Bitcoin BTC - Feb 1 Detailed Technical Analysis - Short-Medium Term Bear Trend To Continue

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Bears Are Always On The Offense
How much longer can Bulls Defend?
Short-Medium term, I am bearish biased and believe we
will test the first support range in the short-term.

We see BTC shorts @ 23.8K BTC versus BTC longs @ 24.9K BTC.

For short term traders, we see BTC trending in a descending triangle with volume fading.

My short-term long bull scenario.

My short-term short bear scenario.

MACD attempted to positively tick, but was quickly rejected.

The daily RSI is trending above the previous resistance that now acts as a support.


Always be cautious, take high probability trades, plan entries and exits, stick to high reward low risk R:R setups. Good luck traders

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The ultimate goal is to help the crypto community because I think there's a lack of these type of videos. I want to share everything I've learned because knowledge is only power if passed on. These are educational videos intended to teach how to think through thought-out rationalization.


Legal stuff here. I'm not financial advisor. This is just my opinion that I'm sharing with the community. All information is for yours to process how you wish.


Really interesting video which I can highly recommend. I look at really a lot TA but I found it very outstanding how you derived the support zones in combination with looking at the volumes which makes totally sense to me. I am glad to have you onboard.

Thank you also for mentioning my summary pages - that is highly appreciated.

Thank you for the kind words. Shortly after this was posted, we unfortunately did downtrend to $9500 ranges. I think this short term 9200-9500 range will hold. I hope you're having a cautious night trading.

The technicals are mostly negative in a periode where more bullish news is coming out than ever! I don't have any fiat, but if I had I should accumulate over the months to come. If we break down I expect 7500 to hold (200 DMA) and after some consolidation a huge bull run to start.

Agreed :) This is a wonderful time to get interested.

why you don't have Jennifer Lawrence on your profile pic on youtube as well?

Thanks for the kind words. I figured I should have a real picture of myself as well :)

Awesome analysis and teaching! Thanks!

Hi thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions appreciate your teaching. I hope you ve got life apart crypto or is crypto your life ;) ?? Hope you get some sleep and rest ;)

Best hobby in the world! :) Crypto is my life.

I wonder how your relatives cope with your passion? My hubby also is a fanatic of crypto so I am sure he would shake your hand :) following you now to understand your life journey.. ;)

I have no family other than folks :) Extremely small family. Though I'm extremely happy in general and wouldn't stop this for anything.

Small family ... but lots followers.... wishing you lots of success and enjoyment...steemit brother ;)

Dumping update

I couldn't stop laughing for a good couple of minutes at your 'drawing tools' issue you were having until you figured it out. 'Oh my goodness ... I just figured it out!' - that line sent me to the floor in laughter. lol.

Anyways - love your content and your detailed analysis. Keep it going.

I have a question - are you not able to add all 4 Moving Averages on trading view because of the 'indicator limit'?

I have it on bitfinex and prefer to keep clean charts on tradingview. Just a preference. Yes I was blown away when I figured it out. :) :)

Hello Phil, missed you while you were out on holiday, ( my condolences regarding your Grandmother), made money on your long term Ethereum call and very happy to see you back and posting more!

Cool analysis as always phil! Upvoted!

Thank you Vchai. I hope it has helped you immensely.

Hi Phil,

Thank you very, very much for doing this! I really appreciate it as I've only been in crypto for around three months now and have just recently started wathing your videos and they are awesome! I've been playing online poker for the past 8 years and I'm pretty excited about making a switch to trading. I like it a lot, I've found many similarities to poker. Even though I'm a total noob currently, I feel it's going to be something I'll eventually become great at.


Those buttons on the left, that you currently don't use, seem pretty handy to me, you might consider using them. The magnet one could be useful for charting waves as it automatically attaches either to the end of the wicks or to the end of the bodies of the candles, depending on which is closer to where you click. The tool bellow the magnet is the one you're looking for, it's used to stay in drawing mode - much easier/faster than going through the menu. The next one if used for locking your drawings, which i find useful because I often accidently move my support/resistance lines. The last one can be used to quickly hide the stuff you've just drawn to get a clear picture.

Thanks again for spreading out your knowledge, I hope you'll keep it up :)

Hey man, my buys are placed at 8.5k & 9k mate. Done with the bears we are at 9.2k already, we have no choice but to take off now.

Hey Phil,
I think it's a good idea doing a T.A on Total Market Cap. Isn't it?
Mention me if you did it. HahAhA

I was referred to your channel by someone on telegram and I think it was a great decision to check you out. Your style is very unique and your TA tutorials are brilliant. Expect more comments and upvotes from me in future and once I make some serious cash, then some donation for your efforts. Ps: Once in a while post a picture of your dog, would love to see the face, till now I have just heard it
barking :)

You probably have found the button "stay in drawing mode" already :-)

I still remember the first day you PhilaKONE introduced my dumb ass to Elliot and fibo. You are truly the mentor that I desperately needed!!!

great TA. thanks for all the information that you are sharing. if you ever have a chance please do a TA for DASH/BTC. i have not seem any trader doing TA on DASH and would like to see one coming from you.

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