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The market is on a downtrend and the Steem community is going through a "despair streak".

A lot of people stopped posting until the market recovers, some people posts about this downtrend and the lack of engagement from the community and just a few are still posting normally.

The last group of people have an advantage over the first two: They understand that even though the price of Steem is at its lowest point in 2018, this is the best time to post and to earn cheap Steem in post rewards.

Well, we are here to reward those users, those who stick to the platform even when the rewards, the Steem price and the general engagement is at its lowest.

We can't make a contest like those we've made in the past with hundreds of Steem or SBD as prize because you know, the price makes it a bit complicated.

What we can do, is give continuous support from the @blocktrades account - the sponsor of this and many more contests I've coordinated in the past, vote for then as witness here if you like what they're doing -, to some users who we think deserve it, whether it is because of their community focused approach, their continuous posting and engagement with the community or their top tier quality content creation.


The Requirements

Getting a blocktrades vote feels amazing, one moment your post has only a few bucks in rewards (if you're lucky) and the next one Bum! It's at double digits - or even triple digits when the Steem price is generous -, it is amazing and a lot of people have written me in the past like Oh my God, I got my first blocktrades vote, I'm so happy!, And I believe them because I felt the same way back in September 2017 when I got my first gigantic blocktrades vote.

Well, this time we want to reward 8 users for a full month, giving them 2 votes per week starting on December 1st.

In order to apply for this contest you need to fill the next requirements:

  • You must have posted at least 3 times per week for the past 2 months (October and November). We want to reward users who, despite these low prices and rewards, are still engaging on a regular basis. If you went to Steemfest it's understandable that you didn't post during that week so don't worry! You're still eligible.
  • You have made at least 60 comments in the past two months.
  • You are part of a community and you are active in it.
  • Your posts are top quality, made with effort, time and dedication. We will not judge this part, it is up to you, if you consider your posts are amazing then go ahead and apply here.
  • Your reputation is higher than 50 without bidbots. We would like to make this contest more inclusive but the truth is, getting to a reputation of 55 is not hard if you are part of a community and you are a Steemian who engages daily with the platform and the DApps.

The Contest

We've seen countless of contests where the participants have to state on a post why they are the ones who deserve to win; there's been some other contests where one Steemian has to nominate another one to be eligible to win.

Usually on this kind of contests, people go the extra mile and spend a lot more time and effort in the making of an epic post.

But you see, that's fake news, because most of these participation posts are not the regular post the Steemian makes on a daily basis, these posts are not what the Steemian has its audience used to see so, we've decided to judge this contest differently, we will pick the winner based on something else, based on something you are not used to. We'll pick the winner based on a previous post, one that's already on the Blockchain, one that you already made, without knowing it would participate in a contest.

How can you join the contest?

This one will be easy. Follow the next few steps.

1.- Pick a post you made between November 15 - 23, preferably the best one you made. That post must have been posted before this contest announcement was published.
2.- Make a new post and in no more than 20 lines, explain why do you think you are a role model Steemian who engages daily with other users and posts quality content regularly.
3.- In your post include a link to the previous post you chose. This will be the main criteria to pick the winners, the quality of the post that you already published before today.
4.- Resteem this post. We want as many valuable Steemians to find out about this contest.
5.- Use the tag "blocktradescontest"".
6.- Title post: The blocktrades contest | The title of your previous post.

Example, if I want this post to be part of my entry, I would title the new post as:

The Blocktrades Contest | ejemplo de post


The monthly support will begin on December 1st and I will get in touch with the winners to go over details, so in order for us to have the time to pick them, the deadline for submitting an entry is November 28 at 23:59 PST.

For obvious reasons, the post you link in your entry CAN'T be edited. Any edits made after this announcement will disqualify your entry.

Good luck everyone, let the most engaging and committed minnow win.

This is a Blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here


Thanks so much to @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for the opportunity to gain a little extra support through this contest. Here's my entry:

@galenkp - Blocktrades entry

Well I'm already out of the running for this as some weeks I don't manage three posts. I wanted to say thank you to you both for running this, though. What a great encourager. I concur that it certainly is an amazing feeling to get a blocktrades vote. The last time I did it was a nice little Christmas present!

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Cool - I remember you telling me about that great up vote.

Well...I might as well give it a quick stab!

If by some off chance I have success, all will benefit as usual :)

Missed the deadline - but if the aim is to support and build communities not sure a deadline should matter too much (and so I try anyways)

wishing the best for all

Resteemed and voted!!
I'm so appreciated that even in a bearish trend, someone strives to host such a meaningful event to support people who are engaged with Steemit community, I'll join!! Thanks again :)

I think @detlev really deserves to win this scholarship, since he is an active steemian since a very long time and did a lot for the community already like his meetups in Aachen and the #beersaturday contest with it yearly event at Steemfest where many steemian participated this year.

Thanks @anomadsoul and thanks @blocktrades for the sponsorship.
I have just resteemed.
I am not the best creator, of course :) but all my posts are made with love and I try my best.
I write about nature, life, family, my children (I have a lot of them), my animals (I also have a lot of them :)
I have been publishing every day for many months, and have been making a lot of comments to my friends. And I've never had any bots.
So I will take part! Thanks for this opportunity.

friends follow me I am new

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Hi, @anomadsoul. I'm nervous to join because the last contest I joined was way back March or April. Hahaha! But I need to gather support for my daily games that's why I am trying my luck. My games benefit red fishes and minnows like me, I may not win this but I want to get a little traction to it somehow. Here is the link to my entry:

Have a nice day and more power to you and what you do for Steem. I hope you are all feeling well rested and better from your Poland adventures. *winks ^_^

@Anomadsoul, thank you for this bunch of encouragement. It's a reward for consistency which I take as one of the values for success in Steemit. Please, I'll like to get some clarifications on this contest.

Besides using an old post made from November 15 to 23 as title and attaching the link. DO we have the permission to link other posts that may be relevant to this contest entry??

Thanks for this engaging contest.

Resteemed. Submission comes later.

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