The Daily Sneak 4 August 2018 - with guest curator @viking-ventures

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Welcome to The Daily Sneak!!!

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Today's guest curator is @viking-ventures.

Lori is a photographer, author and student-of-the-world who takes delight in finding undervalued bloggers and helping them find some love from the Steem community. Lori's main project on Steemit at the moment is serializing her fiction series, A'mara Books.

The Sneaked Selections

Absolute Access: The Start!

This is an absolutely amazing comic strip! It is lengthy, but the story-telling is fantastic and the art superb. Looking down this cartoonists blog, he deserves far more attention than he's currently getting. @turtledancedaily is worth a read and follow!


Padova - one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Travelling impressions

I love a good travel article, and this one is exceptional! If I ever get to Italy, Padova will be on my list of places to visit because of this excellent article filled with personal experience and great pictures. @allesia is another excellent blogger who does not get paid what she deserves. Let's give her our support!


Hanging Out with Some Furry Friends

Be ready for an overload of cuteness! The sloths are really cute. But that's only a part of this article, sharing a little about this blogger's experience trying to video some furry friends - not a cushy office job! I love getting to know about the whole "behind the scenes" aspect of things - and this is a fun article. @liberty-minded is another great blogger who deserves more attention and support.


Freemasons rule the country. Part 1

Freemasons are much-targeted by conspiracy theorists. Is this reputation a reasonable one? @shai-hulud gives one view, based on what he learned about his own grandfather. Family history is always a good incentive to dig more and learn about what's inside the box... Great blogger.


Customary culture (mutual cooperation) that needs to be maintained.

I love cultural articles so much! This is a fabulous piece about preparing for a wedding in the Aceh part of Indonesia. I like that I feel like I'm there, participating in the preparations. This is one of my favorite parts of Steemit - learning about daily life in other parts of the world, and @muhibpaya2 is a great part of that!



What a great range of interesting selections from @viking-ventures. Check out each of these amazing articles and let their authors know what you think! For submitting these excellent articles and commentary, @viking-ventures earns 5 SBD.

Each of these highlighted articles receives full upvotes and resteems from @thedailysneak. In addition, @thedailysneak sponsors featured writers for Steem Basic Income!

Submission Requirements

On to the submission requirements for The Daily Sneak:

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  2. All articles chosen for curation need to have been published within the last 5 days before your entry. It may take time for me to publish your curation, and curated articles need to be within the reward window when your submission is published.
  3. You cannot submit your own post for curation. Selections from nsfw will not be accepted. We also check for plagiarism and only highlight original content.
  4. Selected posts should have less than $50 in total rewards and have not previously been curated by The Daily Sneak.
  5. We try to spread the love around, so while selections from authors that have been highlighted before are welcome, they might not be included if the author's last inclusion was recent. Similarly, if you include two articles from the same author in one submission, we will typically highlight only one of the two.
  6. Be sure to include your personal bio for me to introduce you to readers, and make sure that each selection has commentary. This can be just a few sentences about why you think the selection is worth our attention, or what is great about it - something that will make people want to click through the headline and check out the actual article. English is preferred, but other languages will be considered as long as English translation is included.
  7. Please use this web form to submit your entry.
  8. Including image links to the source article is not required (and we prefer to leave some mystery if photography is highlighted and the article has only one photo.) However, we like to include images in The Daily Sneak, and not including any image links may decrease the likelihood of your submissions being published.

If you include more than 2 articles in your submission and not all are approved for publication, your submission may still be published into an edition of The Daily Sneak, as long as at least 2 articles are approved. This could happen for several different reasons. If you are unsure why an article was cut, please review the submission guidelines again. If you are still unsure, feel free to ask politely why it was cut.

Submission Reward

A brief biography of each guest curator will be included in the edition that uses their submission. In addition, each guest curator will receive 1 SBD for each article from their submission that is highlighted in The Daily Sneak. That's up to 5 SBD for each accepted submission!

Right now @thedailysneak's upvote is not worth as much as we are paying for guest curation. Why do we pay so much for guest curation? We believe that quality curation is very important to Steem. Paying our curators well encourages them to spend more time reviewing content and picking out the best pieces!

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