How I learned to stop worrying and love the FUD

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Most people hate FUD. Not me. I love FUD. Why do I love FUD? Because, at the end of the day, it was the FUD that gave me bitcoin.

Say what? I can hear you asking.

Well, let me tell you a story. In the early days of making television (ie our People and Power series on Aljazeera English and then the Oracle on BBC World), we featured many precious metals experts (aka ‘gold bugs’), libertarians and ‘End the Fed’ style guests. This is because we have always been about ‘markets, finance, scandal’ in one way or other, reporting on how the establishment were ‘screwing you over.’ And so, naturally, gold and ‘End the Fed’ were the two anti-establishment options available pre-2009/2010 to fight this screwing over. Gold, silver, end the fed.

Then there was bitcoin.

Yes, bitcoin entered the scene. And, while there were plenty of cypherpunks, podcasters and bloggers who got there first, we were certainly the very earliest international news program to explore the emerging gamechanging technology.

Here is our first episode of Keiser Report dedicated to bitcoin (skip ahead to 12.45 to see interview with Jon Matonis):

We soon followed that episode with another feeaturing an interview with Amir Taaki, an early bitcoin adopter (he was mining it at 25 cents, according to an eyewitness) and contributed to core code:

The response to our coverage to bitcoin was very negative. And, in hindsight, highly amusing. Here’s a selection taken from just these two episodes and bear in mind that the price of bitcoin fluctuated between $3 and $14 at this time:











NicosMind used to write something like this almost every episode for a few years. Then he disappeared. I reckon he blew his brains out soon after bitcoin first hit $500.

But the FUD was so intense whenever we talked about bitcoin, or ‘shitcoin’ as it was then popularly known, that it actually encouraged me to investigate bitcoin further than I might have done otherwise. What was causing SO much hate? SO much passion? It must be powerful to cause such a reaction? Much of the negative reaction was due to the fact that our audience were used to hearing exclusively about precious metals and that’s what they wanted to hear, to have their bias confirmed. If you weren’t involved in the space back then, it’s hard to imagine, but there used to be much more hostility toward bitcoin from the gold community than there is now. Peter Schiff and Jim Rickards are the two last men standing in this regard but back in 2011/12 there was a whole lot of hating going on.

So what about the End the Fed crowd? Yes, there was also the End the Fed or the Audit the Fed crowd. That’s where Bill Still comes into this story. He made a movie called the Money Masters which was quite big and we had interviewed him about this on Keiser Report. This crowd were not anti-bitcoin in the way that the gold bugs were, but they were still suspicious of who this Satoshi Nakamoto character was and there was a lot of suspicion back then that bitcoin was some sort of NSA/NWO trap. That’s why when Bill Still released a video saying that he had gone crazy not for bitcoin, but Quark, we were very interested in talking to him. Quark, you ask? LOL. Yes, there was a coin named Quark. So, while there had been Namecoin and Litecoin before it, the altcoin space was very tiny back then. Yes, believe it or not, there used to be fewer than a dozen or so. And Bill Still had discovered Quark. We hadn’t heard of it until he mentioned it. And here is the interview:

It’s a fascinating historical document from the crypto story and I steem this here because someone in the comments fudded hard the other day in the comments. His FUD alleged that somehow the interview with Bill Still (and I 100% encourage you to watch the interview in its entirety so you can form your own opinion, it’s ALWAYS the best option always no matter the venue in life, but you can, instead, choose to embrace the FUD and end your own curiosity with their words - the choice is YOURS) was a ‘pump and dump.’ First of all, we never bought or held any Quark (or any other altcoin other than START which we discussed, including Litecoin, though I may buy that for the portfolio I'm going to post here soon) and you can see (if you watch the interview) that Max was quite skeptical of Quark. Most importantly, we were interested in understanding our guest's journey to the point where he jumped into crypto. That's what journalism is really.

But, secondly, and most importantly, FUD is meant to stop YOU from learning and understanding on your own. FUD wanted us to STOP covering bitcoin, stop exploring and explaining and FUD will try hard to convince you to do the same. Every day FUD will tell you that you should relinquish your sovereignty, whether in knowledge or liberty; that you should listen to their hostile opinion and that should then be YOUR opinion and so you should stop googling about the topic. Just STOP and listen to the FUD, the fudders will tell you.

I might have stopped at all the FUD above and said to myself, "OMG, these amazing anonymous people in the comments section sound oh so clever, oh so awesome, I MUST listen to them! And stop reporting on bitcoin." Or I could have stayed on the path of discovery. Obviously, I chose the latter.

So if you meet FUD on the side of the road, kill it. And you do that by keep moving forward in sharing, exploring, learning, knowing. Don't let the FUD get you down. Instead, let it inspire you to move FORWARD in your life.

(Signed, Stacy)


FUD definition: fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage.

I had no idea before reading this post ...

Aha, thanks for that. I guess I just assumed it was like LOL, something everyone knew. I guess I guessed wrong!

Ha! Seriously. I didn't know this term before getting very involved with cryptocurrency

I'm from Scotland and that word means something different here :P

It mustn't be something nice since it was blocked by my work internet filter. At least I can still get to Steemit

Thanks for helping me learn something new today :)

I clicked on this post to find out what FUD meant as well lol

Since you have been in the game some years now, it's no wonder that you assume this. You have probably heard this term more times than i have heard Trump said "China" ;)

I am SO glad you are on here, --- I remember the day you joined.

Vive #Liberty!!!

Most people hate FUD. Not me. I love FUD. Why do I love FUD? Because, at the end of the day, it was the FUD that gave me bitcoin.

So how much bitcoin did you get then? ;)

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Don't FOMO the FUD bro, YOLO!

Usually FOMO is used in short-term trading or day trading and refers to something (a market) you are familiar with. I tend to think FUD as fear of something unknown you have never seen before but have the insight it may be worth trying.

Cool, thanks for the extra info.

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FOMO - Officially my favourite acronym from now on!! Legend.

Nice, very useful. Thanks.

I was just thinking: whats a fud? :) thanks jerry!

Thanks Jerry - I didn't know what it meant either and I've only just learnt what FOMO means!

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REALLy Jerry?? U hadnt heard this yet?? I just found out about a week ago from @trevvonjb and @craig-grant and then i heard everyone use it, reminds me of Elmer Fudd when i hear it, which makes sense as fear and Anxiety are present during a rabbit hunt.

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But FUD is a deliberate strategy. It doesn't seem likely that the skeptics and cynics in the comments above were actually engaged in a disinformation campaign like the word 'FUD' means.

You do not believe there's been a deliberate disinformation operation against crypto? Really??? Did you just hit your head or something? I hope you're okay. ;-)

Of course there is. But there is also plain old ignorance and skepticism, and far more of it. Those YouTube comments are the typical skeptical response you can get to basically anything.

I misunderstood your reply then, for I'm talking about the overall situation. I'm not talking about a specific video. It has been documented though that governments hire people to spread disinfo through user accounts and bots on social media. The majority of the comments though are as you said. Thanks for the good back and forth! :)


And here I always thought FUD was just that really low grade meat product. Their hot dogs are always under a buck at my local grocery store.

thanks for explanation.

I also wonder a meaning of HODL :)

Serhanni, HODL is an acronym for: "Hold On For Dear Life", in other words, don't be a "soft hands" and sell fast due to FUD or because of a price dip. If you noticed there has ultimately been corrections with bitcoin and other strong cryptos. If you are a soft hands kind of person, you lose out when you sell. The "Strong hands" trader " will eventually gain because they HODL because cryptos such as bitcoin have come back even stronger after price drops, especially if they took advantage of the lower price and bought more. Its funny when I 1st saw the term I thought it was a typo for hold, until I saw a post by someone else complaining that people can't spell hold.... it was in the reply to that person where I learned the meaning as well.

Thank you very much for detailed explanation @quixote2u

Yes, it sounds funny when you hear first time :)

Same, maybe more common for those that report on the markets? I'm not sure but glad Jerry swung by like a walking dictionary for us! :) Cheers Jerry!

If I had not read your post I would still ask myself, what the fuck is FUD hahaha

I thought it was an abbreviation for fudge...mb

Interesting phrase.
Thanks for the explanation

Ditto to that about not knowing until now. Thanks for clarifying FUD

Waoo awesome post .. very informative -- FUD is meant to stop YOU from learning and understanding on your own. FUD wanted us to STOP covering bitcoin, stop exploring and explaining and FUD will try hard to convince you to do the same. !!

Thanks! Now I understand.

Thanks a lot Jerry!!
I was wondering whats FUD but read your comment and you cleared all my doubts..
Thanks for the info!!
And hey i already upvoted and followed you!!
I would really appreciate if you check out my blogs hope to get followed back!!

Maybe you should have a course on "how to google questions you don't know the answer to". I'm sure it will be valuable to some:)

The same here too @jerrybanfield the post is indeed on spot. Good point.

Haha, reminds me of "hodl", a cryptocurrency term that I always thought was some kind of typo of "hold" done by accident until I realized :)

Really Awesome post thanks !!....My new post ...[Akshardham Temple]

FUD is the input. The output is SCN -- Submission, Confusion, and Nihilism

Really Awesome post thanks !!....My new post ...[Akshardham Temple]

thanks for your reply. i am also don's know about this post.

Thank you for giving the definition. Greatly appreciated.

My word i thought it was some type of mental disease lol got me there @roger

Thanks - I learned that today also.

Great post @keiserreport
Really very informative.

Exactly @jerrybanfield.

Do have a look at my recenet post.


Neither did I! :)

Thanks for the explanation! I was wondering...

Thanks for clarifying the definition...

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Ty for the definidefinition

Thanks, I was going to ask

Hah, that was the first thing that came to mind when opening this post: "What the heck is FUD?"
Thanks for explaining :D

It's just our beings!

While you're looking up FUD, make sure to also look up COINTELPRO. They are related in this case. The true government is the banks after all, and COINTELPRO involves infiltrating and disrupting political organizations.

Therefore I ask: If central banking is the government, what is crypto?

It is a competing political organization in my opinion at least. That's the reason it is so dangerous to the banksters. It is undermining their control, power, and financial dominance. Expect lots of FUD and COINTELPRO!

Yeah Stacy!

It is true. Love the FUD and stop worrying.

Keiser is controlled opposition.

Please acknowledge this fact my fellow Steemians but feel free to enjoy his posts.

My wish is for you not to be deceived!

Know your enemy man !
I know its not disco but Mr Dylan was right
"Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace"

You are right, sometimes satan comes as a angle of light.

Please define the 'controlled opposition' accusation... controlled by who ? opposing what ? What evidence do you base this accusation?

Lots of people are accused to be controlled opposition, particularly folks that are effective at influencing a large audience.

a person that speaks out against the establishment, govt etc while they are in fact working for/with them.

please re-read my questions and answer again. who/why and what evidence?

"establishment, govt" is broad af

Who, is a secret group that controls most of the world and a string of other secret societies, politicians, governments etc. They sit at the very top of the pyramid and everyone else answers to them. Why, I know the answer to that to.

I'm not going to say much more as I intend to write about them when I have finished my series on Assange and Wikileaks being controlled opposition. I don't want to share a future article in the comments. I hope that you can understand that. If you'd like to know who they are considering following me as I will get to them but I'll be on Assange for a month, if not more.

To be clear, I won't be trolling Max. I don't troll anyone. I think that it's great that he is here, should bring more people and give steemit more credibility.

To put my first comment in context. I had just posted Assange Part 4 and I was checking to see if it was on the trending page when I saw Max's post at the top of the page. Controlled opposition was front of mind. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything but I stick by what I said. I certainly don't intend to take it any further.

I wrote that Max was controlled 10 months ago. I also said that Assange was and I'm explaining why I believe that he is in my current series. All the best.

You think Max and Stacy are working for the government (banksters)?

Awww, that's cute.

Wow, I mean... I guess anything is possible, but do you have any idea how long of a con job that would have to have been? LOL

Max and Stacy have been acting this WHOLE time???

They might not be acting. They might not know any better or they might know their boundaries.

They're not Glenn Beck. Sure, they have boundaries, or they might lose their show. They are pushing out a lot of information though that is very counter to the established order.

I strongly suggest Max and Stacy own crypto, precious metals, and have good preparedness in other ways. They see what's coming too and share what they can as a warning.

They could be faking all of that, or they are not faking and are genuine. Which is more likely? Why does every single person that is fighting for liberty's cause automatically have to be bad in some way?

Why is it that every single person that steps to the front of the lines to fight has to be a cointel agent, controlled opposition, etc.? Perhaps we should question the people calling them those things instead.

It is impossible to know a person's true motivation if they hide it well, but you can get a fairly accurate understanding of it by watching what they say and do. Max and Stacy are saying and doing all the right things.

Do you see inconsistencies?


media savvy yes, controlled opposition doubt it. He is a goldbug and pro crypto with a show on Russian a state broadcaster ... or are you saying he is controlled opposition because he does interviews with Bill Hicks?

Russia and Putin are controlled. The Cold War was a farce, the powers that be controlled the west and communism. Russia Today is just another MSM channel sharing another side of the story.

Look, I think that it's great that Keiser is on steem and I hope that he speaks about it on his tv show. I won't be saying much more about the topic. I've said what I wanted to say and I don't intend to troll him.

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good post 👩👩

"Two super-contagious diseases, fear and greed, will forever occur in the investment community. The timing of these epidemics will be unpredictable. ... We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful." - Warren buffet

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the patient to the impatient." - Warren Buffet. Now just replace stock market with cryptocurrency I guess!

Great article. You deserve a vote. Please check my blog.

or in 2017 Two super-contagious diseases, FUD and FOMO, will forever occur in the crypto investment community. The timing of these epidemics will be predictable. with every new ICO and bitcoin price rise.

I bought quite a bit of Quark based on Bill Still's enthusiasm for it. Still have it and waiting for it to go to the moon.......any day now.....

Make sure to keep us posted. =)

Fun underwear delight

FUD is just powerful people trying to get some cheap coins

I am GLAD these people are this way. That means it will give me time to build up a HUGE crypto capital before these sick cunts finally catch on.

Very informative

Wow, now there's a $12 comment if I ever saw one.

Very very informative. I am expecting this to be a $24. We going to Vegas boys!!!!

Yeah. That is pure gold. :)

Is it just me or is TheHealthRanger Mike Adams a real prick?

Have you say here...

Nah but Mike sometimes thinks he knows everything

Well he does know some things..

He certainly does!


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Thank you

Really inspiring post. You have shown me just like countless others have that being persistant pays in the long run. I bet you all those people in the comment section have now accepted and bought some "shitcoins" for theirselves. People will always hate what they do not understand and if you listen to them, you will never live the life you want to live. Im glad i found this post and please keep on inspiring us✊

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Really what was said by @keiserreport.bitcoin did enter the scene. And while there are many cypherpunks, podcasters and bloggers who get there first, we are certainly the earliest international news program to explore emerging gamechanging technologies.

Always we have to be cofident regarding cryptocurrency my boyfriend is being addicted and always it is continues updates is not easy ...need time and patience !!!but you are someone in the end with

I like your post

"bitcoin entered the scene. And, while there were plenty of cypherpunks, podcasters and bloggers who got there first, we were certainly the very earliest international news program to explore the emerging gamechanging technology."

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Ohh Stacyyyyy I love you that you are here with Max ofcourse , so excited I searched for "max keiser" when I first joined but didn't find you guys .... ))) sooo xcited to share the same platform it feels like we are family now ))))) ... I will be following youuu....

Really a fun read you've shared here. As I was working in the garden tonight I was thinking that there must have been the same comments about BTC / Crypto as my coworkers were telling me today.

I'm pretty new to crypto, so I understand that it takes a while to get a handle on it. If a stock was going up like this the would do some research and jump in. But, they won't open their eyes and see the shift.

The shift will not happen overnight, so the old world will keep moving on, but the new thing will overtake it.

No FUD, no FUD, no FUD

What is fud? I forgot

FUD definition: fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage

haha this is wonderful. I wonder how many BTC you bought back in that day.

so what happened to QUARK!?

FUD keeps it exciting

The only difference between Fear and Excitement is .. Attitude, its only a mindset
Peace, Love, Disco baby!

oh Keiser, love the history report; I remember back in the day I helped convince @futuremoneytrend to start covering bitcoin and we produced a documentary together in 2013, Banks Worst Fear which now has over 450,000 views!

This is a really great explanation. Thanks for sharing. :)

You aren't the only one to embrace that theory...

Interesting post. Cryptocurrency market is full of FUDs, FOMOs, speculations. However, it also opportunity for beguiled ones to find golds through noises.

I don't like the FUD because it reminds me of the FED

Hahaha....and FED reminds me of "Jenet yellen"..

so many acronyms we will be speaking whole sentences with them soon -lol

i'll take that worthless paper weight off your hands if you don't mind

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Opps .. Maxcoin = mLP4AAKvdEJuVvx9WCH67SzVLtiFJLniGe

Ha! That's an interesting way to see it...But it's totally true, a couple of weeks ago, in the most FUD period for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, coins got cheaper and undervalued. Giving us an awesome investment opportunity. Since then the Blockchain market has shown its resiliency.

Awesome reflection @keiserreport!

Problem is how do you value crypto when there is no backing and some has inflating supply. Some have a viable sounding business model but then it is run by a company and defeats the decentralized idea to begin with. There is just perceived valuation and no real way to do value analysis of any kind. Buying Crypto is like jumping into junior mining stock on a nice story. Yes and I am doing it as well.

Valuation of these cryptos is out of my head too...what i have noticed is, mare speculation has value too, when there are too many of them . ....everyone is on a fest, picking up everything, it's a frenzy... i am totally for cryptos but with a pinch of salt regarding valuation. So what? Do i believe in bitcoin going 50 thousand to million ? the moment, i would rather believe "NEO" going 1000.

Hmm interesting, I will check out NEO... If we compare the stock market. Bitcoin would be more like Amazon, first to market and large user base... So it is likely it will out run the others in this race by popularity / adoption.

If crypto is to success in future, and u digest the valuation of bitcoin and ether and ok with it, my stock market experience see NEO is the best pick .. please dont ask me for

love the report, thank you :)

i couldn't help but smile when i didn't see any reference of maxcoin though @keiserreport

Max..coin..Hmmmmmm....Oh yeah I remember now investing heavily in Maxcoins! Remember those Mr Keiser? Maybe I should go back to suffering from CoinZheimers .....

plz followe me i'm new in steemit thank you <3 <3

In chaos lies opportunity.

Great content, i really love how you took us deep into the history of bitcoin plus its my first time hear this term FUD and shitcoin, i bet they would call bitcoin that now, they would have to use the term richcoin lol, thank you for this excellent post, i also followed you for more up date

Wise words. Great post.

Still so excited you guys are on Steemit. Steemit doesnt know it yet, but this is huge

I read all the comment area and some is asking what is FUD?

In this post, FUD means " facts - U - dislike". In other words, anything and everything you think that might