Lesson 24 - Customize RSI Alerts & Multiple Charts, Pro Features of Trading View

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I have personally been on and off using Trading View paid features. Though lately I've been too lazy to manually customize TV and have found the multiple chart features very handy. In addition to that, the RSI alerts feature is a must have for me that notifies me of overbought / oversold regions. This is how I set it up and I hope it can give you insight if you've been thinking of purchasing TV for their additional features.

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Lesson 24 - Customize RSI Alerts & Multiple Charts, Pro Features of Trading View

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Superb as always!!! Thank you :)

Here is a little tip that I found along the way... I use a website called MultiCoinCharts. It's still limited to 3 indicators but super helpful and it's free!

will definitely look into it sir. :) you're from canada right? I see i'm not the only one up at night :)

Take a look and let me know what you think :) I have taken quite a liking to it but after watching your video, I am definitely considering a paid TV account for those RSI notifications!

Haha yeah I am in Alberta, so I am an hour behind you... I am always up at this time, usually go to sleep at around 6am! :)

Haha I'm up very late too. WOWWW This site is killer man. This is friggen wicked!!! I gotta tell everyone about it soon.

Lol glad I'm not the only one!
I find that I'm more productive and learn better during the late night-early morning. Please do, I'm sure that a lot of people will love it!
Going to call it a night now, I hope your red bull has worn off or is starting to!

Awesome site zdtech instant 4 windows! and Pk I didn't know about the RSI alerts! Even the free one helps. Anyways this is really helpful you guys.

Quick question, do you guys try and close trades and sell into USD overnight while sleeping or do you sometimes stay in a coin/trade if confident?

Hey man, really sorry for what you went through! I really appreciate your videos and look forward to learning lots more from you!!

Not seen yet but already upvoted. Some time ago you said there is a lot of content to come like Wyckoff theory and other strategies and stuff like that. Is that still somewhere in your mind?

Watching it. Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !

P.S. Yeah please stay safe, you are giving plenty of information for learning, last thing I want to see is u having any sort of problems.

rsi alerts are awesome. changed my life.

Thanks. I will re watch this video few times over for information to settle.

Love your work!!

Yes awesome! and after a month I just got my account validated and now i can follow you and upvote!! Thanks for everything, it's amazing!!!

Thnx a lot for this Great Tutorial I Will be Rich with This Info and i Think All Others too, Just Belive in IT and Everything will be Great.

thanks again! as always super helpful

Finally after a month my account was activated, such a shame.
I know this account is hacked now, but let me stress the fact that THIS VIDEO, specially the 30/70 RSI Alarm tip is the most profitable I've found til now. This works everytime ( everytime is 80% in crypto ;-) when you're scalping!!!!

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