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Dear steemians,


at the Global School we started with digital art work right from the beginning, and we have now a storage full of content which need to become accessible to everyone! Discovering steemit, and thanks to a post of @khansa and another from @ccommons.art, I get to know the #creative-common, #slothicorn, #ccomonstart as well as the #CryptoArt category. This really motivated me to take some steps further in making this accessible. So,I would like to thank you all, because with the inspiration and the agreements of everyone, I decided to adapt the creations made with our contributors, students and by myself to fit within these categories and enable everybody to freely use the work. I started already some weeks ago with the adaptation of the Panda-owl made by Kata in december.


During the film and animation studio workshop last year, we divided the group to work on various projects. To make a long story short, Nora and Kata get the assignment of creating an animated character to interface the bot of an app which will be displayed in some physical spaces in Vienna using a tool which is developed by the Global School as feature for the 3d map project. Kata made a nice mood board with a unicorn a squirrel and decided to finalize the panda which is strangely looking like an owl.

As we are running all of this, as social projects, we need to find ways to fund it. For example it is important to take the working space in charge where we can host and deliver our workshops. Furthermore we have to take in charge the transport of the volunteers, mentors and the team, but also the equipement, some food or more comfort for the participants as well as for the contributors and team. That is the reason why with the help of @manncpt we decided to give it a try. We started to externalize the project and the effort. I am here because of that and share all of this, because a lot of effort has been made and this is just the beginning of our global adventure.

Here the first sketches (that we still plan to use for several projects)

Here are the first sketches (that we still plan to use for several projects)
The Panda-owl has been performing already in some posts on steemit, such as for a message for Christmas/New year 2018 entitled Happy new year from the Globalschool!.


As well as for a little article to help some friends to introduce themselves on steemit and guide them in the discovery of making their first post. Here’s the link of the article posted in the category #introduceyourself How to start on steemit - profile DIY - structure example - tip and tricks


So lets share what we are doing. This is useful and has a benefit for the community. Also to find concrete support and to take in charge these activities that we are doing with the Global School. The Panda-owl was a first choice to express how much I am grateful to associate the steemit platform and its field of opportunity to this non formal education framework. Steemit and the steemians are awesome and I am glad that we find paths to participate with the Global School !

All this work visible on this page is now licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License


That means: you can copy, share, print, edit, re-interpret,
use it to laugh, smile, say thanks, be grateful, ...
but you can also...remix it and use freely even for commercial purposes! 💗

Do not forget to check the latest contests hosted by @ccommons.art and what has to offer @slothicorn (I am still discovering!), I ensure you to have minimum a smile if not some support for your #digitalart and #cryptoart!

Click here if you want to participate to one of the net film and animation workshop, I'll get in touch with you as fast as possible!

Thank you for your support and sharing!
Best, Jean


I am so happy to hear it .. regards to know and let us collaborate in cryptoArt and creative commons movement.
the following link references are important for you to learn more:


Thank you again @khansa for your sharing, I did my best to follow the indications of the link you shared with me! I really appreciated your words and your warm invitation to cooperate in cryptoArt =) Let steem on and enjoy together!

Here's my second tentative:


I am looking forward to read from you and discover your creations! Best, Jean

Wow, this is fantastic! Stella has wanted to start a school, made for kids who want to be in the future......kind of like something Future School, where we would use Steem as our education tool. It sounds like you're doing that! Great work, and maybe we can collaborate on something in the future, especially, we need help with our Welcome To Slothicorn Game.....we need people to make physical Slothicorns, which has the QR code attached to it, so that people can enter our game, and become part of this movement. Let's chat in our Discord channel soon!

Also Wow! Thank you for your warm welcome, for your message and support! I would be really glad to contribute with the global school and with the steemians who would like to join =)

I dont know if it is because I am so excited by your support, your message and or the ideas you are sharing which are converging, or because of reading in the same time the second link @khansa shared with me about the history of slothicorn, or because of thinking in french in english ...or because I am watching the slothicorn loop, but I am really happy. Thank you again. Let see what we could do, maybe some workshops to learn to use for example a 3d printer or a hand printed t-shirt, handmade stickers, wooden coin or else to create this QR code project :-D

Together we can make a change.jpg

I'll create an account on discord tomorrow :) I am looking forward to "soon"!

this is so cool , thank you for sharing with cc :D

Thank you for your supporting message and welcoming :-)

I love the Panda too, he's very cute, I'll do my best to make some animated GIFs out of it :)

Panda says thank you ;-)

Sounds like a great idea! :)

Let see if I have some time tomorrow, I'll do O:)