Should I stop tipping Newbies?

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Hello Steemians,

I've noticed a lot of comments that say the welcome messages and tips are annoying or creating spam. Should I shut off my service or keep it running?

Here is my original post on this.

I've been getting a lot of good responses Here but I'm open to discussion. Let me know what you think?

Image by @kingyus

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I was so excited to see my first tip! In my opinion you are a lovely welcome to steemit! Don't let anyone let you feel negatively for being such a positive uplifting person to so many newbs. Sending lots of love to you! ❤️

Beep beep. Hi @iamjamie!
You have used tip! in your comment - that`s my magic word for sending tips ;)
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Thanx botty! Muah!

Botty, you send tips to anyone who writes tip! in his/her comment?! Why? I mean it is good, but how, why, who, .. ? :D

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Yeh, First tip, you can not imagine how happy I was, keep it up! :)


Who said that you are spamming?!

You are doing just an awesome work. Tipping newbies is a great way to say hello and expresses the warmness and love of the steemit community.

You should never stop it. :)

Very good! @nitesh9! I also want to know who said such silly thing, a spam! never! Your tip @bottymcbotface was very important surprise to me on my first day here. You showed me generosity, friendliness, companionship in Steemit community. Please never stop your beautiful giving act, this will save quite a few from leaving this place!


Agreed! Thanks for the welcome, very nice :D

Hi Nitesh Plz follow me and Upvote my posts and comment. I am newbie here. I will vote back you and comment on your posts. Thank you @nitesh9

I think what he means is that because there are many people who are wanting to take advantage of someone who is tipping newbies, it creates increases in 'spam' content, that is easy to create by newbies.

AS a newbie myself I think its important for people to feel wanted. The SPAM is going to filter itself out eventually!!

I agree your opinion @nitesh9 because I uploaded #introduceyourself post today and it didn't get enough attention. Fortunately, some good people commented my post and I got a bit confidence. Maybe this is caused by newbie's low steempower.

I just received a tip from you. I thought it was a very nice gesture, thank you.

You should keep it running because you are helping Steemit a lot by that. When I joined 1 week ago i recieved a 0.001 SBD, I know it's not much but I felt amazing, 2 days later another person sent me 0.001 SBD. What I am trying to say is that if you keep sending tips to newcomers you'll make them keep posting and stay here. It's like you motivate them @bottymcbotface. When they barely make 1-2 cents from their posts your tips could make a huge difference in them giving up or still trying.

I am posting this because I enjoyed my first week here and I'd like to see this site grow bigger and bigger.

it will grow for sure :)

Dear Do follow me and Upvote my posts if you like them. I will do same to your posts. Thank you :)

Hi, keep on going, do what you want, it is your money anyway! you can send me as many tips as you want. I do not mind :)


As you like....

Thats not spamming in any way yaar, You are doing great job. Keep it up.. And Never stop it :) I liked your Tip so much

You are doing great ! I would upvote or tip anyone, if they do ask it properly

I'd say it's entirely up to you, there's independent decisions anyone can make here (follow your instincts), same time however, you first started here as a new entity, people took notice to you which help to uplift you and you became greater and wiser than you were from the start. I appreciate you because you left me a tip when I first started almost 3 months ago to this day, I learned how to acquire steem power, and now I have the chance to give some of that back to the growing community. That uplifts me, and I'm sure it still uplifts you.


BTW, The Fonz pays respects!

Thanks, bro!

Awww, everyone loves you botty!

Keep it up I really like what you are doing. I'm also saying hi and providing a guide link for the new users to read and understand. I think this is very important. You are doing an amazing job. @OriginalWorks

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I feel that you are showing the love and helping to drive people to create and that is what this is about. You will never know who that might inspire to greatness and you will have been a part of that. Good on you! to some it may only bring a giggle or smile but that is a great thing in its self to others it may inspire them to keep striving to create better more valuable content that is what this is all about I thank you..

What you did made me feel really amazing, someone has taken the time to open it, maybe read it, and giving some value on it. That's awesome, and helps the newbies as me to continue. Also, the message you leave will not be forgotten. Thanks for being the first one!

Hello @bottymcbotface. Thanks for the tip!

Honestly brother, I was a little bit nervous about my first post. Simply because I am not a writer most of the time. I'm used to people on Facebook sharing stupid little tidbits that don't mean anything. You made me feel like I was being welcomed into this wonderful community. So don't worry about what other people think and keep up your good work and positive attitude. We want better content on here so we need to bring more people. I respect people that do things like you. Because that one act of kindness could totally change someone's life. No joke. I don't fully understand this place so thanks for the tip.

As a noob, I thought it was really nice. Do your thing man, UBU. :)

Thankyou botty i have no idea what im doing im a blind minnow bumpin around im tryin tho ... i have no clue what to do for everyone or myself no matter how many help posts i read i keep tryin to make a dtube vid but i get error message when trying to upload a poc or snap im using safari browser any tips would be appreciated.

Try using Chrome, use youtube if it's not copyright. If it is you should reference the original creator. You are on the right tracks!

I just tried chrome thats not workin either :( im usin iphone theres gotta be an answer somewhere ive looked high and low

You commented this to my post too haha

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Not everyone will ever appreciate what you are doing. Tipping newbies does not mean you spaming, it is just a welcome gratitude. It will encourage them to work even harder. Keep up your good work, never stop doing good. Remember, a hand that giveth is blessed

Nope Not at all. You're doing good work man because I've seen many peoples who join Steem because they know they can make money here by posting content but they don't know that's not easy but you are tipping them when they signup that's good way to motivate them to do work. Cheers to you man btw thanks for the tip :)

@mroptimist, I just posted for the first time...and I agree with you completely. It's a kind gesture and it's motivating and encouraging. :)

I think this is a great project and shouldn't be stopped, except if it's harming the overall project of steemit, but I doubt it :)

i dont think you are spamming at all. keep doing what you are doing, with your gesture to tip me was the warmest welcome to the community.

No I think it encourages new users it is important to remember we were all new at some time and some place hey?

Yes i fully agree with yr coz i have also face the same problem they try bully new steemer

Please keep on tipping, if it makes you happy. It definitely makes the new people on steemit happy 😊
Thanks a lot for my first tip!!

Oh no please don't stop, like everyone that commented on this post, your act of generosity is heart warming for me. I only joined a couple of weeks ago I didn't know my way around the community so I felt like non existence. I plug up the courage to do my 'introduceyourself' and you were the first to comment and gave me a tip. I was very encouraged and that helped me to plan articles that I can share. Really appreciate you. Thank you so much!

hm as a newbe my self may tell keep it UP, this type of atetoin is motivating a bit. thanks

The tip and the welcome in very friendly. :) Thank you.

I did not find it annoying at all! I thought it was witty and a good welcome on here. Thank you so much!

You are my first friend. I will remember you. Thanks I hope I will get support from you.

Don't stop I was over the moon when you sent me that tip. I'm new and just learning how to work this site. What you did made me feel welcome and has helped me learn quicker so thank you

I am glad you contacted me thanks!

Thank you for my tip. Thoughtful! I was taken by surprise. Thanks for adding to my day. You are loooooved.

I appreciate your tip 😊

I just saw my first tip and I came here inmediatly, thank you so much! :) Please, keep doing what u feel its good. :D

Hey there! I really appreciated you giving me a warm welcome :) I think it's a good thing to do :) Wish you a wonderful day!

Well, I did appreciate your tip :) It is not about the amount, it is more about the fact that you welcomed me in a nice way!

Giving tips and a nice welcome message to new members are commendable. Keep up the good work. You actually inspire new members like me to participate actively in the Steemit community. BTW, thanks for the tip. :-)

As a newbie, I won't forget the warmth of your welcome .please don't stop

I tend to concur with most comments here, it helps initiate people as to what tipping is all about. Once they have an introduction or a first post out, many people still have much to learn.

It's such a marvelous way of showing endearment. It gave me such an uplifting spirit FOREVER!

I think it is a great idea! Thanks again for the tip.

Hello again botty. I, for 1, appreciated your warm & lucrative welcome. One can often feel invisible on the internet! Thanx de nuevo.

I don't find it spamming, especially if you are helping the new Steemians! (like me). Thank you so much for my first ever tip btw! ^_^

Don't stop the tips. It's a great concept which I personally use. I call it I.B.I (Impact Before Income). I'm going to share a post on this concept soon.

As a newbie, it works for me :) Thanks.

It's a bit of both.

When I put up my first post and saw an immediate tip, I thought, "Awesome, someone saw and liked my post already!" Zing! Instant high.

Then I saw the name "bottymcbotface" and thought, "Oh, it's just a bot, no one has actually seen or liked it - it's just an automated part of the platform. Not so high anymore.

Then I looked a little closer and saw that bottymcbotface is an actual user, good! Then looked even closer to see that it is automated and my post hasn't been seen by a human. Bad.

On the whole, it's a nice gesture.

Hey @bottymcbotface,

No, you shouldn't stop tipping newbies. I very much appreciated your welcome message and tip, and I will remember you when I get rich. :)

Your reply definitely made me feel welcome. Additionally, I'm getting a feel of the tipping system, so again a good thing :)

It didn't look like spam at all, don't worry!

Well i'm glad you tipped me just now! I still don't know how this 'tip' process're kinda smart so i'm following you!

I just saw that you tipped me. Thank you very much. Don't know how it works, just got a message. you gave 4 days ago, and only now I got an aatention to it, strange. But thanks again, it's much appreciated

Hey Mr Bottymcbotface,

You are officially the coolest Bot that i've ever met on the internet. Are all of the new bots as cool as you are?

I doubt it because you're​ the coolest bot of the land.

But anyways, how did you say thanks for the tip again in binary? Oh yea,

01110100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 01110011 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101001 01110000 00100000 01100001 01100111 01100001 01101001 01101110


01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110111 01100101 01101100 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101001 01110010 00100001

what!? the hell you are!!.maybe i cant speak for anyone else but i certainly dont have a problem with you tipping me, when im rich ill definetly remember you!!
keep up the good work !!

I appreciated it!

I like bots.
I like Boaty McBoatface.
I like welcome salutations.
I like crypto.
I liked being welcomed by BottyMcBotface with a crypto-gratuity when I joined steemit.

Just my SBD0.02 worth.

- Neuro McNeuroface
"Lamps are ok, but I like bots."

hey! u sent me a tip! and i really don't think you should stop or that you're being annoying, i mean its a great way to get motivated , in my case im a new steeminian ! so just keep up with ur great job

My vote is to keep up with the tips. At least while we're still in beta. We can re-visit the tipping and such once we move out of beta (IMO).


@bottymcbotface!! Thank you so much for the tip, my new friend! No way!! You're not's incredibly kind of you and encouraging right out of the gate. Thank you! I find it odd that anyone would think what you're doing is spam. I think it's a very nice gesture. :)

Don't stop, keep sharing the happiness! Love that image @kingyus, awesome!

Um, I appreciate you.

I don't know whether is considered spam or not, however you did made feel welcome :)

I think you are doing the right thing. When I was on Steemit on the first day after my First post, you brought a smile on my face for some time! :D I was searching how to send message to you or to write you back, and now I can thank you, finnaly! So thank you :)
I will remember you when I get rich ;)

I really appreciated your tip and welcome message on my first post like 2 weeks ago. It was very motivating and felt the community love. People will see what they want to see. If you enjoy doing it and you mean to help others then keep it up!

Speaking as a newbie myself, it was actually exciting to see the wallet spring into action so quickly. Kinda made my day, so, by all means, keep going!

Am a newbie here and need to learn from you and others.

Keep It Up and Do not stop

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I remember.. it was nice, encouraging and proof that $ actually moves around here and it's not a scam nor a spam .. :)) It feels amazing.. maybe the haters were referring to the message it self that you should change.maybe..feels good to see botty again ..hihi..talking about change if you need any change pose/idea of botty, I still have the file in a special folder ... please let me of charge...see, change is good elimination is not..we are evolving species...keep the welcome message, :))

Thanks for the kind words and the awesome skills in creating the whereismybotty competition post, keep the special folder I might run the competition again in future :]

I just received your tip.
Thanks a lot! Keep it up, thats very motivating!

@bottymcbotface I don't think you should stop tipping newbies. In fact, it's really commendable 👏 👏 I remember that you sent me a tip when I joined a few weeks ago, and it was a really pleasant surprise. It's not about the amount, but about the fact that someone somewhere took the time to send a tip to make me feel welcome. So that's why I will remember you when I am rich :)
Additionally, what you do will make others, including myself one day pay it forward.

First time to be in this community ahh I am so excited. I just posted my self-introduction and got the support from you. Thxxxxx and good luck to you allllll ❤️ 😘

Thank you for the tip my brother and the question posted here. Definitely don't stop tipping noobs. You were and thus far are my only tip and I can tell you that the tip left on my post is the type of thing that will make our crypto grow! New to steam I wrote a fairly lengthy but very sincere introduction. I what's sure if my time invested would be compensated with a monetary value or just the therapeutic nature of letting the metaphoric pen drip but I wrote it anyway. Afterwards I went about my day, I ran up to the local Corner Store to grab myself a Black and Mild and when I got back out to my car there it was, my first tip! That feeling was great but it was also the ceremonial Laying of one upon many of the cornerstones that will fuel the growth of this network that we are building together and I thank you for that.

The idea of steem is revolutionary, never before has an invention placed monetary value first and foremost on the individual not the currency but that is whats going on here.

Short answer - NO - You keep doing what you are doing. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and tip. You never know how someones day is going and nice gesture go along way. I look forward to the day when I will be doing the same thing. Thanks again :)

No not at all
I felt inspired with tips and welcome note on my first post

i think a little to a newbie like will helps alot. starting to a site like this is not easy without a help from members of the community..

Don't stop what you are doing botty. It's just nice to receive tips, especially if you are just here. That 0.001 SBD feels like a 100 SBD. It makes us all want to stay here and maybe one day become a whale, and in the meantime we are having fun!

I'm new, and I didn't expect a tip. I'm happy with a welcome only. But, thank you for the kind monetary gesture. I think it's nice to do.

I can only speak for myself but I would feel safe to speculate that other new users feel the same way I do, I liked your tip on my opening post. I was happy to have comments on my post and it was even more exciting when I saw a tip!
I say keep it up #minnowsupport!
If people are opposing they are not doing it out of love it is likely out of jealousy for your great insentive. Tip as much and as often as you like!

Keep supporting newbie!

Maybe the tip should be a bit higher or dont do it all.. I am sure it was ok when steem was still very new. I can see how sending 0.001 steem looks kind of like spam now. I am not against what you do and think you are great for the community, I am just offering a point of view.

I will not tell you to stop or continue, but I'd tell you how I felt when I received mine. I didn't really know my left or my right and was looking to make a lot of friends as soon as possible. And here was someone who didn't know me, sending me SBD (regardless of the amount). I felt GREAT. And your message says You saw potential in me....

I'm gonna be rich, And I'm going to remember you

I like the message too. It's uplifting when you join knowing no one and someone sends you a tip and remind you to remember him when you are rich. I think that's awesome!

NO NO!! You're not spamming! I think it's a great way to welcome new people here! I support you! 👍🏻💪🏻🙂

I also think this is awesome... pleas don`t stop the welcome party... every 0.x is better than that 0.0 on the wallet ;)

I don't think it should be called spamming.
You are you helping newbies

You told me to remember you when I get rich. I promise I will after Winter! Brace yourself, The long night is coming!

Don't stop, us Minnows need help. 0.001 SBD feels a lot better than 0.00

I'm surprised you haven't started a resteeming service with all of your followers.

It's crossed my circuits, maybe in the future

nice..i like it..

You are doing a great job. Especially when you tip newbees. That will help motivate the newbees to stay active and contribute more. Thanks for the tip. It is very much appreciated.

I liked the personal message you added to your tip to me, and yes, I did appreciate it. If that's how you welcome newbies, then by all means, keep doing it.

Cheers from a Steemit noob. :)

No, keep on doing what ever you like. It's not like you're begging for follows or anything.
I'll remember you when I'm rich!

The first impression is the most important one and hard to change. I just joined and immediately felt this is a lovely community. From my experience the first opinion that's voiced sets the mood and I believe your message and tip is not just nice for the individual but extremely important to the general communication here. Nobody is born a hater, and when people are welcomed in a nice way they are more likely to act accordingly unto others.

Keep on it mate, your' so great. ;)

What? No! Your welcome post are a good motivator to keep on going, and really make me enthusiastic about using this platform. Im sure many others feel the same.

As one of the newbies who you reached out to, I can say that it was exciting and a great welcome to the community. I say it's a great way to bring people in and get them excited about Steemit

No, don't stop tipping. 1: because when you give, you open the flow for you to receive so much more; 2: most of use will take a look at your blog and follow you. Be blessed. -Lee (

As a newbie that just got a tip from you, I'd have to agree with others that say it makes for a nice, warm, welcome to the Steemit community. Much more engaging that that other, well-known social network site! And I thank you!

Never ever stop lol.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello @bottymcbotface. I don't think you are. As a benefitor of your tip, it feels good receiving this $0.001 that I can use when I was just starting.

You're one of the first motivation here on steemit. That line "Remember me when you are rich", it sticks to our least it stuck to mine