Photocircle Digest: "Long-exposure photography"

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With the addition of advance features to the modern day camera or DSLRs, there have been advancement on the kind of photography styles that a photographer can create.

One of which is the Long-exposure photography. A style that is also known by the names time-exposure or slow-shutter photography. The technique is done by setting the camera to Manual or Bulb mode and use a slow shutter speed, the effect is best observed when the shutter speed is set to around 5 - 30 secs. By doing this, the camera has to be steady, a tripod is helpful in this set-up. The result of the image is characterised by the blurring effect to the elements in the frame that are moving while keeping the static elements sharply captured.   What are the best usage of long-exposure technique? There are many simple scenes that is made astonishing with the use of slow-shutter technique. 1. Light Trails photography These are scenes that are mostly captured at night. The low light condition at night compliments the distinct artificial lights from the street lamps or the driving vehicles along the street.
source   2. Steel Wool photography It's achieved by the use of burning steel wool that is spinned on mid air. The act of spinning, will release the hot embers through the air which creates the array of lights from the center of the spin.
source   3. Light Painting In a similar way as light trails & steel wool, light painting is also achieved through the use of slow shutter speed setting. The only difference is the use of handheld light that is used to paint or draw on mid air.

The use of long-exposure technique is not limited to the mentioned styles  above which, we came to realise through our curation of photos from the Steem community:

Photography by @anthonywong
Photography by @grizzabella
Photography by @xperimentalphoto
Photography by @fiftysixnorth
Photography by @gunnarheilmann
Photography by @photographercr
Photography by @keithboone
Photography by @mafufuma

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Thanks for including my shot in this collection. Also, I find @xperimentalphoto's light painting absolutely stunning. Definitely the best of the bunch in my opinion. So good!


Indeed, long-exposure photography is really something. It's a pleasure to curate for these amazing works, yours included. Cheers :)

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Thanks @davidke20🥂😊

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Photographies are great 👌👍

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We're glad about that @zpzn,🥂😊

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Amazing! I looking good app to android long exposure.

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