OpenLedger 2017 Update - Happy Holidays To All! Crowdfunding Blockchain Tech is Crowdfunding The Future.

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OpenLedger Team wishes Happy Holidays to all!

Happy Holidays to you all!

Sending you these best wishes are followed with a short update on all ecosystems connected one way or the other with the OpenLedger decentralized conglomerate also shown as a special galaxy of cross promotional and marketing related activities among them all and with OBITS in orbits around them all benefitting from all as the official token of the DC.

In coming month we will present some various stages to improve and strengthen this digital token, and we start with phase one on the buyback date of January 3.

  1. Up untill Jan. 3 buyback will take place from the monthly 5% revenue from ICOO activities. So far in last three months a total of 200 000 BTSR has already been bought back and are now listed on the ICOO account named the same "icoo". We expect to buy back in coming 10 days the amount of BTC 0,60.

  2. Buy back based on revenue from site and burned

  3. As part of a 3 phase action within the first 6 months of 2017, we start with phase one, burning all BTSR issued and/or created in order to leave a total remaining supply of 3 million BTSR.

In coming months we will see how OBITS will react in regards to the added revenues entering based on the increasing activities of the ecosystems BloggersClub500 regarding marketing, regarding crowd sales and the solutions offered as part of the Economic Enterprise Engine - 3.0 Crowdfunding, with its added advertising of OpenLedger and its ecosystems, and finally the increasing traction and userbase of OpenLedger DEX.

  1. Up untill Jan. 2 buyback will take place from the monthly 10% revenue from ICOO activities. So far in last three months a total of 200 000 OBITS has already been bought back and are now listed on the ICOO account named the same "icoo". We expect to buy back in coming 10 days the amount of BTC 1,20 and further more buy back for a final burn of another 20% from ICOO revenues meaning some 2,40 BTC. This procedure will happen every month and increase in volume the more succesful we will see ICOO will become.

  2. January 2, we will buy back and burn on the base of revenues generated from OpenLedger DC, already now we have seen a very nice excel report presented every month in last 6 months giving detail about the progress of OBITS.

  3. Get ready for the buyback and burn of OBITS February 2nd. I believe that will be the date where OBITS will rise very well in value due to a rather large amount of revenues achieved from the activities of ICOO in the form of starting their early bird offering today or in next coming days in connection with their OBITS.WARRANTS as a special bonus to all of their master token sales. More on the OBITS.WARRANT on the other funding session where OBITS will benefit on Feb. 2 in the form of buyback and burn on the base of the warrants. Check it out in the special offer for

ICOO also known as ICO OpenLedger is the digital equity token fueled by the revenues achieved by the crowdfunding solutions and services of OpenLedger handled by CCEDK team and all operations listed on the CCEDK website. At present we have the two bigger crowd sales coming up in the form of Centz , check out their special news letter sent out earlier today with a special BTC price protection added as a special benefit, it does not get much better, when you know on top that they can only start spending any funds according to set milestones and escrow terms and conditions. The other one is Apptrade, a future big player I believe on OpenLedger as well as the global market all over, and we have been so fortunate to have them choose the BitShares platform and OpenLedger DC as the ones they believe will help make the stockmarket of apps the preferred market for any inside or outside WallStreet brokers and/or similarly for other stockmarkets worldwide. 2017 will be a great year indeed. Both Crowdsales will take place end of January 2017, and already now it is possible to get in early on the action taking part in their early bird offering, both of them with some great bonuses added not seen by anyone else amking them both stand out not only with their products but also with their offerings before and duing the crowd sale also known by many as the ICO.

  1. January 2, 2017 ICOO holders will receive for the first time the revenues dropped on the accounts of the shareholders proportionally to what they hold. It is expected a drop of some 7,8 BTC as way of saying Happy New Year. The Buyback and burn will stop and monthly share dropping will take over, as we are now in a position to offer a monthly minimum of some 2% of the marketcap.

  2. ICOO is also a portfolio of funds, based on parts of the tokens from revenues received performing the various Crowdfunding services and marketing based activities, and It will be much more clear in 2017 what kind of value this portfolio will give to all holders, as a monthly drop of revenue from this portfolio is expected to amount of some 2% of the marketcap listed on CoinMarketCap. And this is apart from the revenues achieved from the ongoing services not expected to become less but in fact to increase in monthly volume. ICOO holders share with CCEDK/OpenLedger the revenues after costs have been deducted with an even 50/50.

This was all for now. I wish to give you much more information, it will however have to wait untill the New Year.

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year

Sincerely yours,

Ronny Boesing and the CCEDK/OpenLedger team

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Can you explain the difference between normal asset and smartcoin on bitshares ?

With the help of Fabian also known as Xeroc in BitShares and Steemit, I managed to publish an article on exactly that some months ago, have a look at the following link:

Enjoy and Happy New Year. Let me know if that is not answering in full, and I will get you any missing points as well. Regards Ronny Boesing, CEO, OpenLedger ApS

Thank you. Merry Christmas.