Turn up the Heat! Steem Luxembourg

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Ok, I know, I'm the last one to post about this event but I promise you, you won't regret having had to wait!

So we did it! We had had our First Steem Meetup in Luxembourg
photo credit @christophe51

You were already able to read about it in French in a post by @roxane who came from Belgium with @oroger, and in another post by @hightouch who was there with @siavach and other steemians from Strassbourg, France. We were also happy to have @alexvan who wrote about it in German

In the room there were other steemians including other members of the local chapter of "Steem's Witnesses" sect, @pstaiano (from @lux-witness) and @elmetro (from @exnihilo.witness), as well as @sikoba, @decodeur and @christophe51 (not all of them are visible in the picture below)

photo credit @christophe51

But you know all that already so let me share with you what I presented there: why steem is the most advanced blockchain eco-system currently in production!

Indeed, if one tries to assess the performance of existing, production-grade blockchain systems, there’s one site that has been publishing a view for a while now: Blocktivity.info. It’s not exhaustive, far from it. I don’t see Bytecoin, not DigiByte, Decred, Ark, Ardor … But it has quite a bit of the big ones to be relevant.

Now this came out only a few days ago, last week. From China's Ministry of Industry & Information Technology “CCID Research Institute”. Notice something?

Distributed ledges don't easily scale. This is called "the scalability trilemma" and it's analysed in an article I often quote: "DELEGATED PROOF OF STAKE: FEATURES AND TRADEOFFS". It goes like this: "Different platforms try to solve this through different techniques. But even if the trilemma is solved, the market might not care. It is entirely possible that users are willing to accept tradeoffs in decentralization of block production or even safety in the name of better performance and easier user experience for certain use cases."


In the end what matters is the "design goal": bitcoin and ethereum are embodiments of a philosophy of defiance toward existing social structures. Steem is in a more nuanced position and is a broader, more welcoming house. While "censorship resistance" is quite present in its ethos, it doesn't see itself as an active tool of an anti-system revolution.


Here is a first batch of features (especially of the blockchain backend) that make Steem stand out:

The next image illustrates block creation in DPOS using 21 "witnesses" – 20 stable and a "backup witness" (@ura-soul in this snapshot) selected from the pool of backup witnesses (right column) on the basis of an algorithm weighting their "political support". In the next "round", the place of backup witness will be held by @dragosroua


Here are some very nice features of the steemd "business logic", but also the main limitation: steem is not a "smart contract" platform. Which is actually just as well: better to do something and do it well than try to do everything and be lousy in each!

Here's an example of a full-fledged information system which integrates steem as a component: SteemDB by @jesta
SteemDB is a web application built on top of the steem blockchain: it displays both live blockchain activity as well as permitting data analytics using a NoSQL data base (MongoDB if I'm not mistaken) where the data from the blockchain is continuously loaded in order to allow faster and easier treatment

Here are some more nice features that make the user experience so close to what "non-geeks" are used to:

Plus, something I didn't thought about but @alexvan reminded me, the possibility to get 3 days of respite in case of loss (or theft) of keys by keeping the liquid tokens, STEEM and SBD in "savings"

Finally, steem can be and has been integrated as a component in many complex web applications of which I've shown only a handful in this image:

@roxane presented then Steemit (you can see her in the picture below next to our common Nemesis)
@hightouch presented the wonderful @fundition project
I touched a couple of words about the impressive @busy
photo credit @christophe51

and then Roxane took the floor again to present @utopian

So ... if you are not on Steem yet, what's your excuse?
photo credit @christophe51

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If you enjoy my posts, please approve @lux-witness as a witness!

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Thanks for publishing in English, my friend. Perhaps when I retire, I will find the time to learn a new language. I took German in college, ​but unfortunately, lack of use has me illiterate there.
I have learned more about this platform following you than I have anywhere else. You have a talent for presenting things in an informative and entertaining way!


Thank you, @beekerst ! Your words are much appreciated !

Desi ar trebui sa scriu in Engleza voi continua acest comentariu in Romana. Salut si multumesc de impartasirea experientei la aceasta conferinta si ma bucura faptul ca vad romani implicati in aceste activitati. Desi am aflat abia in Decembrie 2017 de STEEMIT, am inceput sa folosesc platforma din ce in ce mai mult si sunt foarte interesat sa ma implic din ce in ce mai mult. Daca sunt conferinte sau grupuri de discutii pe aceasta tema si ai putea sa le impartasesti as fi recunoscator!

Multumesc si sper sa putem colabora sau sa impartasim din experientele noastre si sa crestem impreuna!


Desigur ai vrut sa scrii decembrie 2017 :-) Te sfatuiesti sa intri pe Discord pe serverul steemromania daca nu esti deja: https://discord.gg/tA9rua7
Vorbeste cu @lishu si /sau cu Bogdan, a.k.a. @vonaurolacu25, sau cu @alexdory, sunt multi români care animeaza comunitatea


Desigur ai vrut sa scrii decembrie 2017 :-) Te sfatuiesti sa intri pe Discord pe serverul steemromania daca nu esti deja: https://discord.gg/tA9rua7
Vorbeste cu @lishu si /sau cu Bogdan, a.k.a. @vonaurolacu25, sau cu @alexdory, sunt multi români care animeaza comunitatea

I've already read both @roxane's and @alexvan's impressions on the first Luxembourg meetup you organized! Congratulations, seems everyone was pleased with the results!

Now, you were nice to add some slides from one of your presentations in this post describing an in-depth view of the Steem blockchain. That doesn't compensate for not being at the meetup, but it's good to see them nonetheless!


As you might imagine those are slides from my presentation of the steem blockchain and surrounding eco-system


Yes, I know, it would have been better if I were at the meetup though. ;)

Congratulations Sorin! happy to see this. You are doing a great job of spreading this blockchain!


Thanks Juliàn !

Thank you for this very instructive meetup. I was surprised and happy to see that I am not alone in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is in the place and we put the fire 🔥 . Congrats for your first block and good luke for your witness, I voted for you. See you in the next event.


Tu as eu l'intention mais tu as peut-être déjà 30 témoins choisis ? Parce que je ne vois pas ton vote pour lux-witness. Moi en tout cas j'ai voté pour exnihilo, tu peux le voir sur steemian.info par exemple. Sinon j'ai oublié de te demander quel est ton prénom :-) @elmetro c'est cool mais ce serait mieux si je pouvais associer avec ton vrai prénom maintenant que nous avons fait connaissance :)


Oui j’ai vu ton vote, merci. J’ai eu le même problème plusieurs fois déjà. Des personnes m’ont dit qu’elles avaient voté pour mon witness et ça n’avait pas fonctionné. Je n’ai jamais réussit à comprendre pourquoi. Si tu le découvre je suis preneur. Je viens de revoter. Ça devrait être bon cette fois ci. Mon nom est Can, à bientôt sur le grand le grand duché alors :)

@ned, guys, take mercy of poor @GINAbot, she's being driven crazy by the spammy-bot accounts !
Let's delegate less at account creation (why 15SP when a human account can function with 3 SP?) and increase the bandwidth needed to "follow" someone !


great presentation and promotion sir.

this also happened to me, what happened actually, every time i make a new post then at least 20 follower will come in and this is a week ago.


Yes, many people have noticed this, it's such a pity this platform is not being steered intelligently enough ... this is the direct consequence of poor decisions from Steemit Inc. ... steemit delegation allows these zombie bots to roam free ...


you can always blacklist them, that will get rid of any activity of a stupid account. let's teach them a lesson by making them invisible :)


Excuse my ignorance, how do you blacklist them ? Also, there are hundreds, I would need some kind of script or else I would be spending my days if I had to blacklist them manually, one by one ...


unfortunately there is only a manual way to do it which indeed does not help if there are hundreds...
maybe blacklist the worst few?
your settings link available if you type ..set
look for blacklist option in EXTRA.


I second this! Even more, some of these bots have an annoying habit of switching from follow to unfollow and back.

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it's really You :)
congrats :))

It's a great job. Make such a great event so that people can know more.
Go ahead.

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