as a kid. Now I don't think I have seen any here in London but this did bring back some good memories. And listening to music while painting is always a decent choice! I enjoy listening to a good audio book while painting as well. :)

listening to a good audio book is a good idea, look forward to seeing your painting. :)

Mine are a bit different since I paint on models/miniatures not on paper. :)

I want to see it :)

I have quite a few step by step postslike you do but for some of my minis, you can check them out . :)

Say some magical words and let her fly! She's too beautiful to just remain drawn :) Amazing skills.

thank you for the commenting @tezmel :)


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Very nice job @helane. I don't think I've done any birds. At least not in paint. I've done a few eagle tattoos. I did this condor.

But yours is much nicer. Well done.
Fallowing and upvoting.

your tattoos are amazing! keep sharing.

Thanks, @helene


Lovely little watercolour, @helene :o) Sparrows are amongst my very favourite birds. They've helped me to get back on my feet again very many times, and were, in fact, the thing that motivated me to come back to life during a period of severe existential crisis so bad that I couldn't get out of bed for several days. They are such simple, beautiful, endearing little beings. "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny at the market? Yet not one of them falls but the lord knows its name." (I'm not religious, but I love that quote! It reminds me of the One we all are, and how even the most supposedly 'insignificant' part of that Whole is precious).

I've hit the 'follow' button and upvoted this post, so I'll look forward to exploring more of your art. If you'd like to, you could return the compliment? I'm an artist, too! :o) Jay x

good comments. I just followed you.

Thank you! I have just followed you back! :o)

I always find your posts are thorough and enjoyable @helene

Hermoso dibujo tienes mucho talento, te invito a observar mis trabajos @j3cesar

Brilliant art, upvoted and resteemed

@anandhh, thank you for your support. :)


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Very beautiful sparrow drawn. Love it. Need to learn from you to learn how to draw beautifully. Upvoted and followed.

thank for your support.

nice pic, eye beautiful




Wonderful art a lovely sparrow

looks amazing good job

太強了!!!! 說到麻雀,我們家也是很多鳥類,我們還在陽台還弄個一個小木巢,讓他們天冷的時候可以進來休息~


如果有小窗台的話,也是可以給他有個高台養他! :)

beautiful watercolor art

tiene razonn! hermosoo el pajarito


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谢谢支持@hannahwu :)

you are a great artist

對呀,水彩畫是應該這樣畫的. 受教了. 學生時代所學的都忘了. 謝謝.


Beautiful art ,great work

thanks a lot!

Thanks for sharing, this is beautiful!

bello pajarito! nice draw!





This is a great watercolor painting, @helene
Keep up the good paining. :)

好精靈的小麻雀~ 麻雀還好,斑鳩真的很煩😂我叫牠咕咕雀😂




very nice post. I like it very much. Do I use your post in English version?

love your art work , so cute !,upvoted! ^ ^

ill be happy if you would check my work of drawing ^ ^

Ok, I will check it, thank you for stopping by.

Sure ^ ^
Thank you <3

Like real bird :) You are great artist!

thank you for the encouragement, @kadri have a nice day!

What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed seeing your process, and you present it so well!


You can't capture sparrow in camera but it was captured in your mind and heart ❤️ therefore you made a nice sketch and painted 100% accurate. Actually this a best quality of an artist. You have proven that will power is everything. Thanks for good post. upvoted.

@face2face, thank you for your kind words. I really apprecitate it :)



so real :) upvoted and following you ...

thank you for the support:)

OMG 好漂亮!!好真實的小麻雀!好想摸脖子底下的毛呀😍

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哈哈!>v< 好的,以後我還會再畫的,謝謝Helene的支持!加油!




nice @helene.thanks for sharing upvote..kindly see my post and upvote it also..thanks for your support in advance..


Nice drawing @helene ;)

thank you @shieha

so artly,
i love your detail
thanks for sharing

畫得好逼真啊 ~~有機會我也試試水彩畫️:)





Wow this a really beautiful painting.


wonderful watercolor painting!




So talented! Makes me want to give this a try :)
Thank you for sharing.

Water color painting is not easy. You apply paint then wait for it to dry then paint again. And you do this over and over again. It really needs a lot of patience. Congratulations on your painting. Its beautiful.

Wow cool one i like the process
Please visit my page im also drawing (:

Really interesting, thanks for posting! Do follow me @samhenry for my new steemit paintings.

Congratulations @helene!
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哇 姐姐越画越好啦





Me parece demasiado hermosa esta ilustración. saludos.

Your art is refined. Love your watercolors!

You're so good at this. How I wish I have that kind of talent. I love your painting by the way 😊

thank you,@marianmiller, in fact, you also can draw it as long as you have time to do it.

Looks beautiful.

Its a beautiful drawing of a creature we see everyday. A little gift from above to showcase the freedom that one has. Also early bird catches the worm.

yeah, thank you for the commenting.

Most welcomed.

It's beautiful, water color makes it so lifelike

It´s real amzing. I love sparrows. They always remember me of my childhood in Poland... here in Hamburg (Germany) I don´t see them so often. You can find blackbirds everywhere but not sparrows.... I´ll never forget how my father has caught a sparrow in full flight so I could touch him.

I really liked your art. It is so beautiful

the details and everything ...

keep it up!


wow that's really beautiful!

thank you @kenchung..:)

This is just beautiful way to make a beautiful bird, thanks for sharing!🍀

Lovely painting and I love the way you show the steps. Doing any kind of step-by-step post is such a huge amount of work, and I love to see that. upvoted you


Very beautiful, and thanks for the steps!
This reminds me I had a strange experience with a similar bird. They look pretty similar but not exactly... I don't know what my bird was.

Good job



Wow, great work! Glad to meet another artist here ^_^