Photocircle Digest: "Minimalism photography"

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If there is a style in photography that I find truly intriguing - it has to be Minimalism.

It's a style that utilize a minimum amount of detail that is shown into the image. It encourages the focus on the subject and free the frame from clutters brought by other elements of the scene.


The minimalism style also motivate the photographer to look at the scene in its basic form. As a result, the photo is less dynamic however, it's subjectively more thought-provoking. At a certain point of interpretation to the image, some would think of it as absurd or unreal.


I personally think that by viewing a photo that is created with a minimalist approach, it has extended the boundary on how I perceive reality over graphical representation of what art could be.



So what are the factors that makes a good minimalism photos? There are many factors that affect the outcome of the photo, let me talk about the three major aspects of it.


1. Light

As for every photography style, it has to start with the light, it has to be either sufficient enough to lit the scene and exemplify the subject. It has to be simple to create a uniform distribution across the scene. The goal is to eliminate distraction or complication around the scene.




2. Composition

In one of the topics of the Photocircle Digest series, we talked about the "Rule of Thirds", a technique that suggest a specific position for the subject to be at the intersection / along the lines of thirds. This technique is a good starting point for the composition of your subject with respect to the principles of minimalism. Since the setup is mainly composed of the background and the subject, it is wise to position the subject into the most interesting spot.




3. Color

Since the minimalism encourages the use of less elements within the frame, it has a tendency to result to boring or less interesting image. As a way to revive the impact of the photo, we will have to employ the excitement from the use of colors - specifically the complimentary ones. The introduction of colors will ignite some tension to the scene and it will generate more interest to the subject of the image.




Over the past months of our curation effort, we have came across quite a bunch of photos that aligns to the concept of minimalism. Though it wasn't a common style for many, we would like to change it by increasing the motivation among the photographers who wanted to venture to this style. So, below are some of the photos that caught our attention, from the Steem community and was curated by yours truly:


Photography by @tcpolymath


Photography by @vinceboisgard

Photography by @luxdelux

Photography by @ileana56

Photography by @grizzabella

Photography by @coloneljethro


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