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wow, this is really awesome!
The flow on each scene is so smooth, the placing of the panels makes it more alive and you can feel the intense.

No pressure, but I'm looking forward for the next part :D

it still needs work, but this is a great improvement if you compare it to my previous work....

wow, congrats! :D

This is a huge breakthrough, excellent storyboard, and also the art, it improved a lot! Keep it up bro, I'm looking forward to the next update :3

ei, its you... I was waiting for you...go in our discord channel

Really amazing work!

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Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Wonderful work turtledance! And congratulations on all of your curation awards!!!

Wow dude! This is amazing!
This is manga material! Ya got skillz bro! 👊

Hi turtledancedaily,

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ohhh a comic !! very interesting :D ....... so he beat them all up, at the end? :D what a protagonist !!!

So cool, I really like your art style and your paneling is spot on. The uppercut sequence was my favorite part :) Awesome job & welcome to Steemit!

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