Eos Block Producers Candidates- Statistics by Continents - May 2018

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Eos is decentralised, autonomous, open source blockchain platform that is designed to allow people to build, host and govern decentralised applications, and deploy them without having to have any servers.

Eos is unique in the #blockchain industry because is a first platform design from the grand up for scalability, which means can support millions of transactions per second, and support real word use cases serving millions of users.

This #technology allows us to all come together, and start governing ourselves in a way that we want to be governed.

Eos is primarily about building a community of people all around the World who share a common vision for how to make The World better place.

Eos Blockchain is going to be operated and governed by #decentralised entities called Block Producers. They will be delegated by token holders, and work on their behalf.

There will be many BP, however only to 21 form consensus and take turns to produce the blocks in the Eos Blockchain.

To see a #list of EOS Block Producers Candidates click Here.
_EOS BP Candidates World Map.jpg
_EOS BP Candidates % by Continent.jpg

173 EOS Block Producers Candidates Detected - 20/05/2018

_ Number of EOS BP Candidates by continent.jpg

To make Eos truly decentralised, autonomous platform, the 21 Block Producers should be distributed evenly around the World. This kind of approach will provide better protection from natural or political disasters to the Eos network.

The choice of BP in creating those cartograms does not represent my voting preferences and should be treated only as a visual resource of representation strong vs weak geopolitical decentralisation of Eos network.
_EOS BP Strong Decentralisation.jpg No more that 1 Block Producer per Country, No more that 5 Block Producers per Continent

_EOS BP Weak Decentralisation.jpg Roughly Proportional Representation of the Block Producers by Country

Contact Information

If you have questions, comments or updates about EOS Block Producer Candidates please reach out to me at: Telegram or Twitter

Primary source of research: https://steemit.com/@eosgo, EosGoYouTubeChannel
Secondary source of research: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@EOSGov, https://eos.io, https://medium.com, https://www.reddit.com


Nice overview! Curios what the actual distribution map will look like!

Good analysis.
I hope you keep the good work.