1996 Zagato Raptor Concept

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Heading to the auction block in Abu Dhabi through RM Sotheby's in the end of this month, this unique 1996 Zagato Raptor Concept, collaboration with Lamborghini, is an eye-popping GT car.

And as a bonus, the electric fight Porsche vs Tesla...



History of the Zagato Raptor


The Zagato Raptor was a collaboration with Lamborghini unveiled at the 1996 Geneva Motor Show in order to replace the Diablo before the presentation of its successor, the Canto. But the Raptor never went into production despite a rather positive reception during it presentation thanks to its performances and it futuristic design.


The Raptor is based on the chassis of the Diablo with a removable Double Bubble carbon-fibre bodyshell designed by Nori Harada (first car to be desgined fully digitally). You can chose to drive it as a coupé or a roadster. Another great feature is the access to the interior thanks to the entire middle section of the car that pivots upwards and forwards.

Only one example was built because Lamborghini wanted no competition with the upcoming Canto.





Mated with six speed manuel transmission, the Raptor has the same engine of the Diablo, a quad-valve 5.7-litre V-12 producing 492 hp. But with 300 kg less of the Diablo, it can reach the 100 kmh in less than 4 seconds with a top speed of 320 kmh.


The interior has also a futuristic aesthetic. Do you like it ? For me, it's the weak point of this car, with this gray carpet everywhere.



Lot Auction


Date :30 November 2019
Place :Abu-Dhabi
Price :N/A
Link :RM Sotheby's

During this sale :

ModelEstimate Price+
Mercedes G63 AMG 6*6N/AMore
Pagani Zonda Aether$US 3,500,000More
Chevrolet Coupe CustomN/AMore



RM Sotheby's Abu Dhabi
Lot : Zagato Raptor Concept


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Bonus Video


Just in case you missed the Top Gear test, an electric race between the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the Tesla Model S Performance Raven. I let you discover the winner...

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Now that's a lovely design, too bad it didn't make production. I've actually not heard about this concept before, so I heartily thank thee for sharing it with me.

I also agree that the interior is a weak point. There's too much of that Alcantara-like carpet-y material, without anything to break it in between (some metal/carbon-fibre accents, or leather would improve it significantly).

Though I do like the mechanical bits. Putting in the Diablo's powertrain, then taking out a lot of weight (300kg!!!), should make a pretty great (if not terrifying) driver's car.

Yep 300 kg less than the Diablo, it must be impressive to be behind the wheel with this acceleration.

No doubt about that. I've seen a Harry's Garage video on one of the early production, rear wheel drive Diablos, and his reactions show it all.

Imagine if the Raptor was built on that early RWD platform instead of the later AWD ones.

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That's a wicked looking car, looks awesome cheers mate.

Great design and unique example of this little beast...