Week 22 Results Of My $44/Day Crypto Investment

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Twenty Two weeks have passed since I mentioned I was starting my $44/day experiment.

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Alright, whats up Steemit!? The tone of this update will not be very PG friendly. The manipulation in the market is so effing obvious you'd be blind to not realize this. Bloomberg just posted an article this morning stating the US would be investing a market manipulation scheme to influence the prices. First and foremost great but secondly good luck finding these idiots. As always I'll continue to make my daily buys and forget about the BS. -Zach

Weekly Buys

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  • $44/day *GDAX limit orders to avoid fees
  • Purchases are made Every Day Except LTC * Every Other Day* 9am EST
  • Even amounts split between BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
  • If traveling I'll pre purchase those days ahead of time
  • Weekly posts with cumulative returns

Shout-out to the Crypto Coin Trader Facebook Page


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