World Carnivore Month 2019: Who's With Me?

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I’ve never been much for new years resolutions but considering the way I felt at the beginning of last year, I made one without any real plan of how that would even look.

My resolution? To get healthier.

I felt awful last year, suffering from everything from skin problems to emotional problems and it was all getting worse and that was scary. I felt like I was dying and if I’d not intervened, I was likely headed towards death.

Almost 6 months ago @dready-john-galt and I were listening to a Joe Rogan podcast, this one with Jordan Peterson talking about his weird diet. As he began to describe the life changes he and his daughter experienced by quitting plants I went from thinking he was nuts to considering an attempt.

A week or so later John put on another Joe Rogan podcast, this one with Shawn Baker whose a doctor advocating the diet. That was a couple hours of information that had us both convinced to try a month trial of the diet to see if there was anything to it. We both wanted separate things out of it going in.

Within 3 weeks I was convinced it was more like a lifestyle, less like the fad I’d envisioned. The amount I’ve learned about nutrition and how people react to foods has floored me because its all totally different than I expected.

Now I’ll admit it, quitting carbs and plants hasn’t been easy. I’ve had no issues missing vegetables but I’ve always had a sweet tooth that’s plagued me and this diet has allowed me to see that was less of a sweet tooth and more of a chronic sweet addiction. Even when my physical cravings are gone I find myself battling mental cravings and I find that INSANE!

Every time I veer off the diet I really notice, both physically and mentally. My gut is healing so I don’t get as sick as I used to from the cheats but they effect me mentally just as much as ever if not more so.

Now as I approach the end of 2018 I’m actually for once excited about what the following year is to bring.

January is World Carnivore Month. If you’ve been following my adventures and have been considering giving this way of eating a try, consider doing it for January! There’s tons of support online especially this time of year so it’s the perfect time to dive in.

At the very least it’s an excellent elimination diet. It’s allowed me to learn a lot about my body that I didn’t expect, like what I do react to and what I don’t. It’s also taught me to have more respect for plants, the biochemical badasses that they are.

So, who's with me?

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I did the carnivore diet for a year, and it worked well for quite a while. Then not so much. I think the problem was that ultimately I was eating too much protein and not enough fat, leading to it being converted to sugars. I'm now keto and seem to need a certain amount of plant foods, mainly fats. But great to see it being more widely talked about and accepted.

Yeah i've found the longer I do this the more important fat becomes to me. I'm going for at least the whole month carnivore, considering just going the whole year with no cheats to see how I do.

Looks like there are a few others here doing it too, so a bit of support will help.

Yep and loads of support on other social media platforms too especially instagram

There's a closed FB group called Principia Carnivora, which I spent a lot of time on when eating Carnivore.

Or even better, I just spotted a new one by one of the early adopters - for The Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet, which supports people who eat organ meats. Not all of the original group are keen on those.

I have been following the carnivore diet from July of last year until my birthday a few weeks ago. Lost almost 40lbs, and the arthritis in my legs has been much more manageble, and my sleep better and much more regular.

I will be returning to the carnivore diet after Anarchapulco (only because of the dietary restrictions of doing my first Aya retreat to make it most successful for me.

I found the successful key for me while on the diet was to limit the types of meats I consumed (I stuck to Prime Rib Roasts (stocking up on them whenever I found them on sale), Lamb and Turkey, occasionally adding in some beef liver and tripe) and Bacon, of course. I've also gotten the knack down of making a really nice beef stock, which I thin with water to drink. I however also did eggs, whole milk, water and coffee, and this is what I will be returning to at the end of February (note, I have a shellfish allergy, but was also never really a fan of seafood, so while on Carnivore I didn't do fish).

Anyway, a few more weeks of enjoying some of the foods I missed (which ironically is during World Carnivore Month), and although I have managed to still keep the sugars and carbs to a minimum, I must admit my body is feeling the change in diet, especially in my energy levels and sleep patterns. So after this break from Carnivore ends, I don't think I will be taking any more breaks from it in the future.

Interested in coming to Anarchaforko? Ill be speaking about the carnivore diet there!!

Also, how do you prepare your standing rib roast? Embarking on that adventure soon and would like to have a good recipe to start with!

I love the carnivore diet, I'm with you!