10 Steemit Posts I Enjoyed Reading This Week.

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Would you like to see the 10 Steemit posts I enjoyed reading this week because you might like them too? There are a lot of good posts on Steemit and I hope you will like this selection.

10 Steemit Posts I Enjoyed Reading This Week.

Maybe one of your recent post made it to this list, see if that is the case.

10 Steemit Posts I Enjoyed Reading This Week.

These posts I selected are about different topics such as cooking, motivation, photography, art, music, philosophy, fitness, technology and poetry. You can see that it is a wide range of interest and I first looked at the posts of people I follow, then the posts of people who commented on my posts.

You are invited to read them all, upvote them and comment.

(Not in any specific order)

Pamcooks Tasty Tunaliscious Samosas!! ❤🥔🌽🧀❤

Author: @pamcooks

Pamcooks Tasty Tunaliscious Samosas!!

I honestly can not believe how popular my last post was with my pukkah parantha.So following on from this, I thought Iwould give you another one of my fab fusion recipes.Incorporating my favourite indian snack with my favourite sandwich filling. I know sounds crazy but the taste is incredible! Seriously!!


Author: @mistermercury


I had no idea what I was getting into when I first came to Steemit. Truly, I didn't. I thought I would have the opportunity to write and perhaps get paid for it. Maybe even create a decent income. Kind of funny but I think I've made about .75 cents per hour so far, if that! But I've been so richly rewarded in ways I could not have imagined.

Steemit tips : How to avoid phishing scam

Author: @emma001

Steemit tips : How to avoid phishing scam

The phishing scam is on the rise now, as several people have fallen victims to the tactics. Phishing is a way or tactics hackers/scammers employ by posting deceitful/malicious links in a user's comment section in other to get users to fall prey and gain full access or control to a steemit user account.

Poetry: A Planet of Reverie

Author: @emdesan

Poetry: A Planet of Reverie

Have you ever been
to the planet they call Utopia
Where realms of reverie come alive,
And anyone can feel
The soul of the soulest;

Chiang Mai Taphae Gate - Thailand

Author: @ricko66

#myplace Chiang Mai Taphae Gate - Thailand

Today I would like to continue with the project #myplace and show you a little more about the town of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Today I want to bring you to Taphae Gate on the eastern side of the Old City is one of the most famous landmarks of Chiang Mai.

Stephen Hawking Poster | Graphic Design by AJ Brockman

Author: @abrockman

Stephen Hawking Poster | Graphic Design by AJ Brockman

Sometimes your hardware just gives out… until we can reboot my friend!

"My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well, and don't regret the things it interferes with. Don't be disabled in spirit as well as physically." – Stephen Hawking.

Making Excuses - We All Do It, But How Can We STOP?

Author: @annemariemay

Making Excuses - We All Do It, But How Can We STOP?

More often than I think we’d all like to admit, the harder decision can be the better decision. We have an inherent desire to avoid negative emotions, so we find ways to bail ourselves out by formulating reasons why the questionable decisions we’ve made are ok and why we should take the easy way out. It’s natural, and we all do it - sometimes without even realizing it.

Sweet Sixteen - Billy Idol (Cover by Ed Privat)

Author: @edprivat

Sweet Sixteen - Billy Idol (Cover by Ed Privat)

I really enjoy discovering new artists, through the song requests, today it's a song from Billy Idol, it's called "Sweet Sixteen", and it's requested by my buddy Deon aka @Kryptoe, go check out his work, he is pretty amazing! Congratulation on winning 0.5 SBD brother! What a great song :) I had such a fun time recording it this week!

Can You Change A Negative Mindset?

Author: @nomadicsoul

Can You Change A Negative Mindset?

You know what drives me nuts? When I see someone holding themselves back. When I see HUGE potential in someone, but they don’t see it themselves.

When the ONLY thing stopping someone…

…is themselves!

Steaming Sticky Rice Bangkok Thailand dailyfoodphotography

Author: @fitinfun

Steaming Sticky Rice Bangkok Thailand dailyfoodphotography

Here is the set up for steaming a massive amount of sticky rice over at my Thai friends’ house. If you had asked me to guess how sticky rice was cooked, this would not have been my answer. I did not even know it was steamed at all.

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Wow great ...
Thanks for sharing

Thank you for commenting.

nice post.
Is @annemariemay motivate you for the exercise ? ;-)
(just kidding )

This post encouraged me to continue because I like to see how others are doing it.

I love Samosas! I tried many of them in Asia and they are really yummy!
We have many phishing scams on steemit and after my account was stolen I am trying to be very careful with unknown links. But there is another big problem that we are facing! They steal the money and transfer it out of Steemit, but nobody does anything to stop the process. They stole money from different users and everyone can see that in their wallet. I hope that Steemit will provide a live chat for immediate help or block the scammers accounts and return the money to the users. I think we really need that :(

Thank you for your comment. Steem is decentralized and that is the inconvenience because we have to be responsible for our funds. Nobody can help except in spreading awareness of the problem.

I know, but the problem is that scammers are taking advantage of this fact. Their accounts are still active and they are still doing it again and again. There should be a solution for this problem :(

I will be very happy if you can read one of my post https://steemit.com/attitude/@hardaeborla/attitude-is-everything

I read your article and everything is about attitude. Thank you for commenting @hardaeborla.

Thank you very much sir... I am very grateful

Thanks for including me in your top 10. Appreciate it. Browsing my way through your posts... always good stuff. I do have one COMPLAINT however. I spend too much time here on your blog and am neglecting others! Blessings.

Thank you very much @mistermercury, comments like yours encourage me to write more.

Thank you @gmichelbkk for the feature! So flattered to be part of the list!

talking about phishing...i. can't understand why my hard earned money from steemit had been unlucky because of that stealing style...they are demons attacking online...it happened in my philippine wallet already..but still blessed that the rest of my SBD was saved and i managed to trNsfer to my husband's account...it was a relief somehow...its nice that you posted about it too since its really alarming to all of us..steeming hard and to just be into anothers account...such a sad situation really...

Thank you for your comment @jerelyn. Unfortunately phishing is not new, it has been used for bank accounts, websites and now cryptocurrency. Hope we will find solutions to protect ourselves better.

Just had a quick read into each of them, They seem quite interesting. Glad to find my post amongst them. It's a pleasure sir, thanks for sharing

Thank you for your kind comment @emma001.

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