Bodyboss challenge - pre - training- Week 1 - day 5 Power up work out 💪🏻

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Dear Steemers! 😍

How is your friday? I guess friday is always a great day for everyone, because it is weekend! 😋

I finished bodyboss challenge pre-training week 1 today, and it felt good! I can already feel my body strengthening 😊 I cannot imagine how my body will looks like, when I at my 12 week. 😃 EXITING!

I look like a guru in this picture 😄 Maybe exercise guru26240152_10155798209275196_4095391655282075821_o.jpg

To see my previous post about Bodyboss challenge click the links below:

Bodyboss challenge
Today I had 6 minute Power-Up workout, with Nouga (the dog) 😍 🐶 Fridays are Power-Up Workouts which is a short but mighty 6 minute workout and works every muscle in the body. The workouts only consist of four exercises that you cycle through. I love that the training It’s short and sweet, but the increased intensity makes it powerful.

You can see the video here on Dtube:

Or you can see the video here ;)

I will from now on update you weekly, how my bodyboss challenge is going, and show some before and after pictures. 😉

If you want to try Bodyboss challenge, you can buy it here

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Good work. We love you. Amazing for sure. Training is key. You work it like a boss. Love the workouts.

Thank you for your kind words @joeyarnoldvn 🌟

Congrats for being motivated.
Posting your pictures weekly it s a benefit even for you. You will see your progress in photos, that, I think, will motivate you even more. Have a nice day !

Thank you @pydevno!
It will definitely motovate me 😄 You also have a nice day and thanks for your sweet comment 🙏🏻

Sweet comment for a sweet lady. Yay ^_^

perfect content to start the year!

Exactly 😉

Keep up the great work..what a well behaved dog too lol

Thank you so much! 🙏🏻
Yees!! 😄 Nouga is a behaved and swwet dog 😍

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