Freemasons rule the country. Part 1

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When I started this post it was just meant to be quick and easy My grandfather was a Freemason and my mother was recently cleaning up and found some of his stuff we had thought lost in a burglary

Freemasons rule the country.

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory myself included and if you have been on the internet for anything more than like a week then its pretty damn likely that you have come across the idea that Freemasons are an evil, the devil worshiping, goat riding, secret society that rule the world behind the scene.

Who are the Freemasons.

This post is going to be too small for a full investigation of their history or some fanciful Dan Brownesque story.

We don't have a date for the foundation of the first Masonic fraternity the first record of the masons comes in the Regius Poem written in 1390 ad this poem briefly describes the forming of a group of masons and proceeds to set out some pretty clear rules for those that belong to the good craft of geometry (stone masons). This poem has also been called "The Poem of Moral Duties" and is suggested to be a copy of some earlier text so trying to pinpoint a year the "masons" started is just a little difficult.

Before we go further.

These earliest stone masons like many, many other crafts had trade secrets protecting these secrets as akin to protecting their lively hood and community its not really surprising that in this time frame symbols, teaching, and skill levels become ritualized, and secret signs or passwords created to ensure that the secrets aren't disclosed to outsiders additionally these signs and passwords acted like a diploma in a time of mass illiteracy a stone mason could move cities attend a lodge in search of work and by using the signs could immediately identify his level of skill in the craft to others.

For the record, these are the guys that designed and built the great cathedrals and castles through the middle ages.


Modern Freemasonry.

Between 1930 and the founding of the Grand Lodge on England in 1717 its unclear when this "union" of operative stonemasons and their rituals started their transition into the ritualized no operative Freemasons we know today, however, The Grand Lodge of England sites a letter written by Elias Ashmole in 1649 recording his initiation into Freemasonry.

In 1799 England passed the Unlawful Societies Act ""for the more effectual suppression of societies established for seditious and treasonable purposes" which essentially outlawed any society that required the taking of oaths that had not been authorised by law many in the conspiracy world will point to this act as direct effort to stamp out the Freemasons the truth is the Freemasons where able to get an exemption from this act provided that their member where annually registered with a justice of the peace, the true aim of the legislation where secret groups like the United English men, United Society of the Irish nation and the fear they would team with the French, and The London Corresponding Society. 1

Since its founding Freemasonry has grown its members to some 4 million across the globe and while they used to require that members be of the Christian faith they now only require that you have a faith in a supreme being, just no atheists or agnostics.

Side note this fraternity is philanthropic with its US lodges spending nearly 3/4 of a billion dollars each year on charitable causes.

The Conspiracies

Before I begin, say it slowly with me "secret societies are secret" as in you don't know about them. Don't get tripped up there is actually a difference between a secret society and a society that has secrets, The Freemasons are not a secret society, in fact, they are pretty damn public, many members openly wear their rings, lapel pins, you can walk into almost any lodge and talk to one, you can often access member history.

George Washington the first President of the United States his entourage, members of the Masonic lodges Virginia and Maryland held a completely public procession over 2.4 km in full Masonic regalia to lay the cornerstone of the Whitehouse now correct me if I'm wrong but sounds a long way from secret, in fact, it appears that the connection was clear and transparent.


So why are the Freemasons the subject of so many conspiracies theories.

The Freemasons have a long history and in that history its members have included some incredibly influential and powerful men, just to list a few

Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, 1/4 of the signers of the declaration of independence, Paul Revere, Voltaire, Mozart, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Alexander Fleming, J. Edgar Hoover, Douglas MacArthur, John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin, Steve Wozniak.

Now that is by no means an exhaustive list of powerful or influential Freemasons in history that list of names should impress the hell out of you, if not just take a second and try the sums in your head on just how much sway those men have had on the course of history, just how much their deads have shaped the world we live in today.

Naturally, we look at that kind of list and fear the idea that if a group could leverage all those people for there own will there is no telling what that group may be able to achieve. Now here is the big question did the Freemason fraternity gather wealth and leverage its hidden power in order to place these people in these positions for their own dark agenda or is it perhaps possible that these people strong wills, and drive to succeed were attracted to the ideologies of the Freemasons.

Let's just look at the Presidents and signatories to the Declaration of Independence for a second we have four options.

  1. Any group running and gathering members over such a large period of time is going to end up having powerful members through that time.

  2. The Teachings found in Freemasonry attract powerful and driven men.

  3. The teachings of Freemasonry inspired and brought forward the ideals laid out in the declaration

  4. That the Freemasons are some ultra-powerful organization with the skills and power to rule the world as a secret shadow government yet they are somehow so crap at it that everyone appears to know it.

JFKs famous speech.

If you haven't watched this go check out that link in another tab, its a great speech, its an important speech and personally I'm sure that there are groups subversive wealthy groups out there that work together for purely selfish gains with little regard for the rest of the planet.

There is no denying the danger for groups like the Freemasons that by separating their members by ritualized secret ceremonies, teachings and secret handshakes that they become open to becoming co-opted that within a society with secrets bad actors could create false degrees, false hidden teachings and build the basis for an actual secret society.

Just in case your wondering you're nations military is just as susceptible to these problems, hell you could even subvert universities by stacking the professors towards a particular viewpoint.

Obamas speech

Let'sets assume you buy the Freemasons are the shadow government that truly rule the world for some malicious purpose. Check out Obamas speech in a new tab.

Now is the best time in human history more people in the world have access to education, health care, clean water, global homicide rate vs population is down, life expectancy is the highest it has ever been, human rights and equality are the strongest they have ever been.

So the next question becomes do the actual outcomes of the world we live in reflect and evil intent on behalf of the Freemason shadow government? or if they are the shadow government does it reflect benevolence?

Here are some link to support the statements above.

Safe drinking water, Life Expectancy, the worlds actually safer than ever and here is the data to prove it

My Grandfathers stuff.

As I mentioned my grandfather, as well as his brother, were Freemasons, more than that they where both great men my grandfather was, well educated, socially-minded individual spending much of his personal time working with the Samoans and Tongans in the development of their power grid and supply, while my great uncle Don was a world-leading pioneer in optometry whose research lead to the worlds first prism-free soft toric lens that became an industry standard and well as developing both the BE and KBA lenses.

So you can add two more Freemasons that have made a mark on the world to that list above and what I can tell you is that neither of them wanted to secretly rule the world.

Here where the items we had thought lost in a burglary while they did get a lot of his stuff I was really excited to have my mother find these things.

Left Top: The Holy Bible with Grand Lodge of W.A, Right top: Guide for the Ceremony of Installation
Bottom left: Grandfathers Lodge badge, Bottom Right: Square and Compass cufflinks and pins, miscellaneous regalia

Part Two

Kind regards


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Interesting write up. We have a guy that just moved into our neighborhood who is a Freemason, so I was interested to see your post. I have seen some conspiracy theories out there about it for sure. I may just have to ask this guy what is up. :)

People ruled the country, and some of them were freemasons. Love the points you make about social progress. If they do rule, they must be doing a good job, right? Makes me wonder if current president is a mason. I would guess not?

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Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Really interesting post. However, the fact that all these great contemporary and historical figures are or have been Freemasons suggests to me that this organisation does indeed have an undesireable grasp on the power structures of the world (undesireable for the rest of us, that is).
For one thing, there are no women mentioned. I have long suspected that Freemasonry and other secret societies may be one reason behind the "glass ceiling" phenomenon. Yes, there are now Freemason chapters for women, but I think this is a relatively recent development.
I'm not a Freemason, and I do appreciate that these societies have certain positive moral values and do charitable works. However my guess is that it works by operating on several different levels. The "lower" levels are open to a wider selection of people, and only a small number of people are allowed to progress through the "higher" levels. Few people are able to attain the highest levels, which are the most secretive of the society. The lower levels are the open, non-secretive ones.
This is my personal conspiracy theory – and it is a theory. I can't prove that it's true. I suspect that in order to progress to the very high levels, you have to be compromised in some way, and you also have to have something to offer the society - a new invention for example, an important position in society, a lot of money, or an exceptionally good new business (maybe a groundbreaking computer business). The people at the very high levels can then put a lot of money behind that great new business or invention, propelling it to global success, where the competition can be squeezed out. Freemasonry is after all, a global organisation.
But it has to operate in a way that is favourable to the membes at that very high level of Freemasonry. In that way they can have enormous control over business, politics, money - almost everything.
I suspect this is the case not just with Freemasonry, but with other secret societies, or societies that present a front of openness on the surface, but have certain secret practices that the vast majority of their members know nothing about.


Thanks, heaps for your comment.

Given that the Freemasons are a fraternity it should be no surprise that I make no mention of power females in their ranks eg it would be a little strange If I could mention a powerful man that came out of the same sorority as Hilary Clinton.

There are so many factors in the glass ceiling that its imposable go discuss them all in a comment there is evolution, evolutionary driven culture and, culture-driven evolution. Personally, I don't buy the idea that the patriarchy was manufactured by men there are really solid reasons as to why it happened which is not to say that it should remain that way. ( I think I have my next post)

As I mentioned any group that operates like the Freemasons is open to being co-opted and being perverted for me I am more concerned with the power held by Multi nation Businesses than I an with a group of men that came from stonecutters.


Very good points, and I agree that there are many factors in the glass ceiling. It's a complex issue. I am also concerned about the power held by multinationals.

I will have to read this one again...
My great-great grandfather was a freemason. I don't know much about him - but his wife eventually left him (in Minnesota) and went all the way to Oregon to raise her three children - by herself! A crazy thing to do in the early 1900s! I have to wonder if his affiliation had anything to do with it. (Mostly because I believe - at least at the time - they were prone to drinking excessively.)

Having read the article again, it's still very good. I do believe that Freemasonry at its most public is safe and good for society, but most of the conspiracy theories have to do with a secret society within the not-so-secret society... i.e. at the top levels. But, as you said, "secret societies are secret" so the full truth is likely to never be fully discovered.

About fifteen years ago, two of my friends got drunk and revealed to me and a common friend that they were "brothers". When they sobered up they denied it but later on they told me more about the "brotherhood" and how one hand washes the other.

Thank you for sharing this! I too enjoyed Dan Brown's thriller on the subject, The Lost Symbol

< spoilers>The actual lost symbol was one of the items you showed from your Grandfather!</ spoilers>

Keep up the great work, and Steem On! We are part of a not so secret society of steemians!

Nice informative post. Liked the freemason goodies.
Actually have a good friend who got far in the organisation, and he snuck me a peek at his goodies (no snide remarks please) too.
I think too much is made of them, because I think dishonest people, or people that will take advantage of others will find a way to use any organisation to their can't paint all the people with that same brush in the organisation.

Ha, i have heard and read some about this freemason thing, and only just always brushed it aside as usual conspiracy, because much of it is told, anyways, by hearsay people.

This is my first encounter with someone with a near family history of it. You have peaked my interest , am going to dig deeper. It is an interesting subject.

I am going feature this post in the next Xposed Curator's Rebound #42. You may find details about it Xposed Curator's Rebound

My hope is to bring your quality work here the exposure it deserves, and with it, hopefully some additional rewards.

Best wishes, @mirrors

In the last town I lived in, the freemason group mostly consisted of the business and politically minded people of the town. The town is growing well and nicely put together - I'm not sure how much the freemason group had to do with that, but i'm sure they discussed their visions for the town in their meetings.

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