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main_image@equipodeltaLas cargadoras de polen (Liter ...10.130 SBD
main_image@eltrompetista¿Como identificar una tonalida ...2.897 SBD
main_image@kadoshmenorahDISEÑO GRÁFICO: 122 ISOTIPO3.410 SBD
main_image@manuelgil64Monomad - I Love BQTO3.777 SBD
main_image@fermionicoDanza floral ; POEMA Y F ...5.579 SBD
main_image@nahupukuNahu Padilla "Puku" & Federico ...3.170 SBD
main_image@nelypLisboa en blanco & negro y sep ...22.878 SBD
main_image@rafarosadoVaaaamos Chile1.951 SBD
main_image@fran-afonsoRetratando Gansos1.107 SBD
main_image@moiiLA SONRISA DE UNA PLANTA2.970 SBD
main_image@violeblancoNARANJITAS CONFISTADAS.... Una ...0.825 SBD
main_image@unpensadorlocoReview: El bebé de Rosemary4.049 SBD
main_image@jairosanchezDe por qué King Kong no le gan ...1.083 SBD
main_image@wartrapaSpinning my world - Volteando ...10.235 SBD
main_image@nardiazstUna vez más las palabras sirve ...0.904 SBD
main_image@sanchezal95Al asecho0.930 SBD
main_image@pibaraRagnarok Conspiracy 23/44 ; En ...0.918 SBD
main_image@erick1Rutina Diaria #122 Guitar Aero ...0.921 SBD
main_image@hiencoLlegué a casa y de la alegría ...1.638 SBD
main_image@magdasierraPollo en Salsa con Especies, V ...0.988 SBD
main_image@yiobri¡Pollo a la Broaster!1.102 SBD
main_image@nameless16The Shining (1980)..."El clási ...0.876 SBD
main_image@felixrodriguezCáncer de mama / ¿Se puede pre ...1.141 SBD
main_image@chaman10La Estenografía, Criptología y ...0.892 SBD
main_image@jrcornelSteem climbs the ranks in late ...28.533 SBD
main_image@broncnutzVail Colorado Ski Resort **Liv ...14.283 SBD
main_image@dobartimFeeling Beyond The Limit1.191 SBD
main_image@aidasfg7‘What You Sow, Is What You Rea ...0.554 SBD
main_image@miguelmedericoEllos nos ven ;2.055 SBD
main_image@anahilarskiEstas son las cosas que nos al ...2.117 SBD
main_image@robinsonlgilA romantic walk1.169 SBD
main_image@glokdmMake-up practice/Práctica de m ...2.333 SBD
main_image@harrijos95Me presento como un repostero ...7.094 SBD
main_image@edithbdrawInktober- Día 29 - Injured1.756 SBD
main_image@marcanofernandaOportunidad de vivir0.911 SBD
main_image@universoperdidoLas cúspides inalcanzables Re ...0.879 SBD
main_image@carolinacardozaSe aproxima Pacheco y huele a ...1.842 SBD
main_image@alfarofranudy¿Te invito un café?0.879 SBD
main_image@sampraiseMomentos de la Naturaleza. - G ...2.486 SBD
main_image@janethsteemitMi presentación a la comunidad ...7.263 SBD
main_image@lizdelucaEl hermoso arte filosófico de ...1.773 SBD
main_image@amaponianPuticas0.889 SBD
main_image@purapapitaRaphipitis diario #118 hip-hop ...2.003 SBD
main_image@darkfemmeMUERDEN LAS HORAS EN LAS AMARG ...0.826 SBD
main_image@maastro291020190.926 SBD
main_image@leveufCronograma de la Luna / Moon's ...7.479 SBD
main_image@eleazarvoPoema # 98 - Pico a piquito4.688 SBD
main_image@edwardstobiaAhora es tarde (poema)5.518 SBD
main_image@amart29Huevos de Dragón4.903 SBD
main_image@ezerledezmaCarta a un amigo: Te extraño1.401 SBD
main_image@nachomolinaShow us your talent contest ; ...5.200 SBD
main_image@marcosdkRada Quest - Libro I ⚔️ Del Ho ...6.957 SBD
main_image@versatilelovePoem original - ♫ Como yo, no ...3.369 SBD
main_image@salvaoCosa de hombres (Microrrelato ...5.310 SBD
main_image@nancybritiDonde el mar nos mire...7.392 SBD
main_image@lyon89ROADS - Tema ORIGINAL - @lyon8 ...3.526 SBD
main_image@aleestraCuento Corto ; α-β sobrevivien ...5.573 SBD
main_image@helengutier2Fotografía Clínica - #17 - Obt ...2.777 SBD
main_image@fakj94Túneles2.584 SBD
main_image@barbarabezinaMúltiple exposición, larga exp ...2.407 SBD

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This flag was NOTHING PERSONAL and nothing against your content....I enjoy all different types of steem content. You have delegated steem power to curangel or ocdb who is down voting me and others who don't deserve it with massive amounts of SP. (making this war personal to me and others) This type of "trust" makes this place decentralized because you are giving them YOUR voting power to decide what is right and what is wrong for Steem. I am down voting anyone who delegates to them and anyone who "follows a flag trail" from them and I will continue to do so forever until people remove the delegation from Ocdb& Curangel and spend the down votes and issue flags themselves. If you flag my post, I don't mind one bit, if it was your own idea and under your own free will. I wont tolerate when others get to decide what is good or bad with YOUR steem power. Sorry mate but, I am not gonna stop because they are not gonna stop. This is my only recourse and others just like me feel the same way. If you simply remove your delegation from curangel or ocdb this will never happen again, if you don't....i will be here every single day like the taxman until you do. If you feel what i am doing is wrong, remove your delegation and down vote me every single day under your own free will and i promise you i will never retaliate once. Fair? Curangel & Ocdb will now most likely upvote your post to counteract my flag and you will even come out better in the long run so don't worry. This method of madness is not good for Steem, horrible for Steemit and centralizes a decentralized platform. I am tired or the overlords at Facebook, YouTube and Google. Supporting Curangel and Ocdb is promoting the exact same thing in my opinion.Just think for yourself, that's all i ask people to do.

Really? Downvoting a witness who's working for the community just because of problems with other people/communities? Don't you think that's very childish?

A witness should have enough time on Steemit to vote for himself not delegate to a "flagging gang" who constantly down voted me. its all been squashed anyway so keep your feet outta my shit pile.

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