The crypto tags are dropping but that a good thing.

in blog •  8 months ago


I noticed over the last couple of weeks that the cryptocurrency and crypto tags has been dropping, and to be honest, it makes me happy. Sure Steem, a cryptocurrency, is the underlying reason most people post on Steemit, but it was never meant to be the focus of the platform. It would be like if the thing most people talked about was networking and how the algorithms that curated your feed worked on Facebook. I'm not saying that people shouldn't post about crypto or Steem but in the end, there is such a diverse amount of interesting topics to talk about and that really fleshes out the network and appeals to a wider group of people from all walks of life. Because what we really want is for people to use Steem to share their ideas right? To talk about the complex things and the average things, the topic itself isn't all that important but it's really the deeper conversation and exchange that we get the true value from.

Anyway, that's all I have to say, now I'll get off my sentimental soapbox. Shame. I like it up here.

How about you my fellow Steemians? Notice a difference? If so, do you like?

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