My bodyboss challenge update! Week 3 😉

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Dear Steemers! 😊

It is time to update my weight, picture of my body and my bodyboss challenge. I am now in my 3th week in pre-training, and I will be finish with my pre-training program next week. After 4 week pre-training I will start "the real" 12 week Bodyboss challenge.

This thursday 25th of January I will fly to my country - Greenland to write my thesis in a law firm. That means my dear husband and I will be separated in 3 months! I am really happy that he support me and that he is happy that I will see my family. Love him very much! ❤️


My previous posts about bodyboss challenge:

Week 1


This is the first picture I took when I started 4 week pre-training program. I should have took a full body picture and I did not though about it back then. My height is 165 cm (5,4 feet) and in this picture my weight was My weight was 62,9 kg (138 lbs).

Week 2


And again sorry for the picture, I will from now on take full body pictures. My week 2 pictures is not much different from the first I think, but there are difference in my weight. In this picture my weight was 60,7 kg (133 lbs). Yeess!! From 62,9 kg (138 lbs) to 60,7 kg (133 lbs). I was in chock when I saw my weight. I did not know why I lost so much weight in a week. Maybe I stopped eating sugar and junk food.

Week 3


Much better!, from now on I will take pictures of my body like this. Since I started the challenge and eating better, I can feel that it is going fast, and I am exited to 12 weeks program. I gained weight since last week. My weight is 61,4 kg (135,3 lbs). Maybe it is my muscles, I don´t know...

I am really hopefull to achieve my goals and cheer me up. 😃

My weight

Week 162,9138
Week 260,7133
Week 361,4135,3

If you like my post, feel free to upvote, comment and resteem my post! ❤️


good job @inuk !!!

Thank you dear! 🌟 I hope you are doing well 🙂

It looks the program is quite effective and you followed it persistently. Enjoy your work with the thesis, think of it positively, your family and fellow Steemians support you in your “exile”, anyway it won’t be long

Thank you for your sweet commet @leosenior, it meens alot to me. I will fight for my thesis and the chllenge. With support to each other we get stronger! 🙏🏻🌟

It’s clear you’re full of energy that’s great! But fight..? Smooth and kind will often win good luck!

You’re right. Where I came from fight means, That I will do my best! 😄

Sorry. what exercise do you do @inuk?

I pray that your thesis runs smoothly

Hey Jeffry 😃
I have fitness program called Bodyboss Challenge. It is a 4 + 12 week program, and everything is written well what I should do and what in which days. 😊

Thank you so much! 🌟

I seem to miss your writing, I will try to see your account

It is alright. 😊 I will also look at your profile, thank you so much!.

I like the way you log this! Really helpful to see the progress. Thanks!

Thank you @yasminep! 🙏


Try reading this post, might help reduce the damage of the chair. ha ha ha. may be useful

Thank you @jeffryphysio 😃 I will look at it.

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