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Photography is a visual language and it’s universal. Without a word, a person is able to interpret the deeper sense of an image. We are able to comprehend a scenery, emotion, and even a culture through a single frame.

A single photo is able to describe a scenario that will require a thousand words for a person to explain. It’s really powerful!

More about photography, there are quite a number of styles that describe a person’s point of view of everything around us.

One of the styles that never fail to interest the viewers is Macro photography.

It’s a technique that takes small objects or tiny creatures and bring it to a scale that is larger than our eyes can apprehend. A style that is best achieved by using a dedicated macro lens that has a minimum 1:1 magnifying capacity.

It’s a technique that is often applied in capturing photos of small creatures like bugs or a minuscule sized flower. The objective of this technique is to showcase the fine details of the subject that is invisible to the human eye.

When done right, the outcome of the photo is staggering. For the same reason, macro lenses are sought after by the enthusiasts of this style.

Since a great macro image has a high reliance to the lens that is being used, the price of good lenses are also one of the expensive type.

To give you a little trivia on what could be the most expensive macro lens ever produced, we have that ARRI Master Macro 100mm T2.0 F Lens has a staggering price tag of USD $31,240.00 (EUR €27,497.45) as listed on

Now that we laid out the basic facts about the macro photography style, let’s look into some of the amazing macro photo works by the Steem community. These images were curated by yours truly, enjoy:


Photography by @faltermann


Photography by @mikeycolon


Photography by @digitalis


Photography by


Photography by @naturephoto


Photography by @digitalis


Photography by @akinome


Photography by @boddhisattva


Photography by @angrysage


Photography by @faltermann


So, after viewing these amazing images from the Steem photography community, you might get the motivation to go out and do some macro shots. That's great!

Some would say that creating a macro photo requires a bit of luck however, it doesn't mean that luck is the only thing that makes a good photo. Most of the time, hard work and patience are the key that would actually make a great photo.

If you happen to produce your macro shots, whether using your DSLR or a smartphone, feel free to tag it to #photocircle and we will try our best to curate through it. You may also comment the link of your macro photo post so it will be easier for us to find it.

Have fun in exploring and shooting!


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Thank you - amazing photos! I like especially the one from @faltermann! LGG

Thanks for your feedback @gaich😊 and yes, @faltermann is truly a master on this style.

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Wow, very nice pics! I think it is not only the lense, it is the photographer him self who makes the difference. ;-)

That's also true since a lens is just a tool and the creativity comes from the photographer. Thanks for your feedback @kadna😊

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Stunning macro shots! I never knew how expensive those macro lenses could be. I am still struggling with the cheap macro lens and smartphone but for a start it is OK. The key is patience and practice.

Thanks for pointing out "practice" @nelinoeva, such a good feedback from you.

And yes, the high-end lens is crazy expensive however, we do think that the standard lenses can also produce a standout image. It all depends on the photographer's skill.

Such amazing photos inspired me to get involved into the macrophotography.

Great. Enjoy photography @nelinoeva 📸😉

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Many thanks for your support!

Posted using Partiko Android

The pleasure is ours and we would like to others to support the Steem photo community as well. Cheers😊

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Thank you for the mention of my work and for your support! 😀👍

You're welcome 😊🥂

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Very well summoned and great pictures :)

Thanks for your feedback @yash.shah1😊

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This time I caught up with the photograph of Photography by @faltermann. It is rare to see mushrooms from such a perspective in such a beautiful scenery. It is also worth taking a photo of Photography by @digitalis taking a photo of such a small creature, and this in motion certainly required photographic skill. My soul is happy that it came across the #photocircle tag

Great feedback @swiatfotoobrazow👍😊 we're happy that the photos that we featured are inspiring you.

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I have some pretty wicked macro shots!