Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: Fork Flashback to Scuba Day!

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In previous posts I've mentioned the fact that events can literally be anything, from a speech to a class to a party. Scuba diving is included as it's offered in Acapulco Bay and last year one of the fork attendees organized this trip which brought many of the remaining Anarchaforko attendees. I encourage a scuba trip this year too! Now our website has the capability to add tickets which can be the ticket price to do the trip!

Here's a list of my posts from last year about this part of the fork! Not everything has to happen on the main event days, things can occur both before and after so long as you plan them and add them to the calendar! Get creative and use this as a tool to get the most out of Acapulco!

Adventures Around Acapulco: Anarchaforko Scuba Diving Trip Photos 1
Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: Awesome Fork Scuba Diving Trip Part 1
Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: Fork Scuba Adventure is a Great Example for Next Year!
Adventures Around Acapulco: Anarchaforko Scuba Diving Trip Photos 2

Also, our trailers we've released feature footage from that scuba trip, check them out!

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In case you missed them, some of my recent posts:

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