List of Eos Block Producers Candidates by Continents - May 2018

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Eos is decentralised, autonomous, open source blockchain platform that is designed to allow people to build, host and govern decentralised applications, and deploy them without having to have any servers.

Eos Blockchain is going to be operated and governed by #decentralised entities, called Block Producers, on behalf of and elected by Eos #stakeholders.

There will be many BP, however only to 21 form consensus and take turns to produce the blocks in the Eos Blockchain.

173 EOS Block Producers Candidates Detected - 20/05/2018

_ Number of EOS BP Candidates by continent.jpg

To see Density of Eos Block Producer Candidates on the World click Here - Cartogram
To see Eos Block Producer Candidates (%) By Continent Here - Pie Chart

List of Eos BP Candidates by #Continents - 20/05/2018

The order of Eos BP Candidates in the table is random and does not represent their capabilities.

#Decentralised BP
1Eos VibesNetherland, Ireland, GermanyWeb Steemit
2eosDACBritish Virgin Islands, UK, Romania, Gibraltar, South KoreaWeb Steemit
3MEET ONESingapore, China, JapanWeb Steemit
4EosHuobi.poolChina, USA, Singapore, Japan, South Korea,Web Steemit

#North #America
1EOS NationCanadaWebSteemit
2Eos CanadaCanadaWebSteemit
3EOS CaféCanadaWebSteemit
4BP NodeCanadaWebSteemit
5Eos LandCanadaWebSteemit
6EOS VanCanadaWeb
7EOS TitanCanadaWeb Steemit
8EOS New YorkUSAWeb Steemit
9EoSoCalUSAWeb Steemit
10SaltBlockUSAWeb Steemit
11EOS TribeUSAWeb Steemit
12BlockGenicUSAWeb Steemit
13EOS Block SmithUSAWeb Steemit
14EOS DetroitUSAWeb Steemit
15TChain EOSUSAWeb Steemit
16BlockPro.OneUSAWeb Steemit
17Bitcoin GodUSASteemit
18CypherglassUSAWeb Steemit
19EOS SLCUSAWeb Steemit
20Free SpaceUSAWeb Steemit
21EOS Silicon ValleyUSAWeb Steemit
22Infinity StonesUSAWeb Steemit
23The SwarmUSAWeb Steemit
24eosflare.ioUSAWeb Steemit
26Active EOSUSAWeb Steemit
28EOS LoveUSAWeb Steemit
29Aloha EOSUSAWeb Steemit
30EOS Tax ReliefUSAWeb Steemit
31EOS OklahomaUSAWeb
32Colorado Blockchain CapitalUSAWeb
36EOSMXMexicoWeb Steemit
37EOS MESOGuatemalaWeb Steemit
38EOS Costa RicaCosta RicaWeb
39StarteosCayman IslandsWeb Steemit
40EOSDR.ioDominican RepublicWeb Steemit
41EOS The World LLCPuerto RicoWeb
42TOP.ONEBritish Virgin IslandsWeb Steemit
43BitFinexBritish Virgin IslandsWeb Medium
44BP SquaredDominican RepublicWeb

#South #America
1Eos RioBrasilWeb Steemit
2EOS ArgentinaArgentinaWeb Steemit

1EOS MetalIcelandWeb Steemit
3EOS DublinIrelandWeb Steemit
4EOS UKUKWeb Steemit
5EOS 42UKWeb Steemit
6EOS AuthorityUKWeb Steemit
7Block MatrixUKWeb Steemit
8shEOSSpainWeb Steemit
10blockmeisterGermanyWeb Steemit
11TokenikaPolandWeb Steemit
12EOS EmargePolandWeb Steemit
13Eos GreenPolandWeb Steemit
14RoelandpNetherlandsWeb Steemit
15EOS AmsterdamNetherlandsWeb Steemit
16EOS-NLNetherlandsWeb Steemit
17EOSio SESwedenWeb Busy
18BitSpaceNorwayWeb Steemit
19EOS VikingsNorwayWeb
20ChainRift LLCSlovenia
21Crypto LionsUkraineWeb Steemit
22Attic LabUkraineWeb Steemit
23BlockchainLab EOSUkraineWeb Steemit
24EOS RomaniaRomaniaFacebook
25Distributed Found EOS BPRussiaWeb Steemit
26Advanced Inginering Solutions LLCRussiaWeb Steemit

1EOS NAIROBIKenyaWeb Steemit
2BuildTeamSouth AfricaWeb Steemit
3eosafricaSouth AfricaWeb
4Batpool LimitedSeychelles

1LiquidEOSIsraelWeb Steemit
2EOS_ArabiaSaudi ArabiaSteemit
3Eos Block Producer DubaiDubaiFacebook
4Eos IndiaIndiaWeb Steemit
5EOS BPACIndiaWeb Steemit
6LibertyBlockBhutanWeb Steemit
7EOS AsiaChina HKWeb Steemit
8EOS UnionChina HKWeb Steemit
9EOS.HedgingChina HKWeb Steemit
10EOS RaychainChina HKWeb Steemit
11HKEOSChina HKWeb Steemit
12eoswancloudChina HKWeb Steemit
13BlockCCChina HKWeb Steemit
14DAO.EOSChina HKWeb
15Oracle ChainChinaWeb Steemit
16Eos OnoChinaWeb Steemit
17EOS CannonChinaWeb Steemit
18ChainPoolChinaWeb Steemit
19EOS ShenzhenChinaWeb Steemit
20EOS GravityChinaSteemit Web
21Eos GeekChinaSteemit
2291EosChinaWeb Weibo
23Eos.CybexChinaWeb Steemit
24WhateosChinaWeb Steemit
25HelloEOSChinaWeb Steemit
26EosAntpoolChinaWeb Steemit
27EOSecoChinaWeb Steemit
28EOSROOTChinaWeb Steemit
29EOS WTZChinaWeb Steemit
30Eos BeijingChinaWeb Steemit
31Eos.StoreChinaWeb Steemit
32EOSCUBEChinaWeb Steemit
33eosbiduChinaWeb Steemit
34ViaBTCChinaWeb Steemit
35Eos BepalChinaWeb Steemit
36Eos WenzhouChinaWeb Steemit
37EOS JRRChinaWeb Steemit
38SuperONEChinaWeb Steemit
39EOSpaceChinaWeb Steemit
40Eos TeaChinaWeb Steemit
41EOS CollegeChinaWeb Steemit
42EOS.LAWYERChinaWeb Steemit
43Fire Cloud BlockchainChinaWeb
45EOSPalliumsChinaWeb Steemit
46EOSvillageChinaWeb Steemit
47EOSchainChinaWeb Steemit
48EOS GalaxyChinaWeb Steemit
49EOSHangZhouChinaWeb Steemit
50EOS ShanghaiChinaWeb
51EOSMatrixChinaWeb Steemit
54EOS GamesChinaWeb
56Hwallet Technology Company LimitedChina
57EOS PandaChina
58EOS 90sChina
60EOS Anchor ChainChina
61Eos BIXINThailandWeb Steemit
62EOSPHOROSThailandWeb Steemit
63EOSKhCambodiaWeb Steemit
64EOSYSSouth KoreaWeb Steemit
65EoSeoulSouth KoreaWeb Steemit
66CoinoneSouth KoreaWeb
67AcroEOSSouth KoreaWeb Steemit
68EOS.fishSouth KoreaWeb Steemit
69TEAM KEOSSouth KoreaWeb Medium
70PAYGATESouth Korea
71Vora VRSouth Korea
72Eos Node OneSouth KoreaWeb Steemit
73EosLaoMaoJapanWeb Steemit
74JEDAJapanWeb Steemit
75Unlimited EOSJapanWeb Steemit
76EOS JapanJapanWeb
77CIGEosTaiwanWeb Steemit
78EOS PHPhilippinesWeb Steemit
79Eosio.SGSingaporeWeb Steemit
80Eos SingaporeSingaporeWeb Steemit
81EOSHCCSingaporeWeb Steemit
82EODREALSingaporeWeb Steemit
83webvrSingaporeWeb Steemit
84EOS MediSharesSingaporeWeb Steemit
85GEOSSingaporeWeb Steemit
87Eos StarsIndonesia

#Australia & #Oceania
1EOSphereAustraliaWeb Steemit
2GenerEOS SydneyAustraliaWeb Steemit
4EoZnzNew ZealandWeb Steemit

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If you have questions, comments or updates about EOS Block Producer Candidates please reach out to me at: Telegram or Twitter

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EOS Costa Rica is not in North America, should be under Central America. Great post though! We agree decentralization is key!

I know what you mean It is Central America. But I wanted to base my research on continents and it belongs to North America. Russia was a real challenge :) I'm glad you like my post. Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Gosia great post thanks for listing EOS UK correctly, we appreciate it :-)

Cheeky :) I'm glad I made you happy :)

Nice post, super useful information!

Thank you so much aclarkuk82 Your help much appreciated!

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